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216028  wolfpupy: FUCK YOO REDDIT RESPONDERS. I'm a pretty mermaid!

216127  Skaalar: No joke, I used to work for a restaurant supply company and this guy with a 97 Camry came by one day. He bought a professional grade dishwasher which is about five and half feet tall and three feet wide. Had us strap it to the top of his car and said hed manage. The first turn out of the parking lot and that sucker nearly flipped him over .z

216140  Pudding: The emperor of the sea

216058  sumo: The chlamydia scares me more than that....

216132  addend: Where do I click "Accept"?

216134  addend: "Not one of them offered me any".

216058  p nut: Thanks for letting me know that I needed to look at its hand. I wouldn't have done so otherwise.

216141  addend: @addend You expect the caret sign to appear twice in your post...

216141  addend: You expect 10243 bytes. They only give you 10003.

216058  l0dan: Changing a picture into something less funny isn't an accomplishment.

216142  addend: If Gam-Gam knits you a sweater, you wear it, itchy or not.

215984  Bohab: I think that guy works at papa johns...

216059  jadensmith: Shred Flanders

216142  eider: The 'nip must flow.

216154  sumo: I think don't think he's been tending to his web in awhile. Probably got cooked by the light.

216140  Skinr: @DrinkMixMan WOMP WOMP

216154  parrotsnest: Soon to be biggest damn spider

216152  BlarfyB: Or his head.

216060  younglink: No, that's a pretty big Husky.

216099  Bohab: @jazzjunkie shell siverstein was creepy

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215938 FatTigerWoods: The abyss stares at you even when you're not staring back

216040 Annoying Vegan : Anybody up for some twatwaffles?

216098 bobby: That's uhhh... a rather loose butthole

216003 Beeble: "You, uh..... You gonna eat all that?"

215989 Mad Collager: @PushyWebsite Did it become a tuba when it reached adulthood?

215998 piranharama: When she says - Go ahead, I dont mind

216000 apoxia: My mother takes plastic plates when she goes to a pizza restaurant as she doesn't think it's proper to eat right off the big wooden block with the pizza on it. She also takes her own instant coffee to a cafe as she doesn't like strong coffee (she lives in New Zealand where we actually know how to make espresso coffee, not like most places I've been in America). The jar she takes it in is a urine specimen jar. I win.

215977 apoxia: Prescient. People are either on their phones or on a computer.

215898 El Barto: *Sharpie sounds* IAM GOODENOUGH

216067 Cami: @foreversmug Do you have the CSI suite installed?

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 Wumph Morms: @Knice: I played Alone in the Dark, and everyone thought it was a masturbation joke. In reality, I am haunted by visions of Cthulhu.
 skunkrocker: Also it's supposed to be "repetitive electronic music" come on people
 Mustyrats: Holy shit are we at a rave in 1999?
 Skaalar: @CuriouSir I too have dwelt in that cave my friend.
 CuriouSir: this gave me a realization; I havent shaved my pubes since my last date.
 depression: so new
 Ulillillia: @Knice here lies knice. peperony and chease
 hnnngh: Joke wasn't that funny the first time. Not funny the thousandth time.
 Coolguy: That's too much to read when I am on drugs...
 p-niiice: yesssssssss
 Fiasco: "...And devouring ghosts."
 chhumphrey: I thought that's what trancing was...
 Knice: Go ahead and scoff. I played Oregon Trail and am now dying of dysentery.
 FNAR: wub wub wub
Image 87005   02-29-16   Uploaded by    big h
 a sedated moose: @ThatGuy it looked like some sort of skeleton sculpture. Everyone, please forgive my faux pas.
 Korrok: Disco pants and haircuts.
 Mr. Yawn McBoring: She caught the Katy, and left me a mule to ride
 ThatGuy: @a sedated moose you know its the blues mobile but dont know what on top of it?
 VoR: we play both kinds of music. country and western.
 Science: It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it.
 Warezlock: Move over, let them pass. They're obviously on a mission from god.
 Poop van Pants: @a sedated moose an old PA speaker
 a spider plan: something Illinois nazis?
 ThatGuy: Theyre on a mission from god.
 PenguinBartender: Christopher Nolan Dukes of Hazard reboot looking good.
 Fiasco: Well SOMEONE found an old A-Bomb in the desert.
 a sedated moose: What's that on top of the blues mobile?
Image 87004   02-29-16   Uploaded by    Surprising
 Shay: Be Daring!
 VoR: You'll never get it out.
 J. Random Bozo: Dark Star, meet barking starfish
 iwash: The strong fingers slowly grasped the rubbery pink toy, once more moving it toward the aperture, bumping off what looked like a knock-off Spongebob and missing the hole by an inch or two. It had seemed like a lucky day when James had won at the claw machine, but this was far more complicated than just taking a picture with a phone wedged under his moob.
 harpooneer: @SomeCanadian Or daddy - he's pretty brave too you know
 SomeCanadian: I'll win it for mommy!
 chhumphrey: Strange things you got in that claw machine, mister!
 Knice: Anything's a Dark Star if you're daring enough.
Image 87003   02-29-16   Uploaded by    miller
 CrustyDusty: Nobody recognizes where this is from?
 Shay: If Teddy Roosevelt was still around, he would approve this.
 livelovebarf: Food Chain would be a pretty good name for a fast-food chain
 Robespierre: Livin' the good life in the food chain
 forkbear: tryin' make up a word for this like turducken. I git nuthin
 Air Biscuit: Stuff this in a bear, stuff that in an elephant, stuff that in a whale and were in buisness. Now im hungry.
 hnnngh: @Doing me a Frighten *cue Swahili chanting* And it moooooves us allllllll...
 Doing me a Frighten: The Circle of Bite
Image 87002   02-29-16   Uploaded by    CrustyDusty
 ppr4: Elmo Smalls (The Lone Puppet of the Apocalypse)
 Warezlock: Honk. Honk.
 Magma Safe: Lobo movies looking Muppety
 Doing me a Frighten: Kill-Kill-Me Elmo
Image 87001   02-29-16   Uploaded by    Darth Bater
 redmonkey3: How ?
 nlx27: *died
 nlx27: my brothers cat actually dies like that
 tib gubb: bonus points if you make it look at your asshole.
 tib gubb: aha, let him sit like that for awhile
 anonymous: Cat burglar
 Knice: "I'm fine; I'm good."
 SomeCanadian: Awww. His anus looks like an asterisk!
 Air Biscuit: Hang in there kitty
Image 87000   02-29-16   Uploaded by    A Decent Fellow
 withak: @AdaMan Well space is, by definition, everywhere. So technically every time you take a shit you're launching turds INNNNTO SPAAAAAAACE!
 tib gubb: humans cannot survive past 100 feet altitude without special pressurized suits
 Mr. Yawn McBoring: In your eye TSA!
 Donger: So thats why crystalized astronaut piss falls from the sky. I lived a lie.
 Donger: So thats why crystalized astronaut piss falls from the sky. I lived a lie.
 Jalamunch Totorito: How about I don't put 4 oz of pointless liquid so it will fly to 610 feet?
 CuriouSir: @AdaMan no air in space meng.
 Borkf: Don't believe it, it's a Lying Model.
 Fiasco: Panspermia was not an accident.
 iwash: We come 'n' piss.
 Anus: Space Seed
 Knice: Houston, we have a condom.
 SomeCanadian: I love how this immediately became full of body fluid.
 joxxuh: mine would fly into the space behind my neighbor's house
 AdaMan: Space is 600 feet in the air?
Image 86999   02-29-16   Uploaded by    redpeepee
 tib gubb: i need this in my life
 Science: Nee Jabba no badda. Me chaade su goodie.
 pig 3: sorta funny
 anonymous: HBO really changed Oscar the Grouch too much
 hnnngh: Feeeeed meeee
 NoRagrets: Jabba in carbonite
 Christina: A beggar safe!
Image 86998   02-29-16   Uploaded by    Mitchell
 Mr.Cadwallader: but can she change a tire?
 Crispy Liquid Taquito: Still fapped
 anonymous: Jessica Jones cosplay
 tib gubb: this porn is weird
 seam: i want a girl with short skirt and a loooooonnngg jacket
 Catcat: Damn, the Chinese are skipping shoddy metal and going straight for cardboard these days
 Doing me a Frighten: No foolish woman!! You'll break the bumper lifting it like that!
Image 86997   02-29-16   Uploaded by    Poop van Pants
 tib gubb: should have a hood up top for turtle position
 Picklepuss: @Bone Loc FTD if you want to say it with flowers
 Mr. Shine: "Imma git 'im!"
 hnnngh: Go for the ankles, Rufus!
 Catcat: Smells small amounts of drugs as well as hidden candy
 Bone Loc: FTP and their dogs too
 Slowpoke: "You'll grow into it!" "THANKS MOM"
Image 86996   02-29-16   Uploaded by    Falstaff
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