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238866  carpwoman: @Zukero - He's paid to catch them and couldn't, she isn't and could.

238902  GoGo Robotto: @GoGo Robotto *stylized*

238902  GoGo Robotto: YPG women squad, fighting ISIS

238847  Aspirin: I heard his associates are a bunch of Richards too.

238893  ThoughtlessGentleman: hail satan.

238868  deeeeeeeez: @funny in the wall no that's the guy who played the villain in Blade

238901  Ulillillia: Autorities

238896  grizzly: Time to get rid of my used hypodermic needle play set.

238829  Korrok: I can dig it.

238856  Aspirin: This is the only way to associate value with pennies now.

238900  fumbduck: If cutting off parts of an infant's genitals is part of your culture, then your culture is garbage.

238898  itskando: Go home, Hamster.

238900  itskando: They use a fancy cup for the scrotum scrapings? Is that what caviar is?

238829  Jabberwikket: @Mad Collager well done!

238868  wolfpk: The Empire needs YOU!

238893  XLY: metal af

238869  wolfpk: Here's an idea; lay off the LSD, shrooms or whatever the hell else you've been taking.

238872  wolfpk: Truth in advertising!

238883  wolfpk: I know that bastard is behind me!!

238855  trelyate: how to roll a purrito

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238689 grizzly: Deep Thought.

238694 FireBreathingMarmot: You can get special swabs on Amazon to wipe the ghosts off your sensor.

238813 OldKentuckyShark: "Listen to this fart"

238856 Aspirin: This is the only way to associate value with pennies now.

238752 Kaviri: Wanna grow, grow up to be, be a debaser.

238704 Darmstadtium: You should try Bing, it is cheaper

238875 Micro Jackson: Fuck this

238744 FireBreathingMarmot: Fresh from the barber shop.

238697 Captain Marsupial: Early Borg concept art sucked.

238852 Micro Jackson: Classy

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 Unicorn: Bulbasaur, NOOOooo!
 Frank herbert: grumpy
 NoRagrets: @Matt Face Now I know what I must do for my next AG art project.
 SoyUnPerdedor: "I am pizza cat why don't you love me? WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?"
 S R N: i have no idea what this is
 WaffleIron: well, time to plus all HaaH nods.
 chemical: here kitty kitty....
 grizzly: I love the Alot.
 duckfarts: me...............
 hosehorse: really
 Darth Bater: @savvoy that's Alot of pizza! Also, I'm deeply pleased someone else on here knows who Alot is.
 savvoy: It's the Alot! From Hyperbole and a half!
 Matt Face: Pizza AG Mascot?
 Fishy: Sad pizza cat?
Image 85959   02-24-16   Uploaded by    youshall
 Throb: Return flight #87387
 ironcity: pick your battles, Flanders
 doop: So how do I summon some chicken wings
 2Berries: Could just say i lost my wife to a yogi
 Air Biscuit: Namaste
 willowsprite: It's misguided people like this that make Christians look bad.
 J. Random Bozo: The LORD has me warn you. YOGA pants cause camel toe.
 flommmm: And this pose is known as the "Corner Standing Douchebag" while not the most physically challenging pose few can master the complete mental emptiness it requires.
 Scoo: Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter
 HermwoodLitmajor: The LORD has me warn you. Don't put words in the LORD's mouth
 SoyUnPerdedor: When Conservative Christians get to run everything, this is what Unemployment Benefits will look like, yay America!
 carpwoman: Nope.
 Bountiful Tumescence: it's true. I was doing downward dog the other day and then my head spun around 360 degrees and vomited black bile and then fire shot out of my asshole.
 crudites: Fucking Florida
 Fishy: What are you wearing, "Jake from State Farm?"
Image 85958   02-24-16   Uploaded by    Bumbo Lungys
Image 85957 is unbelievably bad (score -5) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by skittles. Boo, skittles.
 Buttsteak: We do not care... whether or not we care
 Slickbrew: now kiss
 Borkf: @J. Random Bozo *nod*
 J. Random Bozo: Rad for turts OR torts
Image 85956   02-24-16   Uploaded by    Apple IIe
 gumble: Oh and...... Potheads
 gumble: Bill and Ben the flower pot men. (True television show in Australia. The evil protagonist was called Mr Weed)
 a robot: Is it bad form to comment on my own image? Because I was hoping for "We are merely exchanging long protein strings. If you can think of a simpler way, I'd like to hear it."
 ITS TAPE: Is this that slippery slope Pat Robertson told me about?
 anonymous: God hates shrubs. No shrubbery marriage.
 Dorb: fuckin' florists
 Wet farts: Soil containing cranium.
 Anus: I can't believe no one said Potheads yet!
 Knice: Thanks, Rosebama.
 Mr. Butt: Potheads.
 TurkeyVulture: Potheads.
 Wet farts: Potheads
 Nope: Bring us your dead!
Image 85955   02-24-16   Uploaded by    a robot
 Cami: Robby! I watched a little of this but there was more Captain Scarlet on so...
 Janston: "why. (bzzt) Do I. (whirrr) Exist?"
 Kalos: I knew my fleshlight would one day evolve!
 a robot: The robot "body works" exhibit was not as big a success as the human version
Image 85954   02-24-16   Uploaded by    VoR
 doop: I told you, never get them wet!
 Pingu IRL: "Dad! Hey dad! Dad-dad-dad-dad-dad...."
 Fiasco: WOULD The Neverending Story have been better with an all-turtle cast? This provides a glimpse.
 A Post Office: This is a turtle with a smaller turtle on its head
 WaffleIron: It's turtles all the way down
 Knice: "He's on my head again, isn't he."
 a robot: My hat is a tortoise. Your argument is invalid.
Image 85953   02-24-16   Uploaded by    J. Random Bozo
 gumble: Hmmm i can't decide what to have for lunch
 Colbo Mundus: this strap is chafing my tootsie roll
 Frank herbert: its ok guys. kids strapped in
 willowsprite: This is abusive.
 Magic Bullets: twice
 duckfarts: this is like watching food network
 duckfarts: hell yeah, lookin' for mommies
 Shay: @LKoroton Now you can only read it for the articles; no more nudes in Playboy.
 Wet farts: Just strap him in the chair and give him a playboy he won't move. Now let's go get more bud lights.
 crudites: @a robot checkin out the menu, that's all
 Knice: This is why 'supervised visitation' exists.
 a robot: He's just hungry
 LKoroton: He reads it for the articles
Image 85952   02-24-16   Uploaded by    spydermon
 indolentia: MC with her dog, Mariah Hairy.
 Niels Bohr: Bathe tight pupper.
 twenty4: dog wonders if he's been bad
 Anus: Ok pup, tag me in!
 duckfarts: @Kalos oh no, this is a fancy bath, so it's at least 20%
 a robot: Mariah Carey coped well after the divorce
 crudites: Bitch hit the jackpot
 Kalos: That bath is at least 5% dog piss.
 Stom Premben: Love it
Image 85951   02-24-16   Uploaded by    Fiasco
 HermwoodLitmajor: The secret of good healthy anal sex has been lost to mankind for eons
 J. Random Bozo: Not bungtastic
 Jeannie C: Blah, blah...boring.
 WaffleIron: bottom right: porn hub comments on stock photos. While rule 34 is commonly known there is a complementry rule that if porn exists of a thing there must exist a non porn version of it.
 Jaunty Shrimp: @Janston Criminal Minds is Scooby Doo for adults.
 Throb: Trump's word salad style of putting words together is really catching on, eh?
 duckfarts: perparation
 Janston: Is this a Criminal Minds episode? It seems like a Criminal Minds episode.
 Urchin: @a robot I prefer to use my spellchecker, but I'm dirty like that
 a robot: @Urchin Use your imagination
 Mr. Butt: It seems that in his attempt to simulate intelligence he forgot that most people can recognize broken syntax.
 Urchin: How does one perpare for anal sex?
 daver: friendlyspaceship.jpg
Image 85950   02-24-16   Uploaded by    Mexico
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