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243823  lecj07: @Not A Bot Surprisingly close to being topical. Well done.

243828  lecj07: Someone photoshop a twisted carnival onto the old pier please.

243833  lecj07: Just realized I missed a chance. "Who runs barkertown?"

243833  lecj07: @wolfpk They share one name.

243839  lecj07: Don't lock your knees in formation.

243839  Warrax: Stoned and hammered.

243841  Warrax: Brb, gotta use the head.

243841  lecj07: Bet that hurt coming out.

243838  tib gubb: oh, so it's that simple then

243781  Shay: Har har HARDY har har! That's a riot!

243830  San DoDo: The death defying stunts these guys get up to..

243796  Shay: Put me down you prick.

243836  ThoughtlessGentleman: what a charming place to get stabbed in the ass with a rusty pitchfork.

243823  Not A Bot: Nuka Cola Quantum Ultra.

243810  Shay: DENTAL PLAN

243834  Shay: What's this rubbish?

243833  WannaBee: He*s all puppered out.

243813  Supermansbrother: @Warrax Yes.

243835  fanny: why go through all the hair and makeup trouble before you sports?

243793  wolfpk: That's an expensive boat.

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243787 drtofu: Holding in the poop. (Its a line for the bathroom!)

243783 raditzu: @White Rice "I don't wanna talk about it"

243797 sparename: Luxury Stair Extensions

243638 XLY: holy shit

243778 Munkybut: Those hard to read deathmetal band names are getting out of hand

243802 wolfpk: This can't be the first time they have done this. So, I bet there were signs warning about it. Yeah, I know. Who pays attention to signs?

243534 Teechur: @fanny @Felicity Ok. Now I'm on my phone. Let's see if it works. I'm still not sure what you mean about the different types of apostrophes.

243805 WannaBee: @jochenau @Yurishiro when I try to use an apostrophe it doesnt work so I use an asterisk instead like this (doesn*t)

243786 Christina: For that, he needs cream:….

243564 Robespierre: A Murican, one of those "I don't give a shit about your worthless sponge life or your shithole planet" "badasses". Bet he says he's a Christian, too.

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 Itzcoatl: I think they're trying to sell us footjobs here.
 Bone Loc: like you even have to tell me, bruh
 taiko: 3-5-3-5-3-5
 Warrax: Waaaay ahead of you. Like, so far ahead. You don't even know.
Image 84799   02-19-16   Uploaded by    Mexico
 nlx27: this could be me if i owned a bath
 nlx27: man those are some big rails
 AdamBomb286: @Frank herbert But you have to do it just as White Rabbit peaks
 Cami: Someone needs the apple turntable
 AutoDisaster: This is what people did before the internet.
 Janston: I want to believe this is a parody of hipsters, but... It's just as likely to be a genuine, human hipster idiot.
 Scoo: Stop workin' and start jerkin'
 Frank herbert: someone drop a radio in there and do us all a favor
 John Singapore: Next: Shootin' hoops breaking my face on the sunshine
 bizijosh: Looks like fun.
 HermwoodLitmajor: The 4-Hour Workweek
 Urchin: At least it isn't another bathtub full of doughnuts
 bubbles: 53 miles west of Venus...
 Theta Zero: Don't give a darn
 J. Random Bozo: Drugs are bad mmmkay
Image 84798   02-19-16   Uploaded by    augustus
 Science: Aaah! The cat has been infected with Black Oil!
 Mr. Shine: "I think that stuff just kicked in, Silent Bob."
 Thisguy: those eyes yo baby ocelots are awesome
 Bob Buttwhiskers: This thing is so cute it could tell me to kill my parents and I'd do it.
 happier: creepy
 Rachelina: CATS ARE NICE.
 digabigpig: @ron mexico "It's too bright out here!"
 fridaynight: this should not exist
 ron mexico: What's wrong lil guy?
Image 84797   02-19-16   Uploaded by    Matt Face
 Cami: Maybe I will.
 John Singapore: One time this girl called me up, saying she'd had a dream about me. In the dream we had some wicked sex I can't describe here. She said screw it and called me to see if I was single. I wasn't. She had the biggest most incredibly bouncy boobs. It's... I can't talk about it right now. But you know, call me. Maybe.
 Fishy: Maybee he's called Maybeeline.
 Jonananathan: How's about I calls you Maybelle instead?
 Grandmaster Fat: But I just met you; this is crazy.
 Scoo: Maybee Funke
Image 84796   02-19-16   Uploaded by    BabyVaccine
 burritos: White text unnecessary, Japan is assumed.
 a robot: Trust me, this robot will only break your heart
 Cami: Anything something something...
 duckfarts: Hebo-con owns
 AutoDisaster: for mutant women?
 morakdais: brave enough for a man but made for a woman
 Scoo: And it's a tissue box too? They thought of -everything-
 Fishy: NANI!??
 doop: Biddybiddybiddy -beep- STOP WORKIN' AND START JERKIN'!
 prospector: Description is inaccurate. This robot is actually propelled by rotating dildos.
 A Decent Fellow: @a robot stop that!
 ModelTRex: Two in the... Nevermind
 courtney: Star of Disney's new Brave/Wall-E crossover
 Jesus: this is one way to get me to watch Robot Wars
 Warrax: Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto
Image 84795   02-19-16   Uploaded by    Cheesecake
 Frank herbert: finally a review that doesn't try to be funny but is.
 John Singapore: NIce crystal is nice.
 Soy Peso: Kozilek approves.
 craftjunk: bismuth is diamagnetic-it's repelled by magnetism. Also bismuth crystals aren't hard to grow. basic stovetop science. the more you know
 Magma Safe: @Theta Zero I think you mean refined bismuth. unless this crystal was created by man-made fission or fusion
 doop: @Theta Zero Knowing is half the battle.
 Theta Zero: @Warrax Natural bismuth. This is synthesized bismuth, which you can't use for diddly except gawk at and try to sell to those crystal healer people.
 Warrax: "... used in cosmetics, pigments, and a few pharmaceuticals, notably bismuth subsalicylate, used to treat diarrhea." Well there ya go.
Image 84794   02-19-16   Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 Janston: Could somebody circle what I'm supposed to see? I think I see a thin circle, but I'm not sure. Maybe if it was thicker.
 Unbathed: @Warrax You learn to insert tubes in someone who won't suffer if you do it wrong.
 doop: With musical guest Q Lazarus, sponsored by Jergens lotion
 Larry Xmas: i...know somebody...that has that workshop in their basement
 CHA: What they don't tell you is who the cadaver will be.
 Warrax: Um, how do you practice being an anesthesiologist on a cadaver?
Image 84793   02-19-16   Uploaded by    male anon
 indolentia: diabetes legs.
 Unbathed: @Robespierre Check "want to be a gunslinger" on Genius for M's career advice, in the Eenie Meenie stanza.
 au bon pain: @Unbathed Um, those are some of the lyrics to "Pop Music" by M, a little ditty that's more attuned to an orgy than a gunfight
 Cami: Don't worry. His pecker prolly doesn't work on account of the diabeetus.
 Cami: Dirty Mike!
 Janston: Just dirty Mike and the boys heading to the f shack again.
 Anus: shouldn't he be twirling that sign and flipping it around and shit?
 Unbathed: @Robespierre guess he didn't want to be a gun slinger.
 charlemagne: his legs look like a child drew them
 WaffleIron: Not in those shoes.
 melted plastic: infected legs-next stop the workshop
 house md: It's doesn't matter what you wear / it's just going to be you and him there
 MylesX: Shoobie doobie do wop / It's all around you / Pop pop shoo wop / Gonna suround you / Shoobie doobie do wop / It's all around / Pop pop shoo wop...
 Warrax: Sounds great but I... I'm washing my hair tonight. Maybe some other time.
 fanny: ok, but can go take your crocks off first?
Image 84792   02-19-16   Uploaded by    Stoner
 a robot: They are ready for their Cirque du Soleil audition
 WaffleIron: Jazz Hands!
 HermwoodLitmajor: ...and hello to an evening with Sander Cohen!
 Darth Bater: Jaunty mantis
 LogicKitty: We're Faaabulous!
 Noremak: @Warrax But they wanna give you a hug!
 Warrax: I said wave them like you don't care. I'm seeing way too much caring here.
Image 84791   02-19-16   Uploaded by    A Decent Fellow
 Cami: @Cami blankeT.
 Cami: @Cami And THAT is what we called a wet blanked.
 Cami: I lost a cat this way...don't know the details..disappeared so we searched the hallways...found him on the sidewalk.
 duckfarts: Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
 5 Headed Snake God: As a severe acrophobe, just looking at this makes me nervous.
 Frank herbert: push him. for science!
 clayjar: No need to talk him down from the edge - just open a can of tuna inside the apartment.
 Wet farts: He's a pu$$y. He ain't gonna do it.
 brett: cat tombstone: "a bird flew by !"
 Borb Prembus: ignorance is bliss
 Retromancer: Monorail cat has upgraded.
 Penultimate Grunongo: A Plank Too Far
 fanny: RIP kitty :(
 Mr. Shine: Smug bast@rd
Image 84790   02-19-16   Uploaded by    Yttermayn
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