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258096  Knice: People-floof is much less adorable than kitty-floof.

258101  Knice: "I'm Catman."

258103  Knice: Oh no, Gene, HE'S GOT A CHAIR!!

258079  dangerkeith3000: I don't clap when the plane lands, and I don't facetime, but I've been guilty of the others at least once.

258084  dangerkeith3000: Evolution?

258090  tib gubb: everyone, please; this is a place of business!

257719  Mr Bleak: @Kaviri The kind that definitely won't claw your hand off if you tickle it's tummy. Go on - give it a try, such soft fur!

258090  skillet: Tweeters in training

258094  skillet: Explain this bullshit

258095  dangerkeith3000: Lucy's been at it again!

258095  raditzu: stay frosty sparky!

258095  Theta Zero: Evidence against global warming!

258071  tib gubb: ice creams

258102  confession: Did someone just tell her she was bad??

258076  tib gubb: chilla, do you even chin?

258037  Mr. Butt: @grizzly It just means you know how to have a good time.

258044  Mr. Butt: Been playing a lot of Monster Hunter lately. I really like how it allows me to neurotically hoard herbs and mushrooms instead of getting good at the combat.

258087  raditzu: (f)art*

258070  charlemagne: your mother sniffs crotch in hell

258079  charlemagne: @Dr Awkward I haved lived amongst white people most my life, I have never seen this phenomena

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257995 Passive: The pain is real

258006 tib gubb: he can powerwalk as fast or slow as he wants; he's already won.

258041 WannaBee: @grizzly Party!! Let's do it

257947 VeeKay: Now we're going to places in my neighborhood

258044 Mr. Butt: Been playing a lot of Monster Hunter lately. I really like how it allows me to neurotically hoard herbs and mushrooms instead of getting good at the combat.

257824 DrNinjaman: Damn it Spock, I'm a doc!

258009 tib gubb: scare them crap out of them - chicks love that

257890 VeeKay: I knew that the millionth facebook like would do it.

257969 WannaBee: The before picture #258041

257966 Mr. Shine: This is an oddly specific fetish.

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 a robot: The light-colored bandeau underneath the straps is very practical. Unlike in comic books/video games, tiny strips of fabric can not generally contain and support breasts while a woman is moving.
 Extreme Locorito: Folks, here's a story 'bout Minnie the Moocher / She was a red-hot hoochie-coocher
 Picklepuss: bitches ain't shit but hoes and a bag of tricks
 Unbathed: Dance model at Sullivan Studios?
Image 84049   02-16-16   Uploaded by    nlx27
 KingTrebek: @Warrax In Florida bears chill in hammocks and it's people that eat people's faces off.
 aoaoaoao: Florida man in disguise?
 happier: going to need my glasses for this
 Napoleon Bonaparty: I wish I had a hammock for a bear to be in
 hnnngh: You know what? I never really used that hammock anyway. It's fine. Everything's fine.
 Warrax: Florida bears way more chill than Florida people.
 WaffleIron: He's found the bear necessities, the simple bear necessities. That's why he can rest at ease, with just the bear necessities of life.
 sunset blues: Good life hack
Image 84048   02-16-16   Uploaded by    Michael Tripe
 falling: this guy looks like a fuckin idiot
 Air Biscuit: @heck heck yeah, simple man was my favourite song of his. Some of the bowie tribute stuff reminded me of klaus.
 carpwoman: Ugh. His tie is crooked.
 heck: I'm but a simple man, posting what I can
 CoffeeAndCigs: I always wondered who Phantom Limb's other henchman from the Showdown at Cremation Creek was modeled after... Thanks AG!
 NoRagrets: I don't know who that is exactly and feel left out of the loop. Peer pressure rad!
 Unbathed: Lightning striking again.
 elronhubard: KLAUS NOMI!!! The man was a god.
 your nana: klaus nomi! way rad!
Image 84047   02-16-16   Uploaded by    Air Biscuit
 Crispy Liquid Taquito: @Shay I can't... he's dead...
 Shay: @PooFlinger Tell that to Kurt Cobain.
 turtled: You don't commit suicide with a rifle... you go on a shooting rampage with one.
 Borb Prembus: He needs #84012 one for Minnie, one for the other man, and one for himself
 BlarfyB: Actually MIckey was going to go visit Minnie one last time...
 hnnngh: @superpingpong Don't listen to him! End it, Mickey!
 superpingpong: No Mickey!! Don't commit suicide!
 Unbathed: Guns aren't lawful.
Image 84046   02-16-16   Uploaded by    Warrax
 Air Biscuit: @Borkf this one claims to be blueberry. Im still waiting for it in the mail to see if its any good.
 thratchen: I have two of these on my desk, from my boss. If I take them home, my children will try to eat them.
 Borkf: I've actually had one of these. The lolipop was an underwhelming mojito flavour and the scorpion was a tasteless husk. Freaked out my work colleagues though.
 Manu Shinobili: Ahhh, the infamous NOPE!! flavor
 Napoleon Bonaparty: How many licks does it take to get to the scorpion?
 maura: Mmmmm ... menthol
 NoRagrets: That's a actually a suspended hibernation lollipop. Are you brave enough?
Image 84045   02-16-16   Uploaded by    Air Biscuit
 Jeannie C: I don't care what your point was. That was a perfectly good table and you will pay!
 Korrok: Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onionsAXE, MOTHEFUCKER!
 XLY: hatchet wound in my furburger? It's more likely than you think
 PlzPlzMe: this is me
 silver: Collin is going to be mad that you're messing around with his axe.
 a robot: For some reason this really looks like a tiny burger being chopped by a tiny axe
 White Rice: "Look what they made me do to my table!"
 Napoleon Bonaparty: I asked for no lettuce. This is what happens when you give me lettuce.
 Warrax: I've wondered why they still sell the big mac, since I can't imagine any reason why anyone would eat one. Now I know.
 Knice: Just axin' for tha beetus.
 WaffleIron: That is a brand new axe. While the person who took this picture was no doubt dressed as a lumberjack, they infact live in brooklin and have never held an axe before this moment.
 Unbathed: Missed.
 Joe Bird: "I said NO PICKLES!"
 au bon pain: An average Big Mac can deflect most weaponry, this is why its recommend that you eat them before an axe fight
 Sadbot: Collins Brand Burger Axe: When it comes to chopping burgs, don't settle for less.
Image 84044   02-16-16   Uploaded by    White Male
 not i spy: pic of the year
 WaffleIron: Missing two pumas and a moon by my count.
 hnnngh: *puma growl*
Image 84043   02-16-16   Uploaded by    Turts
Image 84042 is unbelievably bad (score -2) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by celebgate. We'll pray for you, celebgate.
 TaintJuice: Am i the only one who didnt think this was about a parent feeding their kid?
 shark: Holy crap I don't know what's worse, the kid for being an insufferably picky eater, or the parent who can't/won't make their kid a freaken sandwich! BTW, these things are gross.
 shitshow: First world problems.
 CuriouSir: @willowsprite exactly. thats howi was raised; "eat it, or go to bed hungry. your choice."
 hnnngh: @morakdais Yes. Make the child suffer.
 morakdais: Then give him allcrustables the all crust sandwich
 Sadbot: Sounds like said kid needs to be dropped off in the wilderness with only a compass and pocketknife
 Knice: You deserve each other.
 willowsprite: I've never had this problem. Just tell them they have to eat the crust before they get anything else. Don't waste money on this garbage.
 fanny: also are you that lazy that you can't make your kid a pb&j?
 fanny: is there no god?!
Image 84041   02-16-16   Uploaded by    Brain
 This is obviously: Since alcohol has done so much good for humans what could go wrong with cats?
 XLY: A picture, of a printout, of a screenshot, of a webpage...
 a robot: It's not drinking alone if the cat is in the room. Especially if you get the cat loopy on catnip first
 fanny: great my cat has been missing for 3 days now I also need to worry he might be on a bender :(
 Picklepuss: does it pair well with lasagna?
Image 84040   02-16-16   Uploaded by    taiko
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