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272295  Side Boob: 14/10 would pet them all.

272245  Side Boob: Time to go to the ER, I guess.

272261  Side Boob: I wasn't expecting The Mikado.

272280  Not A Bot: a.k.a. youre alive and have an address.

272275  Side Boob: Zero m/s as he's up against the wall.

272284  Side Boob: I'd be mad I had STDs too.

272289  Side Boob: This isn't Grey Poupon!

272291  Side Boob: Recycling Pupper is disappointed!

272292  Side Boob: Yeeeeee Haaaaaaaw! *Dixie plays in background*

272132  Mr Bleak: That's nearly 3000lb of fat burned. Your skin is going to be sooo loose you'll trip over your neck if you try to walk...

272133  Mr Bleak: Concrete of switcherino

272292  ThoughtlessGentleman: y'all best prepare cause i aim tuh commence gummin on ya.

272275  tib gubb: assuming a perfect transfer of energy and zero friction

272280  tib gubb: when you fuck up really bad so your dog has to try realllly hard

272281  tib gubb: how's that for your sci fi realism?

272283  tib gubb: oo, with pastries!

272135  Mr Bleak: Sorry, but that's animal cruelty, pure and simple.

272135  Mr Bleak: @White Rice Possibly the "Defibrillator on standby" class.

272290  tib gubb: put some friggin pants on, little girl

272287  VoR: Ya better watch out.

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271958 revtom: As if we wouldn't use those Atlas droids to fight. See that 'atlas parkour' video on youtube? We'll be remotely piloting those things in the next war.

272189 Warrax: This goddamned shit is motherfucking KEEN I tell you.

272122 White Rice: @Warrax I don't know how I forgot about birbs...I feel quite silly now.

272159 Mr Bleak: Mistakes were made, judge. Lessons will be learned.

272195 Air Biscuit: @Knice also happy birthday.

272155 Mr Bleak: I've looked closely over many years, and I'm still yet to find the coin slot.

272089 Mad Collager: @fanny I can give you my mother's Neverfail Pie Crust recipe if you like. It's super easy, rolls out beautifully and very light and flaky when baked. For the filling, I use the sourest apples I can find for maximum flavor and about a cup of cinnamon sugar and half a stick of butter broken into little pieces and put among the apple slices. Let me know!

272009 Not A Bot: the kid's name is actually "naho"

272205 Terrh: Classy...

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 San DoDo: Hell yeah!
 SoyUnPerdedor: I'm gonna get this airbrushed on my lowrider
 Raft Rempumbies: Brtal Legend was a good game
 Jesus: definitely not traced from a porn mag centrefold
 Punt Numbles: Early 90': when the world wasn't fucked up, art was good and metal was heavy.
 A duck: A WORLD CALLED GOR! *whipcrack*
 Christina: Are those Dsir?
 5 Headed Snake God: Vallejo and Bell always deserve a rad.
 ughjeez: The raddest.
 nlx27: and i totally approve of your username, hnnngh
 hnnngh: I approve of this.
 nlx27: it's the heaviest metal i've ever seen.
 Air Biscuit: This has gotta be heavy metal.
Image 79756   01-29-16   Uploaded by    shadebane
 Austin: You guys got this all wrong. We are supposed to use diabetes as a weapon to fight children. Sheesh
 Mr. Whiskers: Careful: they have super powers like excessive urination
 hnnngh: "You realize this is a competition for children, right?" "Yeah, and he kicked their asses!"
 Air Biscuit: Do they give you diabetes? Sign reminds me of a performance art peice i participated in one time at nuit blanche where you get blindfold and then wrestle a bunch of blind people.
 Coolguy: It's a trap. Once the kids inject their insulin, they turn into super soldiers
 Warrax: I... I think I can win this one.
 Anus: Diabetic kids, come to the xmas bazaar and craft show on sunday dec 1st for an ass kicking
Image 79755   01-29-16   Uploaded by    midgetcastle
 Reddest of Necks: Amanita muscaria?
 Micro Jackson: Magic
 saluted: okay i love this
 Unbathed: @nlx27 Thanks for the vocabulary builder.
 Science: Madcap mushroom
 Coolguy: @nlx27 They are interesting aren't they....
 Warrax: Burning sensation? Should have wrapped it.
 nlx27: every mushroom gets radded by me. I glorify the whole species, entheogenic or not.
 a sedated moose: Ooh! I think I get it! The cloud looks like a dick!
Image 79754   01-29-16   Uploaded by    Darth Bater
 Coolguy: Thanks for the heads up @Science
 Science: Poor fish are bred to have deformities like this. Their eyeballs rupture when they bump into things. Don't buy these fish.
 hnnngh: DOI HOI HOI HOI
 Coolguy: New Finding Nemo remake is too realistic for me
 Warrax: I can't see that crawfish's left claw, no telling what it may be holding.
 a sedated moose: This did me a confusion.
Image 79753   01-29-16   Uploaded by    not i spy
 San DoDo: I kek'd
 Bluetocracy: "Hey Jen, we got any talent?" "No"
 John Singapore: Thug Life
 Rolm Flumple: Hmmm...i have seen this, but by a different artist. Someone is a hack...
 A duck: "Hey Jen, we got any white people?" "Nah, we cracka lackin." *puts on sunglasses* "Whew, finally."
 Coolguy: howPeopleTalkWhenNoOneIsAround.jpg
 a sedated moose: Is butthorn in a relationship now?
 nlx27: @WTF but he has to Keep track of the visions in his mind yo
 WTF: This has two things I hate. People who wear sunglasses indoors and people who think they are witty and clever but aren't.
Image 79752   01-29-16   Uploaded by    Booty Kicker
 WTF: It looks like Itchy from Gamera vs. Gaos hasn't aged a day!
 Coolguy: $779.99 huh? Is that a good price?
 younglink: uhhh
 Snake Jesus: It looks like this poor kid is named after the grocery store
 Solemn: 'Top' rhymes with 'c-ro-p'.
 nlx27: The future tastes like Consanguinity for you , m'lad!
 buttbuttgoose: Top, the live action version of Up.
Image 79751   01-29-16   Uploaded by    Michael Tripe
 A duck: I will always radvote cute dawgies
 hnnngh: This did me a d'aaaw
 Coolguy: Makes me want to take a nap
 a robot: Well that's just super adorable.
Image 79750   01-29-16   Uploaded by    Red
 smarkles: @5 Headed Snake God @Solemn Trying to keep you two with equal pluses.
 Urchin: Rad voting to reverse negative karma
 Alkavarion: Par for the course, Burgerpants. Par for the course.
 5 Headed Snake God: Has Undertale = bad vote
 Coolguy: Congratulations
 Air Biscuit: He should have gone to colleg
 Solemn: Has Undertale = rad vote.
Image 79749   01-29-16   Uploaded by    abrahamx
 Bluetocracy: Trex's were especially into drawing pentagrams on the ground and lighting candles... they often prayed to 'aaarrryyyeeearrraaaacchh', which can obviously only translate to 'Satan'
 AutoDisaster: Hard to argue with such careful systematic reasoning.
 McMuff: Dinos: 65 megayears. Humans: 10 kiloyears. Ratio: 6500:1. We should be so lucky.
 whipwing: It was all the toasty marshmallows that killed them
 Whoops: Lmfao. Fucking Christians.
 hex0: Trex gave bad HJs anyways
 Chile Quornwrap: On all levels except physical, I'm a homosexual dinosaur satanist.
 Science: @Warrax: By what? They were around for 65 million year run!
 nlx27: @Warrax i'm gonna look into that ASAP. interesting
 Warrax: @nlx27 Even cloaca-having creature have a variety of reproduction methods. Have you ever seen how ducks do it? That terrifying technique could have hastened the dinosaur's extinction.
 nlx27: @Warrax i think it's quite bird-y , cloaca business
 Warrax: It is a great tragedy that the fossil record hasn't left us with any evidence about what dinosaur dicks looked like.
 a robot: Homosexuality? Radical!
 Solemn: Oh, no, this isn't a crackpot theory at ALL.
 nlx27: @DonkeyPuncher HE's WELL HUNG
 Anus: How is that tail not in the way?
 maura: The art is nice.
 Jesus: huh, this all checks out
Image 79748   01-29-16   Uploaded by    unoplank
 Korrok: The "Right to remain silent" does not mean he's not allow to talk while in custody. Quite the opposite actually.
 canada: Tonight on fox:cops
 Science: Firefox has encountered a problem.
 DrinkMixMan: Chaos Reigns
 Catcat: The fox has the right to remain silent. Any and all yiffs will be used against it at court
 nimbus: Slylock Fox - under indictment for perjury against Reeky Rat and Shady Shrew
 Solemn: I'd say this was perfect, but I'm pretty sure that the furry's getting off on being manhandled like this.
Image 79747   01-29-16   Uploaded by    hosehorse
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