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205409  Felicity: Those Japanese and their tentacle art

205411  Felicity: Officer A-Little-Too-Friendly

205377  apoxia: I'm a psychologist and this year I worked with two men who had become acutely unwell and were in the psychiatric ward with anxiety about their tax returns being a primary trigger. They both had beliefs at delusional intensity.

205405  LurkedMoar: But man, is that moose seductive

205378  apoxia: Affect also means emotion. I use it a lot in my job as a psychologist.

205404  square44: smokestack is a bit redundant when your boiler opens up like that

205379  Jabberwikket: Erma ?

205409  LurkedMoar: Ika vs Tako

205381  apoxia: Indeed.

205384  apoxia: I also have a minidisk player! I used to use it to record my band at gigs.

205384  apoxia: I've still got mine. Without a scratch and it still works.

205420  fink: "Autobots! Roll the hay!"

205396  apoxia: Smash!

205387  Cami: No fun at all.

205401  apoxia: There's nothing worse.

205403  apoxia: dONK

205404  apoxia: Terrifying

205410  apoxia: Choices were made.

205258  apoxia: @White Rice I'm assuming it is American. Since I live in NZ perhaps this is why I don't remember it. I pretty much spent my entire childhood and teenage years watching television so I'm usually pretty good with knowing about TV shows.

205354  Greifer: harambe is all in

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205236 apoxia: There's something wrong with me. All of these food photos just gross me out. The bacon, the burgers, and pizza with pepperoni sticks.

205384 apoxia: I also have a minidisk player! I used to use it to record my band at gigs.

205245 tib gubb: look, i don't need sarcasm from my operating system

205346 Knice: @fanny Yeah, but I don't want it gettin' all uppity-like. :-D

205372 Side Boob: Is this Canada? I see a Tim Hortons sign

205192 Prostata: sorry 'bout your spyware

205186 Austin: light urple

205378 apoxia: Affect also means emotion. I use it a lot in my job as a psychologist.

205183 White Rice: @Felicity one day I'll encounter some form of big cat, and it will act cute, and I will go for the pets, and I will be dinner. I've already accepted it, it's just a matter of where & when.

205201 Pizza: @Felicity Font nerd!

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 Science: So, nipples huh? Hmm, no sir, I don't think I have any use for rubber nipples. I'll tell you what though, do you have any rubber walrus protectors?
 hurr: where the hell is powdered toast man
 Bolt Vanderhuge: hmmmmmmmm
 Knice: @BovineHaircut
 Rocky XLVII: Who even thinks this is funny?
 grizzly: No sir, I don't like it. (Rad)
Image 79212   01-26-16   Uploaded by    taiko
Image 79211 is unbelievably bad (score -9) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by night shift. Boo, night shift.
 fatman: the occupational hazards of the tattoo artist are underestimated. Just look around WalMart and think of the person who had to do all those.
 hurr: "it's not a profession it's an art form" "ok just ink me in the butt"
 Vanna: Don't fart. Please don't fart!
 Annoying Vegan : Isaac had to resort to some unpopular career choices to survive after leaving the Amish community.
 suck it: dude looks like my lawyer
 Mr. Butt: I like this for obvious reasons.
 HermwoodLitmajor: Anything's a canvas if you have enough rubbing alcohol
 Red: is it just me or have they photoshopped out part of the crack
 a robot: @Warrax ...."Speak, Friend, and Enter" as an anus-adjacent tattoo is fairly hilarious (but still a pretty bad idea)
 Mitchell: @Warrax Mellon!
 Warrax: Aw jeez, I image searched and saw two more shots in the series. Couldn't tell exactly what it says, but it looked like "Speak Friend" or maybe "Spit First."
 Mitchell: @Stanley Pain Sometimes it winks back at ya
 grizzly: Seems like a classy lady to me.
 Stanley Pain: When you stare into the abyss.....
 Warrax: The look on his face is priceless.
Image 79210   01-26-16   Uploaded by    J. Random Bozo
 silver: Is this dumbass-fu or dumbass-kwan-do ?
 buttbuttgoose: I'm stupid, I thought he was holding a bunch of those large water squirt gun stick things, not light bulbs.
 Cami: Take in enough mercury and it starts making sense.
 AutoDisaster: Does this count as upcycling?
 Frank herbert: amazingly they don't hurt as much as you might think.
 a robot: Time to breathe in all that tasty glass dust
 Zampano: im not sure thats up to EPA code for fluorescent bulb disposal
 Stanley Pain: This can't be healthy on a number of levels.
 Warrax: Reminds me of "The Raid," which is a good thing to be reminded of.
 dobbiesdoogs: ecw! ecw! ecw!
Image 79209   01-26-16   Uploaded by    JackSkellington
 Lil Buddy: This needs to be next to the "Not to be operated by fuckwits." sign.
 Warrax: In Soviet Russia, means of production rise up and seize YOU!
Image 79208   01-26-16   Uploaded by    ratwa
 Air Biscuit: @Warrax you mean that thing from time splitters is real?
 Warrax: I finally figured out what all these people are afraid of. I think it's a deer with a chainsaw. After all the menace it has cause, these brave hunters finally came to bring down the beast, but alas, their courage failed them in the end. No doubt we'll be seeing more of these in the future.
Image 79207   01-26-16   Uploaded by    wordjones
 breadtoaster: Herbert West: Reanimator
 Asshole Fartknocker: If you like this there's more where that came from
 J. Random Bozo: I spent like three hours on the shading on your upper lip
Image 79206   01-26-16   Uploaded by    Gakuto pls
 morakdais: @Criwn Dampuble is there any other kind?
 Criwn Dampuble: @morakdais a naughty Coati :3
 Frank herbert: @Warrax. I've been deceived by a fake ginger and a ferret. God dammit
 morakdais: Coatis everywhere
 Warrax: Jungle is fake, I can tell by the pixels. Also that palmtree isn't found in the same hemisphere as that species of grass. Wake up, sheeple.
 Yttermayn : Honey badger don't give a fuck.
 a robot: Tanukis: so hot right now
Image 79205   01-26-16   Uploaded by    saluted
 Lil Buddy: It seems your mom made a mistake or two as well..
 Frank herbert: @DonkeyPuncher I prefer pre-cambrian. ford made better trucks then
 Knice: @DonkeyPuncher I am cry. I love you sometimes.
 Mister S: Also you blocked your rear-view mirror, you jackass.
 dobbiesdoogs: you've made far more mistakes than that
 Anus: Cambrian Ford was good from 541 to 485.4 million years ago. You should have gone to Ordovician Ford.
 Warrax: That duck is mad.
Image 79204   01-26-16   Uploaded by    Wumph Morms
 SunWukong: @Annoying Vegan : I see your 3PM's and raise you good Sir. My stepdad was doing some local campaigning. He used outlook to type up a leaflet, printed a few hundred and walked downstairs and said "I'm just off out to deliver these emails".
 Annoying Vegan : My mom Googles "Facebook" in order to get to Facebook. And refers to music files as 3PMs.
 Asshole Fartknocker: How do I fax this to you?
 Air Biscuit: Should have bought them a jitterbug.
Image 79203   01-26-16   Uploaded by    hapi papi
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