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234017  Teechur: @addend I don't think those two are interested in "birds"

234019  Teechur: I was going to say this can go to hell, but I think that's where it came from.

234020  Teechur: @Sadbot Don't worry! It looks like threads he pulled from that poly tarp on the ground.

234020  barfolomew: I sure hope that's an ambulance down there.

234016  Zukero: There was a spider on it.

234019  addend: @Yurishiro We can talk later. Just eat up!

234020  Sadbot: the OSHA thread makes me hella anxious

234018  Sadbot: but why, I'm already sleepy

234019  tib gubb: new contra game looking good

234017  addend: "Now where is this Big Bird we keep hearing about?"

234019  Yurishiro: I'm at a loss for words

233988  barfolomew: You know what would remedy this? A straw!

234015  addend: "Lemme get Ctrl and Alt, then you press Delete, okay?"

233999  barfolomew: @Ulillillia I actually live near this, it's quite uncomfortable to lie down in. It's far too narrow at the bottom.

234018  Yurishiro: Jason McLargemouth

234009  Yurishiro: @addend I couldn't.

234010  Yurishiro: That was the weirdest bachelor party

234012  Yurishiro: Kanye Worst

234013  Yurishiro: mleeh

234014  Yurishiro: WHAT THE FUCK!?!?? There's a chessboard on the wall!

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233910 Teechur: I went camping with friends in Spain. They didn't let me know what they were cooking for dinner. They served me a pig's snout on bread. A little chewy, but delicious!

233941 Dr Awkward: I'm mostly bothered by the oscillation between present and past tense.

233783 hajjpodge: This is too much for me.

233922 Felicity: *(shlorp)*

233901 Jabberwikket: @fanny, Dancing with Himself (Myself)

233924 Yurishiro: 10

233819 Felicity: @Beef Supreme To paraphrase an old quote, Aspergers is Gods way of insuring that the truly gifted arent burdened with children

233867 glenalec: 14 hours With Out Oxygen.

233823 Beef Supreme: @dangerkeith3000 that's when you swing a leg over the back of a chair when sitting down. The sculpture is clearly airing out his wedding tackle on a warm day.

233930 raditzu: Move woman, you're obscuring the view.

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 duckfarts: i will assimilate with the box, you just wait and see
 Beerarchy: fits?sits:;
 WaffleIron: oh derp nevermind.
 WaffleIron: @Amy Housewine
 5 Headed Snake God: @Amy Housewine That sounds pretty great, actually.
 Amy Housewine: Gauntlet-style generator. It will produce and endless stream of cats until you destroy it.
 Bernie 2016: Fits=1; Sits++
 Robespierre: Payless CatSource
Image 78867   01-25-16   Uploaded by    HenryVIII
 a robot: @zazzer I could totally see a church youth group pastor making that up to try to connect with the young people
 Korrok: Needs more Lizard, Spock.
 spacedawg: In the original Western interpretation of Rock-Paper-Scissors, Rocks were the stones thrown at Jesus, Scissors were the spears the pierced him on the cross, and Paper was the Bible that converted the heathens.
 randominput: @KnowLifer back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and...
 Coolguy: Inaccurate, paper is meant to suffocate rock
 imaginary gf: No, but it's humiliating.
 Warrax: Rock thrives on attention and can't handle not being seen.
 KnowLifer: hm. #73134
 Annoying Vegan : Don't take it for granite.
Image 78866   01-25-16   Uploaded by    parrotsnest
 Skaalar: I don't want a Large Farva!
 Jim: I'll take a liter of cola
 Stom Premben: Is that like "BaaRamEwe?"
 qazwsx: no no no no no no
 Manhunter: Super troopers is ace, eh?
Image 78865   01-25-16   Uploaded by    DonkeyPuncher
 rustedpeace: I can hear the sea! Hmph, all I can hear is tinea.
 Pickle Dick: @Ulillillia He is wearing shorts, but he died two days ago and is rocking priapism.
 Ulillillia: For my sanity I'm just going to assume he's wearing shorts.
 DrinkMixMan: Latest upgrades to Maxwell Smart's phone are a little awkward
 Knice: "What?? I'm sorry; I can't hear you: I'm going through a tunnel."
Image 78864   01-25-16   Uploaded by    pisspig
 Science: I'm not sure how, but it made me angrier that someone killed the leopard and made this horrible mockery, than it would have with a good taxidermy job.
 tib gubb: nailed it.
 Jim: If only it was slightly flatter, I coulda used this as a coffe table
 WaffleIron: This majestic creatures name is "Denver"
 pirate: Worst. Taxidermy. Ever.
 crudites: Four leg jeans or two leg jeans?
 Mr. Shine: Is dis a lepper or a jaggler?
 hnnngh: RWAROR
 Robespierre: Pommel leopard
 Knice: Majestic
Image 78863   01-25-16   Uploaded by    earl
 Knice: Return flight: #89118
 Knice: @Fishy ;)
 OldPerson74604: Needs a Grindr logo.
 trelyate: "I put a spell on you" is now playing in your mind
 Fishy: @Knice Tear a cock in two?
 Coolguy: The 90's were a strange time
 Coolguy: @Fishy the movie is called Hocus Pocus 1993.
 Serial T.: Burn her she's a hag, umm I mean witch.
 Fishy: What is this from? I forget.. but I do recognize it x.x
 SomeCanadian: @Knice Im Tequila Mockingbird. You can see me on Fridays at the Manhole
 Knice: @zazzer Outstanding! (Mine is Tara Khakintu.)
 Pront Remp: @Knice Hey, that's my Drag name!
 Knice: Majestic!
Image 78862   01-25-16   Uploaded by    Prombom
 Korrok: @OldPerson74604 What are you, a Rolling Stones fan?
 greenbean: i wanna pee on this
 Coolguy: Yes the members of the Beatles are white
 sir toke a lot: no no no no no no no no no
 DrinkMixMan: I love the White album
 Noremak: @OldPerson74604 You can't see him because he's a ghost.
 OldPerson74604: Where's Casper?
Image 78861   01-25-16   Uploaded by    gary
Image 78860 is unbelievably bad (score -32) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by BFHoodrich. Your image was bad, BFHoodrich.
 Zoey: what the kitty is thinking:oh the plotting I shall do yes. one day we will rule all
 Coolguy: Cute, but still a cold blooded killer
 a robot: Kitty is just sad because his body is blurry
 PenguinBartender: That's some... Shallow depth of field right there... Yep.
Image 78859   01-25-16   Uploaded by    Darth Bater
 WaffleIron: Yup, now the theme from M.A.S.H. is stuck in my head.
 hnnngh: War is hell.
 King Polly: The Chinook can eat its own weight in infantry each day while it journies to the breeding grounds.
 Dizzy: It looks surprised that it's eating them. I think it might not want this.
 ThatGuy: Ooh a piece of commando! Ooh a piece of commando! Ooh a piece of commando!
Image 78858   01-25-16   Uploaded by    inthrees
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