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262454  antipatterns: W A T E R M A R K

262446  smusher: Shit, that's depressing

262440  antipatterns: If Americans don't eat more beautiful people soon, China will surpass us

262397  Korrok: I've seen worse....

262459  someguynameded: Put the D in her A and it's all ok

262449  Off Topic: I do. Does that really mean I'm a princess?

262377  Theimposter: A police force is necessary, a lack of regulation is not.

262444  KyleisBobDole: Ooh watcha saaaaaay, ooh that you only meant well

262419  Not A Bot: Fuck you sign, I do what I want!

262445  Robespierre: On your marks ... get set ... FEED ME!

262447  Robespierre: Berber basking

262448  Robespierre: Wy yew flashing us, hoomin?

262439  Robespierre: In all those familiar places

262448  Yam: Man, that is adorable

262440  Robespierre: @Palm Flungo "Eat It Like a Man" doesn't include salad - it's an additional $2.98.

262442  Robespierre: Entering Heavy Rotation orbit

262443  Robespierre: Trumpenstine stomps the Texas terra

262444  Robespierre: WWE(tm): Where There's Always Room For More Bad Acting(c)

262425  Peter Pantsless: Oh you KNOW she went to band camp

262446  Robespierre: Sunrise of North Korea

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9. WannaBee
10. Not A Bot

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262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262342 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name

262195 Science: @Rart Brongo: It's not your job to police the highway - if someone wants to go 150, get the hell out of their way and let them pass.

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262235 Shay: When Predator takes a shit.

262425 Peter Pantsless: Oh you KNOW she went to band camp

262377 Theimposter: A police force is necessary, a lack of regulation is not.

262151 Mr Bleak: @Pawn Morpongus Because two nipples won't fit the same butthole.

262176 Felicity: Even in the future nothin' works!

262343 Science: *blows repeatedly on lava*

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 9. Spray Tan: 1497 points
10. 1979: 1494 points
11. apoxia: 1453 points
12. Mister Beef: 1415 points
13. drhenry: 1412 points
14. Oober: 1389 points
15. Cyka: 1385 points
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 Frort Grongo: Hare ball.
 Thompo Cremombies: I've seen this drawing since I was little, I always thought it was a gag. Can we go see the old lady now, and turn her upside down? :D
 Gaple Plungus: @Good Bye ... You damn fool! That is somebody's fetish too!
 Durm Plopert: MY HEAD ASPLODE
 Harbo Morpongus: @Ouroborus That'd be me. Sorry i will clean up in a few minutes.
 Puple Flumongus: ITS MY PROF PIC WHOAAA rad
 Mongo Brumple: Fun fact: Someone, somewhere is masturbating furiously to this.
 Thango Plungus: Duck Season! Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Rabbit Season!
 Biwn Groble: We were so preoccupied with whether or not we could that we didn't stop to think if we should.
Image 76795   01-15-16   Uploaded by    Marb Rempopert
 Gulm Flumoble: Oh good, leathery Nightmare fuel.
 Derbo Morpomple: That's one slim jim i never want to snap into.
 Dirm Rempungo: Wel, I'll never go outside on a sunny day again
 Truld Drumupert: Some like it well-done.
 Lort Flumomple: I can't tell whether that bulge on her abdomen is a boob or a leather purse.
 Jewn Horpungus: Grandma, can I snap into your slimjim?
 Demp Drumuble: AAEEEIIII
 Frurbo Morpomple: 'Wear your sunscreen, kids'
 Virbo Flumbies: She just fell into a hot chocolate fountain and the boy is trying to lick her.
 Bungo Flumumple: Coppercrone
 Crong Rempupert: Not as creepy as taking sneak pics of people on the beach and posting them online.
 Volm Dampopert: Is that her bikini top or a fanny pack?
 Hurt Bropert: mmm lady jerky
 Viwn Morpomple: I cannot even add to this. Carry on.
 Jiple Cremungo: I thought Dr. Zoidberg was pink.
 Jiwn Albupert: It is illegal to steal her tusks
 Truft Dampoble: Good lord, it looks like she's wearing leather pants. The kid has the proper reaction to this crinkly horror.
 Herbo Dampombies: The elusive leatherback mothering its young
 Trump Morpumbies: its me, i'm the kid in the picture
 Huld Gropert: Solar protection provided by ShinylVinyl(R) by Congoleum(R).
 Flort Morpongo: now imagine her telling you "you look so's almost like you are unhealthy or sth"
 Vorb Brungo: A dried crusty husk will be left on the beach after her new form emerges.
 Derm Morpongus: She's molting.
 Vimp Albumbies: I'm pretty sure this is just 2 lizard-men in a people suit.
 Gart Grunongo: I would say "kill it with fire," but I think she's fire proof.
Image 76794   01-15-16   Uploaded by    Jalm Bruble
Image 76793 is unbelievably bad (score -8) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by nclaw. Your image was bad, nclaw.
 Crang Flumungo: Come on guys, geve him a break. He has to push it out from under the exit sign before he can lift.
 Frurm Plemuble: it looks like hes pushing... nevermind this is just stupid
 Bilm Flumumple: and separate
 Frewn Grunungus: Looks more like "push"...
 Geld Floble: Now quickly jerk your head forward and arch your back to pick it up off the ground in one quick movement
 Treft Drumopert: nice to see the macintosh face got some work after being laid off
 Hurm Groble: Reminds me of a Far Side comic strip.
 Flumpo Albombies: Use your LEGS, man!
 Fleple Albumple: Instructions unclear.
 Pople Rempomple: That's not how you do it.
Image 76792   01-15-16   Uploaded by    Thalm Plemungo
 Jorbo Flumumbies: Doesn't goat a fuck.
 Bild Grunumbies: @Janston the caption less surf goat is just for you. I even dug up a different pic from the same set; I know we have standards here
 Japle Dampomple: @WotGives Goats are rad, duh.
 Harbo Horpomple: As long as goats are well fed and happy, I'm happy.
 Pimpo Grunongo: Hangin' 18
 Pempo Albumbies: surfing goats: REACHING THE RAD LIMIT
 Thurbo Flumumbies: What's with all the goats lately?
 Mango Morpungo: Thank you for at least not putting a caption on this re post.
 Veng Rempongo: Fun fact: The Surfgoat addon for Goat Simulator wasn't very good.
 Dimpo Cremungo: Lick surfboard, 50 points!
 Thown Grunupert: Radded for being anything other than a cat.
 Derm Drumuble: Guys, the surfing goat, go get it.
 Trarb Horpombies: Another great day on Aggro-Goater
Image 76791   01-15-16   Uploaded by    Perm Albungo
 Peple Plemopert: Faceplam. I can't even type. I meant theatre
 Trompo Drumomple: Hehe. 8bit tgeatre is awsome
 Frerm Plopert: Two jokes for the price of one? RAD
 Bort Albungus: Quit stalin' and get to it!
Image 76790   01-15-16   Uploaded by    Framp Flumopert
Image 76789 is unbelievably bad (score -11) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Jolly Well. We'll pray for you, Jolly Well.
 Tromp Flumungus: ceci n'est pas une dog
 Mamp Plemuble: Is it really, though?
 Jurb Plumple: A place for everything, and everything in its place.
 Lald Flongo: Thanks for my new profile pic.
 Duple Alboble: Visual agnosia.
 Croft Morpopert: Where is your DOG now?
 Thiple Horpoble: it helps more than you might think
 Maple Dampupert: Obvious, Dr., MD
Image 76788   01-15-16   Uploaded by    Juwn Flumomple
 Fluple Rempumple: say what you will, but you'll never be this relaxed...
 Pople Plemombies: romance is dead
 Deple Flombies: misandry in action
 Porm Grupert: I ain't like that humble pig.
 Guft Brumbies:
 Bald Plumbies: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".
 Frungo Drumumbies: ignore my double comment, this weird surfing goat got me all excited
 Thild Cremongo: this is a weird surfing goat
 Traft Rempungus: this is a weird surfing goat
 Jople Horpungus: Just swine things...
 Jort Albungus: Just keep on walkin', stranger. There ain't no human farmer here and there never was.
 Frald Drumungus: "Say, you you doin? I'd invite you in, but the place is a bit of a pig sty right now."
 Giwn Flumumple: should have posted a dog
 Gamp Rempupert: The Reeperbahn's going downhill fast
Image 76787   01-15-16   Uploaded by    Truft Rempupert
 Huple Grunomple: PARP
 Flump Brungo: I wish I was that mic.
 Merm Morpopert: I guess better music comes out from this end...
 Fraple Dampuble: nice crack, can I buy a gram?
 Treft Plombies: This is what the beautiful 27 year old millionaire pop star thinks of your comments.
 Hirb Cremuble: PBBBBBBBBBT
 Jumpo Dampopert: Butthorn is PISSED Rihanna is stealing her schtick
 Frewn Morpuble: I heard that
 Long Horpombies: And now a few words from my ass
 Frarb Drumungus: Ey ey hear me farts, ya rude boyz.
 Rurt Horpupert: her farts would be better than tygas last albom
 Piple Morpombies: Bitch better not be runny
 Hild Dampongus: The Goddess of SnorePop lettin' it rip - most exciting sounds to come out of her EVER.
 Jongo Albuble: *Pfffrrrttttlblblbshhhfyt
 Creld Cremomple: Honestly, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this and her normal music.
Image 76786   01-15-16   Uploaded by    Doft Drumoble
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