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249037  Mr Bleak: His Friendly Spaceship score keeps drifting blue/green/blue/green ...

249039  Mr Bleak: @a robot Netkits and chill?

249169  barfolomew: @dangerkeith3000 the same way as one sucks a fuck.

249011  some guy : I bet it smells great in there.

249182  ThoughtlessGentleman: SURPRISE!!!!!.............

249182  ThoughtlessGentleman: butt sex.

249183  Minnesotan: new death metal songs write themselves

249181  barfolomew: @ignatz I'm impressed! I had never heard of him until listening on 99% invisible, but I looked up his buildings and they're all so insane!

249175  dangerkeith3000: @Mr. Butt Yeah, that's kinda weird. IT would take me a little while to get used to that.

249184  GoGo Robotto: So long, suckers!

249184  dangerkeith3000: I love this game.

249175  Mr. Butt: @dangerkeith3000 @Warrax In Canada, milk comes in bags.

249182  Mr. Butt: Dios mio.

249181  GoGo Robotto: @ignatz Then I must work in a building designed by Escher. Confused af and going nowhere!

249188  OldKentuckyShark: Overclocked like a mother fucker cause cooling is no longer an issue... til i burn out the motor in the fridge ( which is somehow also overclocked)

249182  Robespierre: Wearditgo?

249174  Robespierre: Pickled beets!

249168  dangerkeith3000: We can all thank Nudie Cohn for these suits.

249178  Robespierre: Windswept wonderfulness

249182  Shay: She's having her happy hour now.

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249040 DrNinjaman: @savvoy I wouldn't mind being dropped on that bottom, if you know what I mean! Getting sucked away sounds pretty good too, in an ethnic sort of way.

248995 Side Boob: @glenalec Same. I get scared in a big pickup.

249106 Teechur: I agree with @Air Biscuit The lines are too straight. It's probably a handwriting typeface. That being said, I also agree with @Yurishiro

248937 Spazstatic: @Science @Side Boob thank you both.

248999 Entertainmentalist: Stays mostly within the mammalian phylum!

248966 raditzu: still better than tidepods

249016 Ironass: I like someone with a little more enthusiasm than that.

249142 dangerkeith3000: @funny in the wall I order potatoes/hashbrowns for breakfast just to give me an excuse to eat ketchup.

248965 glenalec: I'm always understandably relieved when my pee is clear thru yellow because it's like fuck year my kidneys aren't bleeding today.

248968 Christina: @raditzu rly!

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 eyg: After prom, he hopes for a treesome.
 Rembo Prundus: What the hell are you doing? Boys shouldn't feel the wood.
 Rachelina: Ted Scruz - not any time soon, but eventually
 whiplash: Aww, his tie matches her dress.
 hexxx: @zazzer Sperm Thrall is my thrash metal band
 MassDefect: @Coolguy Right to left, right?
 Coolguy: Would, wood, wouldn't ... In that order...
 Lousy AI: Dang dude, you really gonna feel her up in front of her folks like that?
 jayjay: Beautiful group wedding between a Goddess, a Great Oak, and a sperm thrall.
Image 73818   12-31-15   Uploaded by    snekeyes
 Korrok: Wow, that actually worked!
 Korrok: KORROK
 edgarallendoh: Hmm, yes, rebellious but still tasteful
 Anus: Memento: level 0
 Jaunty Shrimp: Da tattoo!! Da tattoo!
 Jennerator: @Headoftheclass SNARKY REPLY
 ghostly: this guy is into generic rebellion
 WTF: He couldn't spell "Herve Villechaize".
 Headoftheclass: COMMENT
Image 73817   12-31-15   Uploaded by    Teh Simpson
Image 73816 is unbelievably bad (score -12) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Jonananathan. Boo, Jonananathan.
 your nana: you can shout the command until you're blue in the face, but no wall-fucking will be done until someone drills a hole first
 beep: Down with this sort of thing!
 east bay: @underwear I desparately want that to be true.
 Anus: Fuck this next comment that hasn't been made yet
 Lousy AI: "Yeah, hop off the train at Brigham Circle and walk until you hit South Huntington, my apartmen is the one where someone wrote 'fuck this' multiple times in a desperate scrawl on the front."
 underwear: Imagining the dark blue arrow at the top is just below "Yeah, fuck that!'
Image 73815   12-31-15   Uploaded by    lizzz
 Largehand: apluazmxpmv
 vdzsxqweq: vdzsxqweq
 gromire: gimme a week and half your paycheck, ill be ruining you business suits and causing mayhem soon!
 Jennerator: Before he was adopted he was sad. Now he is sad with better color saturation
 Lousy AI: "And for the last part of our plan we'll need the world's greatest lockpick, Philip Barko. He's locked up, but thankfully the Governor owes me a favor..."
 Kermit: That's a cute guinea pig.
 Urn BooUrn: Dogs. Now available in palm size.
 Falstaff: The face of a killer.
Image 73814   12-31-15   Uploaded by    The Turks
 Ojitheunseen: I'm deeping engaged in this story.
 Porbo Mellus: Remember, folks - stereotyping is bad. Chicks hate that.
 hurr: i see people like my comment...and i see my drunken typos...wish i could edit my post :(
 your nana: as if the mountain dew and taquitos aren't killing him first
 San DoDo: Do you even vape bro?
 hurr: everytime someone metions feminism (in any way) i hate both party involved beacuse no one can discuss that shit like grown ups anymore. people are people fuck who they are what they are or who they fuck. shouldn't be so hard to treat all the idiots equally
 Muncharito Beanworld: Pfffff, welcome to my Saturday night.
 humanfog: makes u think
 Yttermayn : He would eat healthier if she'd just go make him a sandwich.
 Coolguy: Clever girl...
 Chronic Fatigue: Tipping his Fedora back, he wiped the beads of sweat from his brow.
 morakdais: She posted, then cried herself to sleep in her cold empty bed.
 Lousy AI: "Vaping Mountain Dew?" he chuckled to himself, loading up the whip and cranking the temperature. "Sure, what's the wort that can WELCOME TO MY LAIR MORTAL!" screamed the Neon God "PREPARE FOR MORTAL KOMBAT!"
 Kermit: Remember, no matter what side of an issue you are on you are probably surrounded by assholes.
 Janston: Truly the Virginia Wolf of our time.
Image 73813   12-31-15   Uploaded by    elmosco
 Galacta: I can't handle how rad this is.
 your nana: i see words as pictures
 Kevin II: Cool, an image typing machine. A million monkeys could type The last supper on this.
 hanky: Ownssssss
 inaquian: Is this a real thing? Can I buy one?!
 Jaunty Shrimp: How do you spell rad with asdf jkl;?
 Lousy AI: This really helps explain why all my new paintbrushes do is paint rought drafts of technical manuals.
 Janston: Oh is this the Jack London - Bob Ross collaboration?
 Mr. Shine: *typing* h a p p y l i t t l e t r e e
 WaffleIron: But does it make waffles?
 dark.elf.raya: I have a picture of this! It's a beautiful creation!
Image 73812   12-31-15   Uploaded by    beep
 your nana: he didn't wait for "simon says"
 totaljihad: ... and here we are.
 Beef Supreme: Budd Dwyer approves.
 ruiner: Yeeesh, been there brother....
 Chronic Fatigue: We did that last week
 morakdais: I SEES what you tried to do there
 Lousy AI: This and other side effects may occur while on Ambien!
 ghostly: not that crazy
 shitshow: If it's your own brain, always position the gun well under your neck and back towards your brainstem. (the more you know)
 WaffleIron: Ayyy lmao so random.
Image 73811   12-31-15   Uploaded by    Ignatius
 beep: "is the"
 sandwiches: Made from a recipe handed down through the Are family generations by John Cecil Are himself.
 Jennerator: Yoda sees this sign and scowls
 Lousy AI: @Mr. Shine 8/10, loved the strawberry, but the doctor's not sure if my colon can be saved.
 Mr. Shine: @Lousy AI How about the Big Mick? Or a strawberry milk shart?
Image 73810   12-31-15   Uploaded by    fart
 Jaunty Shrimp: Magic Trump XXL
 big butt bum: holy shit lol @Lousy AI
 Mr. Shine: I see you, Jesse Ventura. Sit down.
 Lousy AI: Figure 41: It took a lot of willpower, but the crowd managed to manifest Robin Williams circa 1981.
 Magma Safe: He's seems ready for ration discourse.
Image 73809   12-31-15   Uploaded by    snipdawg
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