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253636  grizzly: @a robot I just retweeted a five year old tweet!

253637  grizzly: This is like Mariokart battle mode.

253642  grizzly: Username Ienjoythechubby is making me cry.

253644  grizzly: What?

253613  Not A Bot: i hate furries

253648  dobbiesdoogs: cover up the left side. now cover up the right side

253641  Shay: Rad if legit, bad if it was dyed on.

253636  Butcherboy: Thank you for finding that. Made my day@a robot

253636  a robot: This has made my day like 1000% better @Side Boob :D

253636  a robot: I found the context and I love this so damn much…

253634  mammal883: That's a good way to lose your shoes

253636  dobbiesdoogs: @mammal883 michael dorn (worf)

253636  mammal883: Who's the guy in the background?

253646  NonRhetorical: **u**mbrella **f**lew **o**ff

253631  WannaBee: Wizard of Oz remake?

253632  WannaBee: I want the Hawaii one.

253586  Wooden Spoon: I assume decorating your cap is a thing?

253622  VeeKay: DJ Gingerperson!

253623  VeeKay: Rad for Scarfolk

253617  Wooden Spoon: @dangerkeith3000: if its not, it should be.

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1. dangerkeith3000
2. Robespierre
3. redmonkey3
4. Dr Awkward
5. Side Boob
6. Shay
7. Wooden Spoon
8. Not A Bot
9. a robot
10. DrNinjaman

The top ten most commented-on images today:

253446 SurfNTurf: @dangerkeith3000 huh?...

253407 Bluetocracy: The murder scene is horrible. There is frosting and sprinkles everywhere!

253470 DrinkMixMan: Can we stop doing this?

253388 Bill Rye: @Nope maybe that's what's causing the anxiety

253360 redmonkey3: Ssso - all red setters are Hank the Bush Bean dogs now ?

253571 dangerkeith3000: Trump of North Korea

253366 redmonkey3: The "N" word! (?)

253494 Robespierre: Sorry, Billy Bob, but I'm expensive this weekend.

253386 Ironass: Do you think he likes skulls?

253412 Bluetocracy: I need a can (case) of this at work.

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Bitcoin Burglar uploaded 253143 (1340 points)
angry uploaded 253429 (1227 points)
horny horn uploaded 253191 (1215 points)
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male anon uploaded 253437 (952 points)
skittles uploaded 253266 (934 points)
Salvador Molly uploaded 253209 (912 points)
waaaaaat uploaded 253264 (881 points)
Side Boob uploaded 253245 (876 points)
nightmarez uploaded 253332 (873 points)
mrmrmr uploaded 253263 (847 points)
dangerkeith3000 uploaded 253402 (835 points)
Pingu IRL uploaded 253303 (819 points)
WetWilly uploaded 253522 (812 points)

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 1. Supermansbrother: 18728 points
 2. Side Boob: 5276 points
 3. dangerkeith3000: 3232 points
 4. WannaBee: 2392 points
 5. Back Door Dan: 2240 points
 6. Scoo: 2186 points
 7. Warrax: 2032 points
 8. E. HONDA: 1991 points
 9. tears as lube: 1959 points
10. Pingu IRL: 1914 points
11. cannabis: 1892 points
12. burritos: 1837 points
13. tess: 1827 points
14. Jonananathan: 1820 points
15. Bitcoin Burglar: 1700 points
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 Korrok: Korrok's opinion is unwanted however not incorrect.
 eyg: Beauty truly is about brains.
 duckfarts: nice garters
 Mump Dampongus: interested...but disturbed...but interested
 MabelSyrup: Accidental bad vote. Terribly sorry. Also, would.
 your nana: "my eyes are up ... oh, wait ..."
 night shift: *guts
 elmosco: You're so vein, you probably think these guys are about you
 Warezlock: She can eat my brains anyday.
 grizzly: Paint me like one of your French ghouls.
Image 68774   12-06-15   Uploaded by    MabelSyrup
 ann: incase anyone wondered, those dice are legit, no sixes on the side and the 5 is next to the 4
 Popsicle Dream: @crudites - he contains all knowledge, well all pointless information in any case.
 augustus: If a Clue lover: It was God, with death, on the earth
 crudites: Ironically, God is a Trivial Pursuit pie.
Image 68773   12-06-15   Uploaded by    saluted
 whiplash: Popeye the Sailor Goes Mongolian, starring Robin Williams.
 Frilm Rempopert: Tibetans frighten easily, but they'll be back, in greater numbers
 Jeannie C: @shitshow those are metal combs for combing wool off those animals.
 CrustyDusty: Batou's mother
 TotalWar: Tibet is now too maintream.
 aristocat: Derelicte
 Noremak: On the corner of Michigan avenue in Chiraq...
 a robot: New Mongolian Mad Max movie looking good
 Mexico: * can't have
 Mexico: Just because you're fighting doesn't mean you have style.
 Jesus: fallout new tibet confirmed
 shitshow: I'm known for my fine metal catbox scoops and shitty disposition
 why the long face: Damn Star Wars cosplayer!
 beep: Tibetan steam punk.
Image 68772   12-06-15   Uploaded by    Mominous
 your nana: kid gets a life lesson in disappointment early on
 arglebargle: I'll give you ten cents for the plumbus.
 Frank herbert: whole yard
 Frank herbert: how much for the wjolenyard?
 Janston: I think he needs some milkshakes.
Image 68771   12-06-15   Uploaded by    tears as lube
 Caio: @arglebagle: Dang I did not notice that.
 Science: @Itch: No, it's not. This is a poorly worded question from an obvious idiot.
 Korrok: Do you even math, bro?
 ann: good work kid, Fight the insanity. And remember, there are 4 lights.
 XLY: @Rump Dampomples all my exes live in texax
 CrookedCop: vv they spell it with two x-es 'cause Jesus!
 franktank: Must be Texax board of education.
 DerMantis: take 5 from 5 and 8 from 8 then add 10 to make 10.
 Dingo Plemupert: She didn't subtract... to explain it, say she's talking about pints of beer - 8 on on side, 5 on the other. she moved 2 of the 5 towards the 8. Of course that doesn't change the fact that the entire thing is confusing and you'll never get a 10 as a result.
 Janston: Robots are programmed to follow logic.
 Janston: @a robot doesn't surprise me. Robots afe
 Janston: @a robot doesn't surprise me. Robots afe
 your nana: not only can the teacher not subtract accurately, s/he can also not correct the child's spelling error
 Itch: This is the new common core math .it teaches kids the concepts underlying math. It all looks dumb if you are unfamiliar with it but its very important for the computer age
 Knice: Tell how to make English majors.
 Mr. Whiskers: I remember learning this as a mental calculation shortcut. But formalizing it to this degree is ridiculous.
 Crabapples: And so another child learns to hate math.
 a robot: Ok maybe I'm a moron but I don't understand how this is supposed to work at all.
 ch: This is insane
 arglebargle: @Caio Sure, but even as the teacher explained it she still would get thirteen. She also doesn't know that subtracting 2 from five isn't 2.
 Caio: It is actually a good method when you are adding very large numbers without any paper or a calculator.
 bigfarter: This is really stupid.
 Theta Zero: That is not how you math.
Image 68770   12-06-15   Uploaded by    Aa
 Mumbles: @I Smell - only bones left after the cats had finished.
 your nana: @I Smell may not be so juicy anymore, but there sure are a bunch of them 6 feet under
 Fishy: Aww so sad...
Image 68769   12-06-15   Uploaded by    Extreme Locorito
 pepinguy: pepinguy votes NO on cats
 your nana: "which to shred first?"
Image 68768   12-06-15   Uploaded by    fart
 ann: @a robot they have no use, that cat allready wanted to kill it's human.
 XLY: Cats love it!
 Noremak: @a robot Online Turing test?
 a robot: @obama Because I'm a robot
 ch: Oh, the princess has arrived at the ball early today! Everyone, to your posts!
 obama: @a robot you mean because you only eat hot pockets or some other reason?
 a robot: I never knew what those fancy pear wrappers were for. Now I know.
Image 68767   12-06-15   Uploaded by    cthulhu
 pepinguy: pepinguy votes yea on funny asian things
 whiplash: Space Villain sez: "Ruke Cloudstrider, I am your...uncle."
 Shay: Why wait? You can walk around Times Square and see the real deal.
 San DoDo: Is ice superior to snow? as in ice queen.. why not snow queen and ice princess, that friggid princess
 Janston: "Nope, no infringement here", said no lawyer ever.
 Chronic Fatigue: Spy Woman Hero looks like she's been working in Vegas for a long time. But not at Barnes and Noble.
 arglebargle: Man of steel looking more like Man of Aluminum.
 a robot: Non-union Mexican equivalents
 Parcsomaha: Someone's afraid of getting sued...
Image 68766   12-06-15   Uploaded by    tess
 communist: You were a puppy, but now you are becoming a dog.
 Lang Dampomple: neckbeard puppy gets my vote!
Image 68765   12-06-15   Uploaded by    MyShamWowVoice
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