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253636  grizzly: @a robot I just retweeted a five year old tweet!

253637  grizzly: This is like Mariokart battle mode.

253642  grizzly: Username Ienjoythechubby is making me cry.

253644  grizzly: What?

253613  Not A Bot: i hate furries

253648  dobbiesdoogs: cover up the left side. now cover up the right side

253641  Shay: Rad if legit, bad if it was dyed on.

253636  Butcherboy: Thank you for finding that. Made my day@a robot

253636  a robot: This has made my day like 1000% better @Side Boob :D

253636  a robot: I found the context and I love this so damn much…

253634  mammal883: That's a good way to lose your shoes

253636  dobbiesdoogs: @mammal883 michael dorn (worf)

253636  mammal883: Who's the guy in the background?

253646  NonRhetorical: **u**mbrella **f**lew **o**ff

253631  WannaBee: Wizard of Oz remake?

253632  WannaBee: I want the Hawaii one.

253586  Wooden Spoon: I assume decorating your cap is a thing?

253622  VeeKay: DJ Gingerperson!

253623  VeeKay: Rad for Scarfolk

253617  Wooden Spoon: @dangerkeith3000: if its not, it should be.

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253386 Ironass: Do you think he likes skulls?

253431 redmonkey3: @Bluetocracy - i does; naughty monkey

253571 dangerkeith3000: Trump of North Korea

253407 Bluetocracy: The murder scene is horrible. There is frosting and sprinkles everywhere!

253412 Bluetocracy: I need a can (case) of this at work.

253366 redmonkey3: The "N" word! (?)

253446 SurfNTurf: @dangerkeith3000 huh?...

253470 DrinkMixMan: Can we stop doing this?

253494 Robespierre: Sorry, Billy Bob, but I'm expensive this weekend.

253388 Bill Rye: @Nope maybe that's what's causing the anxiety

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 heylo: @swoot, natives weren't allowed to practice their own medicine and they didn't have access to western. A good amount did just die on their own, but a lot were still at the fault of European's bringing in that disease and not letting them help themlseves.
 Science: @JohnDorean: The majority of Native Ameicans had been wiped out by disease well before colonization. Interestingly, there were more killings perpetrated by natives between 1500-1830. Not excusing, just enlightening.
 JohnDorean: so with other words, build a wall or you will get murdered in masses and soon will live in "reservations"
 elmosco: The natives know enough English to write "Plymouth Rock"
 Korrok: @swoot Isn't it though?
 Liar tuck: Subtle......
Image 63506   11-09-15   Uploaded by    Mentos Pormer
 Vorm Gongo: The Horseless Headman?
 flying sheep: poghost ?
 HermwoodLitmajor: Nice! Grim reboot for the Funky Phantom
 Magma Safe: Colonial Ghostrider?
 Korrok: I really should give him a raise.
 Emoji: Death rides a pale pogo stick.
 Mumbles: The night that Nancy Drew and Joe Hardy were killed by an American Revolution-themed biker gang.
 Catcat: Dead hipster assaults cyclers - again!
 Truft Grumbies: "Remember kids, when you ride with the other gender, save room for Jesus, or else youre saving room for Satan!"
Image 63505   11-09-15   Uploaded by    Ktoboe
 Mr. Shine: This is a RARE pepe. if you don'think like or share in the next two minutes, your house will fall down.
 Red Mercer: First church of Hypnotoad
 drhilljack: Get out.
 Truft Grumbies: Croak yeah!
 dobbiesdoogs: it's a living
Image 63504   11-09-15   Uploaded by    Sprinkles
 buttbear: Sadly the fruits failed to attract any stray pigs.
 dragon horn: Organic and non-GMO only please. My chocolate starfish has standards, ya know?
 VoR: What a pig.
 froggyfresh: This man is serious about his ass fruits. I'll buy whatever he's selling.
 Solemn: I'd have expected @Anus to post this.
Image 63503   11-09-15   Uploaded by    Shay
 Catcat: No we don't
 El Barto: Cats ruin everything.
Image 63502   11-09-15   Uploaded by    chunk norris
Image 63501 is unbelievably bad (score -7) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by abrahamx. You have brought shame on us, abrahamx.
 Good Bye: Somehow this would not be liked but earings in babies is fine by most.
 a robot: This picture is so old, that baby is probably in at least middle school by now
 Korrok: Hang in there, baby.
 dark.elf.raya: Start them young when they can't object
 Never AFK: Congrats, you managed to make a baby's face into a fist magnet.
 Truft Grumbies: 2020 kids will know...
Image 63500   11-09-15   Uploaded by    mrdiron
 5 Headed Snake God: Damn, nailed it.
Image 63499   11-09-15   Uploaded by    somedude
 Mentos Pormer: sign of the apocalypse
 jackthesmack: Dumb but funny
 Science: @Red: No, women wore nylons under shorts back then. It was weird. Also, "Dorian Dammer?"
 Johnny: I also hope "Rusty Cage" by Johnny Cash is on there.
 Johnny: I hope The road goes on forever and the party never ends, is on the album.
 Red: did she forget to tan her face?
 hajjpodge: How many times do you have to hop in and out of a pick up truck to burn 500 calories?
Image 63498   11-09-15   Uploaded by    trepanation
 Shay: For the last time Gramps, no one wants to here your stupid Korean War story when they put a metal plate in your head.
 Mr. Shine: Isn't this the villain from Ghostbusters II?
 ottorongo: Yet, he still looks like he would kill you with his hands.
 San DoDo: #63496
 kittylitter: If you can get the coin to stick to your forehead...
 Catcat: Would make a joke about Russia, but I don't see a wall carpet...
 Johnny: "I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind."
 Truft Grumbies: Magneto, the later years.
 Red: tinfoil would have been cheaper
 Knice: The strippers hated it when Oleg walked in the club.
 ch: Going to cash the old man in, BRB
Image 63497   11-09-15   Uploaded by    hanky
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