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234465  Dreforian: @a robot I still think of the sci-fi hero tv show before the Guardians of the Galaxy character when I see that name

234501  Ulillillia: Ouch

234477  Dreforian: @glenalec Everything's moving to the cloud these days

234483  Dreforian: Oh shi- did we leave the oven on when we left the cave?

234483  Dreforian: Quick! I heard someone has popcorn at the Vatican!

234483  Dreforian: SPRING BREAK!

234506  glenalec: I avoid tech that looks like a SciFi villain designed it - they always seem to contain one crucial flaw.

234504  glenalec: @WTF - But she can #234513 ! And #234510 is certainly trying!

234501  Dreforian: @Coolguy Must have been right after Red Alert as he never wore ties again!

234489  fanny: mods, please update my username to fanny fidler

234504  glenalec: Aliens are among us - more proof of non-humanoid tool-using lifeforms.

229496  fanny: return #234492

234492  fanny: haha @Peter Pantsless #229496

234503  Scoo: "They took mah ears!"

234502  Scoo: Ahhhh! Acid shin attack!

234493  Teechur: Just realized they got the leash, too!

234423  glenalec: All the bits are leaking out!

234428  glenalec: Don't upload me like potato.

234430  glenalec: @GoGo Robotto - I imagine at the moment the photo was taken he hadn't yet had time to react.

234488  grizzly: @looch nerd! No just kidding. I did the same thing.

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234265 kornisjon: @when so Someone must have had a nice time.

234321 glenalec: vv the technical term is a kidney calculus. So my kidney now officially has better maths skills than me.

234465 a robot: Mantis' long lost sister?

234430 glenalec: @GoGo Robotto - I imagine at the moment the photo was taken he hadn't yet had time to react.

234331 looch: Better be named Huginn or Muninn

234446 a robot: But....why?

234437 FatTigerWoods: The kid couldn't stop eating for a sec and take a picture? Rude.

234411 Peter Pantsless: Ah, they're probably going to shave it off and were just having a bit of fun. I give myself goofy facial hair whenever I shave my beard off

234423 glenalec: All the bits are leaking out!

234277 glenalec: Glenalec's mum approves.

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 pig 3: Da fuk?
 Robespierre: @ann: A squirrel sharpener - what else? Check the stationery section at Walgreens.
 ann: so what do you use to sharpen a squirrel?
 AverageJoe: how? I'm curious
 ratwa: ehhhh... funny enough
 Frank herbert: I want to to the autopsy report.... and the coroner's face
 Robespierre: SHE's got the POWER!
 Lousy AI: "It's actually quite possible" the coroner explained. "You ever see a hurrican shoot a fencepost through a tree? Same concept. Only with a squirrel."
 Urchin: No, she caught her husband and the squirrel together and stabbed him in a jealous fit
 MeTooAlso: So they stabbed him together, eh?
Image 62482   11-03-15   Uploaded by    ptrain
 nanananana: What the friend
 Lousy AI: "But what makes it worthe extra money?" she asked. The clerk just tapped the screen again.
Image 62481   11-03-15   Uploaded by    waterudoin
 grizzly: Who is this is?
 Galacta: @Lousy Al He's stuck in a storm submarine, but I hear it's just a front for something.
 duckfarts: @morakdais: love to hear purrcussion
 Skinr: @a robot: who made that man a gunner?!
 morakdais: pro tip:turn the cat around
 San DoDo: **************** cat assholes everywhere *************
 Anus: What is this font and why are all of the "A"s beheaded?
 a robot: Submarine full of assholes, doesn't sound pleasant at all!
 Lousy AI: Are... are you stuck in a submarine?
Image 62480   11-03-15   Uploaded by    BFHoodrich
 Frank herbert: for only a dollar more I'll take the hand made one
 Robespierre: Mannitol
 Lousy AI: Jebediah took his time with his work. Sure, it might mean he'd be late to supper, but he'd rather feel a little peckish than betray the divinity of his gifts. Working his tools, handed down from his father to him like a dozen generations before him, he created the most intricate mosiac, crafting even reflections in the tiny dew drops on the flowers. His vision of Edgen was complete. He didn't know what the outsiders were doing with his hand-made teakwood fittings, but he hoped they appreicated what it was he did.
 Chronic Fatigue: Big deal, this just breaks up the chunks of baby powder, her nose still has to inhale all that shit. You want to be nice to your nose? Smoke crack.
Image 62479   11-03-15   Uploaded by    Science
 ann: does it have a penny strapped to the back?
 Science: Micro Machines Man here to tell you about the genuine original marvelous majestic Micro Machines Street Zapper colossal collection.
 Not Sam: L.A.'s best taquito van
 duckfarts: it was a good year
 beardyman: still parks like a jerk
 elahabdh: I kinda like it
 Warezlock: Want
 rustedpeace: Pug-life
 clabauter: volkswagen has cheated again, I bet this is shorter than it should have been
 Mr. Shine: @Late To The Party This has "midget prom" written all over it!
 elmstreet: I don't know if I'd fit in this thing, but I really wanna drive it to a formal event.
Image 62478   11-03-15   Uploaded by    twenty4
Image 62477 is unbelievably bad (score -8) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Shay. Your image was bad, Shay.
Image 62476 is unbelievably bad (score -5) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Prumbo. We'll pray for you, Prumbo.
 alborland: Dumb but funny
 carpwoman: I love cats!
 hajjpodge: Cats do things like this. Huh. Neat
Image 62475   11-03-15   Uploaded by    Morpen Lungus
 macrocosm: Best specimen of a Longus Carrots Urbanus I've ever seen!
 TotalWar: Pedobear's favourite place to park his pick-up truck.
 bizijosh: For anyone who doesn't know: these things are actually garbage shoots for roofers.
 Frank herbert: emergency exit
 athiest: Needs viagra
 fisto: ummmm
 Soy Peso: Anything's a parking spot if you're insured enough
 hajjpodge: Disney Land must really be trying to save money.
 cenecia: This waterslide sucks.
 arglebargle: Dare you to slide down that.
Image 62474   11-03-15   Uploaded by    chemical
 Wolfechu: No subtext to this slashfic, no sir.
 dangdang: @duckfarts all those... moments... will be lost, like the unaired episodes from the original series
 duckfarts: @HermwoodLitmajor: I've seen horses wheeze glitter in the dark near the Willshatner gate
 m o l e m a n: Please keep your O-face in the bedroom, Captain
 McMuff: uhh
 Galacta: This gas is quite stellar.
 Chronic Fatigue: Stellar Gas is a euphemism for Fart on the Enterprise. "Chekov has been ordering Russian food from the Replicator and now the bridge is full of Stellar Gas."
 Nothing: No spoilers, please. I haven't finished the first one yet
 Mexico: Shatner yearned for his long-haired Vulcan prince to return to him.
 San DoDo: Well, it was taco night..
 HermwoodLitmajor: I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Vulcans riding unicorns off this side of Orion.
Image 62473   11-03-15   Uploaded by    Ktoboe
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