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272300  charmander: "He said penis hehe"

272282  ignatz: @Air Biscuit Apparently they usually film in SteadyCam and add the shake in post..

272298  Father Goose: Old cats are best cats. Give her lots of love OP!

272297  Weedheart: Happy Birthday!

272155  Mr Bleak: I've looked closely over many years, and I'm still yet to find the coin slot.

272157  Mr Bleak: Harry Potter reboot looking ... interesting.

272159  Mr Bleak: Mistakes were made, judge. Lessons will be learned.

272161  Mr Bleak: @savvoy Bare Thundersword is my porn star name.

272162  Mr Bleak: Normally, I'm against dressing cats up. But ... I can see Fur face in one of those ... it would pay him back for the half a dead bird in my shoe.

272169  Mr Bleak: @Air Biscuit That's less than a good cup of coffee at Starfucks.

272296  camellia: "The Drop Dog is a dangerous predator."

272296  boomboomboom: I have no idea what I'm doing.

272174  tib gubb: self loathing aside - it's worth as much as respect between friends

272180  tib gubb: what do you mean, move? i'm pretty sure that i'm allowed to be here.

272295  kswat: Gooby pls

272245  tib gubb: the dark side beckons

272268  tib gubb: ooh, ooh... i'll make popcorn

272201  georgerino: Indeed @Teechur...

272159  tib gubb: @SuedeOxford I work with lawyers- most of them are middle class and overworked

272201  Teechur: @Mr Bleak I like #buttduohorn

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8. addend
9. Mad Collager
10. a robot

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272155 Mr Bleak: I've looked closely over many years, and I'm still yet to find the coin slot.

272205 Terrh: Classy...

272159 Mr Bleak: Mistakes were made, judge. Lessons will be learned.

272089 Mad Collager: @fanny I can give you my mother's Neverfail Pie Crust recipe if you like. It's super easy, rolls out beautifully and very light and flaky when baked. For the filling, I use the sourest apples I can find for maximum flavor and about a cup of cinnamon sugar and half a stick of butter broken into little pieces and put among the apple slices. Let me know!

271834 Mr Bleak: @Uncle Phil For good reason: people will drink them. Sad but true.


271958 revtom: As if we wouldn't use those Atlas droids to fight. See that 'atlas parkour' video on youtube? We'll be remotely piloting those things in the next war.

272086 tib gubb: yikes

272195 Air Biscuit: @Knice also happy birthday.

272189 Warrax: This goddamned shit is motherfucking KEEN I tell you.

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ChubbyBuddy uploaded 272026 (892 points)
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 5. E. HONDA: 2928 points
 6. celtic: 2389 points
 7. youshall: 2214 points
 8. grizzly: 1992 points
 9. JollyWell: 1942 points
10. Albo Grungus: 1886 points
11. Cyka: 1715 points
12. Surprising: 1659 points
13. brutal: 1574 points
14. Jennysaurus: 1461 points
15. dad: 1445 points
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 Meatato: The only person who was smart enough to use a fake name and a prepaid card, ladies and gentlemen.
 androbot: Likes: Subway, Gary Glitter, Ted Nugent, boys choirs, "mentoring"
 ch: January Jones is not a prune. Respect the husk's hustle
 Frank herbert: old as fuck. He be getting all sorts of prunes.
 duckfarts: this bishop likes a good flogging
 duckfarts: Jorne Mario Bergiglio
 blargruck: Gettin turnt on that papal drank
 Punt Numbles: Eat this. It is my body.
 blargruck: Ashley Madison: life is short. go to the fair
 dobbiesdoogs: gotta have that pope
Image 52893   09-08-15   Uploaded by    Username
 Bump Plumbus: Classic
 Frank herbert: nananananana - mercury
 Korrok: Dear Pluto, Really? You? -Jupiter
 a robot: Dear Pluto, stop being such a whiny bitch. Love, Ceres
 dobbiesdoogs: come to the kuiper belt in the next 9 1/2 years if u want an ass kicking
Image 52892   09-08-15   Uploaded by    sunset blues
 ann: Best cooking show.
 xbex: I came
 Albo Grungus: damn son even the cabinets have spikes...
 Korrok: Nice Bat'leth.
 Annoying Vegan : *swoons*
 dark.elf.raya: Mom says I have to use it or I don't get to keep it all...
 Chronic Fatigue: Satan's spawn prefers to eat organic
 dangdang: Vegan... Black... Metal... Chef! *furious guitar riffs*
 eumoria: @duckfarts It slices, it dices, it purees, it's a bottle opener, a corkscrew, it will julianne your potatoes, cut through a tin can and still slice that pepper like butter!
 dobbiesdoogs: klingon in satan's service
 duckfarts: that knife seems difficult to use
 blargruck: Tonight on Black Metal Kitchen we make stuffed peppers!
 H.Dresden: What a keeper
Image 52891   09-08-15   Uploaded by    mark64
 Big Baby: thats what your son will look like, elton
 H.Dresden: @Science *gasp* I have indulged in heresy forgive me!
 Jack Daniels: now kiss
 Mumbles: That's Sir Reggie Dwight, ponce.
 Science: @H.Dresden: That's Sir Elton John, peasant.
 H.Dresden: Fuck you Elton John don't need your sass
Image 52890   09-08-15   Uploaded by    fisto
 Korrok: @BlanksBeautiful Who the fuck is Ashley?
 Sauce Packets: "Friend," I love it!!
 mission2mars: Mighty Friend = Superhero
 lizzz: I love "Family Guy"
 BlankIsBeautiful: you bastards i want ashley to marry that guy... whoever... or maybe girl.. i don't even know.
Image 52889   09-08-15   Uploaded by    truck stop
 cakefizzle: Dated the one on the left in the 60s,wow
 White Male: lol nigqa said head guns
 Frank herbert: They have dildos on their heads
 Korrok: I hope the first ETs we meet are like these. With figures like that, you can wear any kind of silly hat you like.
 AverageJoe: release the Kraken
 duckfarts: ugh HERE COME THE FEMINISTS geez
 pewdiepie: Leopard wimmin, amirite??
 Big Beagler: on an unrelated note this windowpane acid is like fuck me strong
 dobbiesdoogs: space smith then starting beating it like crazy
Image 52888   09-08-15   Uploaded by    omgpro
 curiousir: he has a dog dick on his leg.
 A duck: Carl's Friday night was full of... *interesting* new experiences.
 Chronic Fatigue: Ugh, who invited him?
 duckfarts: ruff ridin
 wolfskin: Dutch oven pro version
Image 52887   09-08-15   Uploaded by    down10
 celebgate: holy jesus, this looks almost identical to a friend at my college
 WaffleIron: He's Not the Star Wars kid we deserved, but he was the Star Wars kid we needed.
 nclaw: Global in his scope
 Korrok: "Jabba, you're a wonderful human being."
 drhilljack: Star Wars Kid all grown up.
 H.Dresden: I AM the night
 ironmaiden: put your helmet on Tommy its time for the short bus
 violentwrath: web 2.0
Image 52886   09-08-15   Uploaded by    cran vodka
Image 52885 is unbelievably bad (score -1) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Morowyn. We'll pray for you, Morowyn.
 whipwing: haha worst fucking report ever, does nobody check their kids work these days???
 MikeWhiskey: This kid is pretty obviously not black, and probably not American either.
 Korrok: Points for creativity.
 duckfarts: @Mr. Butt: Otto was the first black amirican
 Mr. Butt: His favorite subject was love. Born in a snow storm. I'm pretty sure this is about the snowman from Frozen.
 waynelord: I don't think you're telling that joke right.
 Jesus: Jesus was the first god to die in rea life. He was born in a sandcastle surrounded by sheep. He taught people how to make furniture
Image 52884   09-08-15   Uploaded by    RimLickinGood
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