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257863  ignatz: .. also 3 and 4 are in the wrong order

257854  Bohab: Lovely little leveretts

257858  ignatz: The floor IS lava

257825  Warrax: This leaves open so many other wonderful possibilities.

257797  Clim Tinties: good life hack

257859  ignatz: Too high then too low

257818  Spazstatic: Smiling Dog Crew is a bunch of people who are typically really good pilots but rarely take mercy. I typically try to avoid them just in case they are in a bad mood.

257855  sparename: This would look even worse with ketchup. Or mayo...

257863  Prefuse: 2nd from left is perfect

257863  ignatz: ... Cappuccino?

257855  Solemn: -PRRRT-

257855  ignatz: You gotta be shittin' me..

257844  Not A Bot: For puzzles everybody knows you start with the fucking corner pieces.

257770  p nut: Dying @Mr. Shine...

257850  Peter Pantsless: Vehicular manslaughter WITH STYLE!

257844  Sadbot: I'll take anything on the PS2 over the weird jumpy textures of the first PS

257809  Greifer: and now to something completely different

257850  Solemn: Life at Andy's house wasn't the same after Mrs. Nesbitt discovered clubbing.

257806  Mr. Whiskers: @Spazstatic Ah right...I mixed up the triangley buildings

257844  Yam: Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 1 and 2 are on my shelf, but they dont work well with emulators and my PS2s AV out jack is broken

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257626 smusher: We all do the dew down here. You'll do the dew too.

257787 some guy : This image is upside-down.

257772 ThoughtlessGentleman: @charlemagne great name considering tue subject but i have spoken. if theyre not inbred now they will be just you wait.

257595 Robespierre: @dangerkeith3000 It's got a good beat and I can dance to it. I'll give it an 8.

257622 UltraBeverly: @dangerkeith3000 New Coke is PEOPLE! It's PEOPLE!

257634 barfolomew: "Name us after friends and we will swallow their souls!"

257724 addend: Is this Kansas City, Kansas, or Kansas City, Missouri? Asking for a friend.

257824 WannaBee: Chicks with blocks and clocks come.

257558 Robespierre: Shit seen

257686 tib gubb: heck yes

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 Korrok: It's what John would have wanted.
 Chile Quornwrap: Pic of the year
 beckybecky: "I knooooooooow."
 time is wastin: What's wrong?
 WTF: RIP Mr. Bill
 Bitcoin Burglar: OH YEAH!!! *smash*
 vape station: @obongo Are you okay?
Image 52785   09-08-15   Uploaded by    Pokemon
 agor gatro: wtfffff
 Exsanguinary: Why no, Mrs. Johnson, I don't see anything wrong with little Billy playing with my squirty pipe... oh, oh...OH! Yeah, no, now I get why this was a horrible idea. Totally my bad, because it looks like a penis, right?
 elahabdh: design committee needs more meetings
 Morowyn: Urine trouble now, kids
 arglebargle: People wondering where golden shower fetishes come from.
 Chronic Fatigue: With that many kids in the pool, it really is urine coming out of there.
 Frank herbert: The trunk has wood too
 virtualman: Anything's a dildo if you're sociopathic enough
 alex: Haw haw looks like a dong
 eyg: dickhouse.
Image 52784   09-08-15   Uploaded by   Anonymous
 ironmaiden: @Garb Grungo - you be doin somthing unusual. You must be som sorta terrist!
 whorrible: Yall trippin
 Dorb: Heh. One was a grill from the rubbish dump, the other I found on the roadside a few months iater. I won't be cooking on them - I am thinking of making them into CPU heatsinks.
 tib gubb: clean both sides and half your grill is gone. brilliant.
 WaffleIron: PTFE--;
 KL1NGON: The next fire will give it all the cleaning it will ever need.
 cassette1: Who's going to clean the sand?
 mcnugglesworth: Yes, sand-blast the grill and remove the coating while you're at it
Image 52783   09-08-15   Uploaded by    Lemonator
 Wort Mumpus: Just showed this to a toddler-inflicted work coleague. She said she had caught hers doing this with a powerboard this morning!
 Chest Rockwell: Pro tip: Don't have kids.
 Frank herbert: yay for taking pictures of kids frying!!!
 Fursona: @AverageJoe I'll take the easy ones...
 AverageJoe: @Knice ba dum tss
 elahabdh: That kid should be grounded.
 mcnugglesworth: Not to mention said toddler is wearing something that looks to be quite conducive to static electricity
 mcnugglesworth: In this example, we see a toddler who is about to be dead of electrocution because bad parenting, so yeah, I'd say a silent toddler would be suspicious in this case
Image 52782   09-08-15   Uploaded by    julia
 Morn Bumbies: Eat me.
 KL1NGON: It's not true in any case, vegetarian's meat is seriously lacking the rich flavor of omnivores.
 rubix1924: Weak.
 mcnugglesworth: Yes indeed. Who cares
Image 52781   09-08-15   Uploaded by    who cares
 Beef Supreme: no muff too tough. we dive at five.
 Frank herbert: Scottish? ? so Un shaven mcmuff?
 iwash: Can't believe MC Muff sold out to Big Egg
 Erroneous B.I.G.: I'll skip the egg, thanks.
Image 52780   09-08-15   Uploaded by    Drump Porbs
 realjon: @eyg that's a 50 dkp minus!!!!1!one!
 obongo: like and share if u agree!@!!
 eyg: And that was how Uncle Sylvio saved Jim's raid from a wipe.
Image 52779   09-08-15   Uploaded by    XLY
Image 52778 is unbelievably bad (score 0) and has been hidden.

No wonder you didn't want to give us your name, Anonymous.
 Social Vegan: isnt that a marvin gaye song?
 Morgan: ummmmmmmm
 VoR: Is there any other type of breathing?
 mcnugglesworth: I like butts
 Social Vegan: Yes, Big Data, yesssssss.
Image 52777   09-08-15   Uploaded by    McBomalds
 jackthesmack: HAHAHAHA Should just say "black" amirite??
 Frank herbert: I went to a strip club and they polished my gun.
 courtney: @arglebargle this is all of 6th street, I started going to Pflugerville =/ Black Dog and Grahams were ok.
 Lobster666: finally, something good
 edgarallendoh: @mcnugglesworth them a lot more often than I, mysteriously, as I am white
 effzeeceekay: @mcnugglesworth I quit going to bars because my friends (and I) couldnt get in regular ass bars and shitty clubs because of this baggy clothes shit
 aeroaero: @mcnugglesworth oh, i forgot, its guns so the whole comments derail away from the racism
 ITS TAPE: @chickwdick, Word to the 'wealth, yo.
 originaluser: @mcnugglesworth @WTF in the Commonwealth of Virginia where I live you can open carry into a bar AND drink. Sic semper tyrannis! (You can't drink while carrying concealed though.)
 arglebargle: @jon do lol what bars in Austin do you go to?
 Social Vegan: Gang bang yourself, Bill.
 Annoying Vegan : Bill hated the eighties.
 mcnugglesworth: @WTF I hadn't known that. I was born in TN but hardly lived there. All bars or restaurants who derive 51% of their profits from the sale and consumption of alcohol, prohibit guns on the premises, for good reason.
 WTF: @mcnugglesworth-In TN it's legal. The bar or restaurant has to opt-out by posting a sign at the entrance prohibiting guns.
 WTF: Yes, because the bubba with the Nascar tee-shirt whose 4 year old blows away his mom after finding a loaded, unlocked handgun in the fridge's vegetable crisper is far more responsible.
 mcnugglesworth: Can't take a gun into a bar in Austin, or any bar for that matter
 bbbrandon: This is what businesses in the south are like, try going to a bar in austin
Image 52776   09-08-15   Uploaded by    tacticaljay
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