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249463  charlemagne: not too strong, or they will destroy and eat you to gain what is left of your courage

249456  ignatz: Wot evs

249460  tib gubb: still think the earth is round?

249460  dangerkeith3000: heeeeerreguuuuuuud!

249460  Yurishiro: Seems legit

249455  Amy Housewine: I was dragging behind in my reading, but I've tried to ketchup.

249442  antipatterns: Also Zizek needs to pull through so he can analyze these

249437  VoR: Three legged business man needs his coffee to take away!

249459  Yurishiro: What's up my knitta?!

249442  Bohab: Bojack is my spirit animal

249458  Yurishiro: Everything is a cactus if you're brave enough.

249442  antipatterns: 2 sad cartoon bois (don't be like these guys)

249444  Yurishiro: Touch down

249445  Yurishiro: Starvation of north korea.

249449  Yurishiro: Spray that shit

249365  Jabberwikket: @RiderFan, but its a Mann doing it....

249451  Amy Housewine: That's cheating, you can't catch the ball in your shorts.

249451  Yurishiro: Soccer balls

249455  Yurishiro: That's a huge paper cut

249451  tib gubb: wow, he didn't even buy the guy dinner first

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249175 Otterman: @WTF (In Hans Moleman voice) Give me the biggest ice cream cone you have. No, that's too big.

249187 Passive: Mrs. Jones, are you trying to seduce me?

249324 Micro Jackson: 6 days old, and already four feet!

249182 tib gubb: it's in your butt boi

249275 PenguinBartender: Undo the bottom button, damnit.

249173 jazzjunkie: She can't stop eating cats?

249189 lebron: wow @jochenau!!!

249351 Knice: Paging @carpwoman!

249333 Jaunty Shrimp: You can take your hand out of my cold, dead gun.

249319 Felicity: Christina Superstar?

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 OMG: $1,499* *Does not include lawyer's fees
 duckfarts: basically, you take the fireworks and throw them in the fireplace and get out of the exploding house your ex-spouse was awarded
 HermwoodLitmajor: Colontopia is just a box of vacuum-packed bean burritos.
 tib gubb: That's what America is all about.
 ironcity: Aw hell naw
 a robot: Celebrate the independence of your country by blowing up a small part of it!
 Punt Numbles: I hear Untamed Retribution and Pyrotechnic Motherlode are opening for Megadeth in October.
 garbagedick: Lol, this one got me
Image 51954   09-03-15   Uploaded by    Ggrayson
 shadebane: ALL of these Van Camp's ads were evil
 Crurbo Grunumple: Why does this kid remind me of Li'l Gideon....
 TrumpyTrump: Or a round-the-way girl.
 JumboDS64: or his brother
 JumboDS64: is this alfred e neumans son
 dad: and if you find a tender toni that is right for you, make it official, give her your love
 confession: Remember, kids! Send in 5 cents, 5 box tops, and a self addressed stamped envelope to get your free safety helmet!
 carpwoman: This is seriously creepy.
 Exsanguinary: they never found the bodies...
 berlin: "yeah bitch you ready for me to eat that beautiful people like tenderoni?"
 MassDefect: That's the oldest child I've ever seen.
 Musician: Little Newt was young, hungry and needed the money for his first divorce.
 Bad Dad: Eyy, fuckface, I got your Tenderoni right here.
 a robot: Jesus fucking christ
 Bobby Brown: Not when I'm done with him.
Image 51953   09-03-15   Uploaded by    Science
 kate2point0: So is that house in its mom's basement rn?
 metallica: multi-level gross
 carpwoman: When I was a kid we just made forts. Good times.
 Annoying Vegan : The dog helped with the buttered potato.
 Warezlock: Winter + boredom + industrial amounts of food coloring = ?
 Chronic Fatigue: The cobbler is still frozen
 skillet: Swanson's Hungry Lawn Dinner.
Image 51952   09-03-15   Uploaded by    trstme
 original og: okay i'm done. put me back in the water
 scrazzy: Best face swap yet.
 violentwrath: @mcnugglesworth She's living in L.A. with my best old ex-friend ray...
 mcnugglesworth: Don't think ray best friend selfies are going to catch on TBH
 a robot: "I'm making this face because I can't fucking breathe!"
 Chronic Fatigue: Stick moon face under water and try the pic again
 Science: Poor Ray
Image 51951   09-03-15   Uploaded by    cran vodka
 bark: congrats on your bad post
 a robot: *David Attenborough voice* "Ah yes, a herd of useless assholes! We must approach them quietly so as not to spook them"
Image 51950   09-03-15   Uploaded by   Anonymous
 Skinr: is that DaThings1?
 Thurbo Albuble: That's swag in Switzerland!
 Micro Jackson: Get away from my car
 9inchfails: Super Oklahoma Man is a Canadian superhero transplanted from the USA.
 Zapp: What makes a man turn neutral?
Image 51949   09-03-15   Uploaded by    who cares
 ann: with tounge even.
 Micro Jackson: True wuv
 Exsanguinary: that's not how you drink from the bottle
 a robot: Living the dream
 H.Dresden: His was the better choice
Image 51948   09-03-15   Uploaded by    Mumbo Dingus
 JumboDS64: windows 10 is a very "modern" (read: plain and lazy) house where the owner sometimes comes and changes parts of the house without your consent
 Skinr: @cromerstu: yeah, because accidentally torching your master boot record while trying to install Critical Path is 'simple'
 Frank herbert: The 98 house is cozy.
 Mike Michael: you can make 8 not be tablet-retarded within 30 seconds, i never see that shit. people are dumb.
 cromerstu: I liked 3.1. It was a much simpler time.
 logono: Uh. Well, I think WinME's picture should be a tar-paper shack with boarded-up windows
 hanky: @Thisguy A giant billboard that pops out of the lawn of the 7 and 8 houses once a day and blares at you about trading your functional home for an uninspected one.
 cran vodka: Windows 10 is between 9 and 11, so a picture of 9/11
 urgh: The lack of a blank picture for ME is a travesty
 Thisguy: What is windows 10 then
 copunter: never thought I'd want to be homeless
Image 51947   09-03-15   Uploaded by   Anonymous
 Advice Person: @Pizza No, they're for providing buffs to nearby allies.
 Pizza: Auras are real, man. But they're for reading, not for punching.
Image 51946   09-03-15   Uploaded by    nyanyanyan
 l0dan: That is the most absorbent dude ever.
 flying sheep: Hey, when you're real big you'll buy anything that comes in your size.
 duckfarts: pretty big, so actually 5 kids
 jayjay: whats the number for the denim abuse hotline
 Musician: I'm not overweight; I'm a tough guy, who's always chilly in the lower torso.
 Pizza: There's Badass Longcoat and then there's......this.
 Warezlock: Meh....needs more denim (lol...matrix references)
 clueful: Hello other grown-up! I'm certainly not two children in a long coat.
 Erroneous B.I.G.: There's a glitch in the Denim.
 Chronic Fatigue: Is he gonna choose the red or blue?
Image 51945   09-03-15   Uploaded by    Relp
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