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234015  a robot: Is your girlfriend a HACKER?

234024  marxist: Wow, Leeloo did not age well

234024  gggina: Edna Mode

233383  Mr Bleak: It's a safety feature! Think about it: he *is* going to drive really, really carefully and as well as he can...

234014  addend: "And we grew up just fine. ...Checkmate!"

233387  Mr Bleak: Beer: making people do stupid things since 4000BC. And then posting it online.

234009  addend: Jump down to #234007 next. Trust me.

234010  addend: Did they scramble "YOLO" or do a mediocre "OHIO"?

234011  addend: *3.

233405  Mr Bleak: @Mr Bleak For "Oygmy Owl" read "Pygmy Owl" - finger trouble.

234010  wolfpk: @Sadbot It's actually England; they are trying to confuse you.

233912  addend: (Wins election through write-in votes.)

233915  addend: "WTF am I doing /here/? This isn't a construction site."

234010  Sadbot: I'm unclear on the deceased's nationality. Australian? South African? I'm just not seeing any clues here...

233946  addend: "Okay now, nobody smile for the photo..."

234010  jochenau: OYO?

233953  addend: Freeze or use by age 40 :(

233874  thrilhouse: my sides hurt @bug

233990  Dresdenkeogh: Accidentally badded. You know what you doot

234003  Dresdenkeogh: I shall name him " vase or two faces in profile?"

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233978 Felicity: Juan Sanchez Villalobos Ramirez, chief metallurgist to King Charles V of Spain

233924 raditzu: good she has a blanket, otherwise might just catch a cold.

233941 Dr Awkward: I'm mostly bothered by the oscillation between present and past tense.

233910 Teechur: I went camping with friends in Spain. They didn't let me know what they were cooking for dinner. They served me a pig's snout on bread. A little chewy, but delicious!

233819 Felicity: @Beef Supreme To paraphrase an old quote, Aspergers is Gods way of insuring that the truly gifted arent burdened with children

233867 glenalec: 14 hours With Out Oxygen.

233823 Beef Supreme: @dangerkeith3000 that's when you swing a leg over the back of a chair when sitting down. The sculpture is clearly airing out his wedding tackle on a warm day.

233783 hajjpodge: This is too much for me.

233901 Jabberwikket: @fanny, Dancing with Himself (Myself)

233781 Science: Somebody stop me! Please.

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 halitosis: @Musician +1 even
 halitosis: @Musican +1
 arglebargle: @deadwombat It was from his wild younger days.
 Punt Numbles: He is actually chronically constipated and she is trying to blow down his esophagus to increase pressure.
 pawsies: @arglebargle Is that by Elgar?
 Musician: The fact that this happened is not as disturbing as the fact that someone else was there. and they took a picture.
 arglebargle: Prelude to a blumpkin?
Image 49604   08-19-15   Uploaded by    Erroneous B.I.G.
 Robespierre: Ram-blin' Rooooooooose...
 Albo Grungus: Here is why sports reporters should keep their interviews light-weight
 a spider plan: Sportball!!
 duckfarts: same
Image 49603   08-19-15   Uploaded by    Pizza
 Rat-Butt: All humans will be dead...this I swear!
 fishing: looks like a god dang gremlin
 Erroneous B.I.G.: AYY LMEOW
 texsoroban: Br'er fox first trap was the Tar kitty...didn't work so well.
 dark.elf.raya: Don't get them wet! Or feed them after midnight!
 A duck: One day, human. One fucking day...
 smarkles: Now you're going to tell me that you fed it after midnight, too.
 wootman: African Gollum was not happy.
 Annoying Vegan : Exxon Valdez was awful
 Ulillillia: I love wet puss y
Image 49602   08-19-15   Uploaded by    kendra
 Frank herbert: anythings a dil....fuck it.
 VoR: apparently he has bad pallet in these situations
 duckfarts: DAMMIT DREW i just got to the apples store
 Urn BooUrn: Drew is mad friendly spaceship took his banner ads.
 arglebargle: I love drewtoothpaste.
 Jesus: i get it
Image 49601   08-19-15   Uploaded by    ass kicking
 Robespierre: I'd like a side of lingonberries with that 3-way, please.
 shark: musta been like 50 dudes hanging around that morning, all trying not to make eye contact
 Vladimir Puta: I felt like advertising it too...... but i didn't
 dobbiesdoogs: @duckfarts jesus christ, man, there's just some things you don't talk about in public
 duckfarts: so did they come?
 smarkles: Where's @Late to the party?
 dobbiesdoogs: you're too late, son
Image 49600   08-19-15   Uploaded by    Erroneous B.I.G.
 Minx: Do it Batman, HIT ME!
 Robespierre: I like my Ronald scrambled.
 ann: wait, I saw this on salty bet, the truck lost.
 duckfarts: Round 1: FIGHT
 hot hot dog: Taco Bell has that effect on me, Maccas the opposite.
 dobbiesdoogs: lol, internet
Image 49599   08-19-15   Uploaded by    momumu
 Korrok: These things were fun and, let's face it, easier to shotgun.
 Red: No, that is not how you fuck.
 duckfarts: at least it's a capri-sun this time
 a robot: "I can't figure out how to operate a product intended for children! Better post about it online!"
 Largehand: He who can pull the straw from the stone shall be KING of all Diabetics.
Image 49598   08-19-15   Uploaded by    ddaadd
 duckfarts: do you have one with a dvorak layout?
 a robot: @Musician It was the best of times, it was the....BLURST of times?!
 Musician: If you walk far enough you'll type Hamlet
 dobbiesdoogs: i'd like to alt+f4 these
Image 49597   08-19-15   Uploaded by    seahawks
 Robespierre: All in all ...
 Korrok: Is it supposed to be The Wall? Is it supposed to be Wish You Were Here? MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND! Only then will Korrok approve.
 duckfarts: i think this is actually supposed to be a pokeball
 psyops: ll in all your just a another brick in Dewalt.
 boxboxbox: Dad Floyd
Image 49596   08-18-15   Uploaded by    momumu
 Rent A Dog: I should put this on all my money... though you have to wonder about the people who actually pay for things with it... since they're marked machines won't take them so that should make for very awkward moments with cashiers
 Mike Michael: Birthday cards from Grandma always had cash in them
 Korrok: @dandang Korrok approves of THE abyss.
 duckfarts: thanks, dad
 smarkles: @dangdang Oh, crap, THE abyss. I thought it was one of those little runaround abysses that are always lying about. Now I feel underdressed.
 dangdang: you know, THAT abyss
 dangdang: @smarkles That's, well, THE abyss. The infinite darkness that creeps into the edges of perception, the glimpse of which causes in our hearts a vast and incomprehensible terror
 smarkles: What the hell is that abyss below the dollaroo? It's like they didn't crop, yet they did. It's the anti-crop.
 E. HONDA: whoa, I could afford like 2 bj's right now
 cran vodka: Oh dear Cod, what street corner can i get this deal?
 dobbiesdoogs: i believe him. he cannot tell a lie
Image 49595   08-18-15   Uploaded by    Username
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