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269166  bug: I wish to play with the large friendly dog.

269168  fanny: we took in a stray kitten last week :) pic to follow pending nancy's approval

269171  fanny: this live nativity is weird

269102  savvoy: I steal its breath while it sleeps

269174  fanny: I've been eating celery wrong :(

269174  bug: Where's the ring?

269178  Nope: She wishes the tops of her boobs were brains?

269111  Joseph: Try a bigger axe.

269177  Teechur: I wish these were brains

269178  Side Boob: Me too.

269160  Teechur: @Incubi I'll get old before I grow up.

269166  Teechur: I would like to have a capybara. But if I had one, I would have to get a goat. Because I would also like to have a goat.

269152  savvoy: When leg day is the most important day

269168  Teechur: @thecraftywolf @Shay The thumbprint on the lens

269185  Rembo Rompus: Made, poor thing looks hungry

269176  illBilliam: *Goes back to complain that they got my name wrong*

269152  illBilliam: Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all

269158  Shay: When he grows up, he'll be old.

269161  Shay: Rad for Blackadder.

269168  Shay: @thecraftywolf The woman or the cat?

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5. Not A Bot
6. VeeKay
7. MrBoffo
8. Teechur
9. Mr Bleak
10. Air Biscuit

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269081 MrBoffo: @dangerkeith3000 And add 30% to your cost for auto insurance!

268972 Side Boob: While you were working a shitty job to support your family, I studied the blade.

269116 thecraftywolf: @Annoying Vegan what about wasps and hornets?

268830 ThoughtlessGentleman: @Teechur the dog looks great like you could hang out and get into whacky adventures.

269011 Science: "I am Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, your senior drill instructor. From now on you will speak only when spoken to, and the first and last words out of your filthy sewers will be 'Sir.' Do you maggots understand that?"

268897 Teechur: A breaky fortune hoot.

268903 Felicity: @dangerkeith3000 It won't live up to all the buzz?

268954 Felicity: The Hidden 3

268926 In The Pocket: Voted rad for this @jochenau...

269111 Joseph: Try a bigger axe.

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 Staida: We get it, you vape
 Side Boob: @Luft Cremombies I never said it wasn't necessary, now did I?
 Theimposter: A police force is necessary, a lack of regulation is not.
 Science: @Flemp Cremuble: While blame does fall on the police, the larger issue is the state that allows it.
 Spazstatic: You guys are talking about the police, but it's actually Batman who's on trial.
 Side Boob: @Flaft Flumoble Good thing I only want accountability and oversight. And I want our police to be rigorously held to the same laws as us.
 Vinochet: Is that the new Swingline ZX71 Tactical Paper Attachment Unit?
 Teechur: @Peng Drumungo I imagine that if we lived in a place where there were no police, a different, and possibly more deadly adversary would arise, and you can be sure there would be even fewer repercussions for killing anyone.
 Magdra: 'they took my stapler'
 Side Boob: @Peple Grunomple Good for the Scouts! I still can't support armed agents of The State who have proven time and again that they can kill us and face literally no repercussions.
 Magdra: 'they took my stapler'
 Teechur: @Juple Flumbies Say what you will, but our Scout Troop just assisted a local police and fire department with coordinated active-shooter training in a high school. I give these departments a great deal of credit for working together to be proactive in regards to this type of threat.
 Side Boob: Fuck da po-lice!
Image 262377   08-14-18   Uploaded by    gggina
 Side Boob: @Florbo Horpumple This isn't the site for 3rd string characters from Oliver Twist? Damn! I'll show myself out.
 Mr. Whiskers: I dont like it because my legal name is Thorbin Grunumple so its a bit close to home
 ChubbyBuddy: why is everyone on this site suddenly named like 3rd string characters from oliver twist
 Side Boob: @Vurm Plombies…
 Mr. Whiskers: Wow we're still not us again
Image 262376   08-14-18   Uploaded by    vape station
 Winterneuro: Uploading smartHouse virus in 5.... 4.... 3....
 Spazstatic: The device draws what amps it needs, it's not forced. Should be fine unless that charging block puts out more than 5 volts. As far as destroying it, a hammer or a fire should work.
 Air Biscuit: Now ive got 16gb of power for later!
 wolfpk: Would this make the info on the flash drive unrecoverable? Um.... I am asking for a freind.
 Mr. Whiskers: @Veng Rempungus Thats why I use a Rugged Flash Drive
 Teechur: @Rimpo Horpomple I was told that if you don't use your USB drive from time to time, it will lose data because it loses its charge.
 Side Boob: This kills the USB drive.
Image 262375   08-14-18   Uploaded by    ruiner
 addend: Come to temporary traffic sign in 15 minutes if...
 Mr. Whiskers: Only one of those is a legit construction warning
 dobbiesdoogs: instructions unclear, ran while fisting a zombie
Image 262374   08-14-18   Uploaded by    virtualman
 Science: Derp Billed Derpasaur
 Science: Triceraderp
 Science: Derpasaurus Rex
 addend: Brontophauruth.
 Side Boob: ERMAHGERD!
Image 262373   08-14-18   Uploaded by    arctic fox
 Teechur: @Florm Gruble Get in line!
 Side Boob: I want to pet this dog and boop his nose.
Image 262372   08-14-18   Uploaded by    usernamee
 WTF: @Triple Rempongo He's also wearing cut-off Zubaz.
 WannaBee: Are those purses he's carrying?
 Sage: Want to post a screenshot of your phone online? Charge it first!
Image 262371   08-14-18   Uploaded by    house md
 Bohab: @Dang Cremumple same, or if I'm shopping at a store wearing something they sell or have something in my pocket I bought elsewhere that'll do it too
 jochenau: I get nervous if I leave a store without buying anything, it's really stupid.
 WTF: They false alarm so often even employees don't seem to care anymore.
Image 262370   08-14-18   Uploaded by    luxbu
 Christina: He seem comfortable, albeit sad.
Image 262369   08-14-18   Uploaded by    Larp Belb
 Side Boob: Also, is that Nicole Kidman?
 Side Boob: She knows whats up.
Image 262368   08-14-18   Uploaded by    elmstreet
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