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267946  fanny: that girl really likes lasagna cat

267848  Spazstatic: I don't know who this is.

267931  WTF: This is the weirdest High School senior photo I've ever seen.

267858  Spazstatic: @Shay you talking about their gun finger waggle?

267883  wolfpk: The real reaction to #267884

267930  Dr Awkward: This is not what I meant when I said Lets get drunk

267925  Not A Bot: TK421, why aren't you at your post?

267862  Spazstatic: @DrNinjaman frostbite nachos sound cool.

267892  wolfpk: Any "classic gamers" will respect this.

267839  mammal883: @ignatz AND, I don't like the way the stripes on his tie and shirt don't line up...

267895  wolfpk: That's the "down only" ramp.

267925  mammal883: Is this one of those acid tabs that my parents always told me strangers were trying to give kids on playgrounds? That happened about as much as me falling into quicksand.

267869  Spazstatic:

267871  Spazstatic: "but my friends call me Bill."

267906  wolfpk: I can't find the hamster..... oh!!!

267944  Dr Awkward: Hare accessories.

267907  wolfpk: Grandma identified!

267912  wolfpk: As badly as I hate speed trap cameras, this sounds like a good idea!

267941  dobbiesdoogs: it's good!

267930  wolfpk: I'm going to have to give this a Fail! The second and third shelves up do not match.

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267580 VeeKay: Not shown = Young Ettiene, who lives in an asylum.

267648 Christina: By the way, if not for crazy women, some men would never get laid at all.

267839 mammal883: @ignatz AND, I don't like the way the stripes on his tie and shirt don't line up...

267576 VeeKay: Johnny Tightlips.

267773 Shay: Put your hands in the air like you just do care.

267597 BavidDowie: All your bass are belong to him

267564 Bluetocracy: Leonard, put down the flashlight and take off that silly robe, I'm trying to watch tv!

267782 E. HONDA: I demand variety but also six sigma level consistency so let's get carry out from 12 chain restaurants

267620 Python77: Really, we are still trying the DuckFace thing?

267582 antipatterns: It will always smell like this

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15. teletub: 1408 points
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 Bill Rye: wow my day seems a lot better now!
 Warrax: A sudden disaster like this does weird things to the problem solving center of your brain.
 Joseph: Seizing the means of production!
 VeeKay: a bump in the road of life
 tib gubb: I feel for the dude though because knowing his line of work, that's like 4 nights without dinner to make up for the cost.
 tib gubb: "So, how did only 40% of the paint you paid for end up being used on the job?" "Well..."
 apoxia: I feel his pain. A full bucket of dark brown fence stain once popped it's lid and spilled into the footwell of my car. It didn't get on the seats though!
 Knice: PSA: Brace yourself for the next image.
Image 255487   07-03-18   Uploaded by    salmiakki
 WTF: "Got your nose!!! Muwahahahaha!"
 apoxia: I posted this once. It got hidden!
Image 255486   07-03-18   Uploaded by    froggyfresh
 Bill Rye: lol 530, the weed number
 Bill Rye: lol 530, the weed number
 VoR: Time for a shave
 Side Boob: Time for Half Life 3?
 addend: "Oh no! Late for work again."
 dobbiesdoogs: freckle past a hair
 Knice: Still right twice a day, which is better than I can usually accomplish.
Image 255485   07-03-18   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 nathan: Guitarfield
 Jesse P: Play Free Bird!
 Greek Fire: Purrple Haze
 a robot: "Anyway, here's Meownderwall"
Image 255484   07-03-18   Uploaded by    tess
 Beer 30: Is that a Crown Royal bag?
 tib gubb: meown royal
 grizzly: Y'all ever seen The Secret of NIMH?!
 a robot: @Knice It's drugs
 Knice: I feel like this cat is about to tell me the secret meaning of Hotel California.
Image 255483   07-03-18   Uploaded by    lionstrong
 VoR: Pop
 Air Biscuit: @addend @a robot someof them want to rad you. Some of them want to be radded by you.
 Robespierre: You mean they weren't?
 addend: @a robot (+) for not writing "the Eurythmics".
 a robot: I like Eurythmics
 Knice: They both could still get it.
Image 255482   07-03-18   Uploaded by    fisto
 Air Biscuit: ... a bot?
 imaginary gf: Not on my watch.
 WTF: Not minutes past Can't Even
 addend: Fitness tracker functioning well.
 SS Keith: Wayne Campbell's watch
 Amy Housewine: Not The Nine O'Clock (News).
Image 255481   07-03-18   Uploaded by    Laree
 Scoo: More than a little creepy that the note-writer knows *exactly* what size the bolts are
 addend: "Whoever lives next to room C: The screws on our bed are fantastic, so we're not changing a thing ;-) Buy ear plugs. Thanks."
 grizzly: I wish someone around me was having loud sex...
 BoiledEggs: Don't sex shame. Maybe the squeakiness turns them on.
 tib gubb: maybe you can buy a 6mm allen wrench and leave it attached to the note?
 Knice: Yar! Ye be bangin' ta beat the gods, I tells ye!!
Image 255480   07-02-18   Uploaded by    twenty4
 PenguinBartender: Avacadope? Popacado?
 Otterman: Sex with avacado!
 Fullhouse: Holy Guacamole!
Image 255479   07-02-18   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 charlemagne: this is oddly specific to my childhood
 dobbiesdoogs: that's what happens when you don't recycle
 wolfpk: Any one else want to say Pepsi is better!?
 tib gubb: i guess pepsi isn't okay
 Mexico: You think shotgunning my brother's funny now?!
 BavidDowie: Diabeetus.
Image 255478   07-02-18   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
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