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258368  VeeKay: A large stone buddha head as the focal point of the room.

258369  VeeKay: Elephant hawk moth. Can't see any resemblance to either an elephant or a hawk but here we are.

258392  a sedated moose: I find it interesting how quickly one goes from understanding trends and knowing who/what things are to "who the fuck are these people, what are they doing, and why should I care?"

258371  VeeKay: Cho Cat, super hero Vietnamese fish vendor!

258376  VeeKay: Would you like to come to dinner?

258383  VeeKay: Stupid sexy young people with their developed muscles, flexible ligaments and working skeletal structures.

258368  skillet: Throw pillows. Always throw pillows.

258392  Peter Pantsless: @Greifer Is this you?

258386  FabricMan: Minnie was fed to the rancor

258103  UnknownSample: @Jaunty Shrimp funny thing is, he's more of a thigh man. Okay.. not funny per say.. but.. bemusing?

258392  Greifer: He gets it

258369  Greifer: cheesus clean your fingernails already

258385  Not A Bot: a rabbit looks at a mirror, unable to comprehend that it's looking at itself. sad.

258389  Warrax: @Volwen ...yes.

258353  Greifer: prayin... spare me vesuvius!

257429  Mr Bleak: They are both enjoying the view.

257434  Mr Bleak: @sparename Blood does not appear to have worked however. Perhaps if you try someone elses, and in a larger quantity?

258375  Mr. Shine: *tiny hiss*

258376  Mr. Shine: Toasted buns.

257436  Mr Bleak: Meh. I'm used to it now.

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258270 berlin: me too

258337 charlemagne: control, control, you must learn control!

258248 Mr. Shine: @Side Boob Sorry about the sick family, but when you do visit, how about a quick meetup for a handshake and a double selfie for The Friendly Spaceship? I think that would be an AG first?

258378 Mr. Shine: Carpooling.

258178 Robespierre: @copunter Nah, gave that up for Lent 30 years ago and forgot to take it up again.

258106 RiderFan: @Scoo Says you.

258111 Annoying Vegan : This is wasteful.

258129 tib gubb: @Wooden Spoon women thinking things, that's hilarious

258190 antipatterns: The question is not do they reason, but can they suffer?

258177 Robespierre: They hate mooses to pooses

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 mission2mars: what is that supposed to mean @Wooden Spoon
 Wooden Spoon: Something about the eyes is slightly terrifying
Image 253904   06-23-18   Uploaded by    space
Image 253903 is unbelievably bad (score -10) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by NotHuman. Boo, NotHuman.
 Science: It's like Fallout - you sleep for an hour and the limbs you had blasted off by a proximity mine are fully restored. She needs to try again when he's in an area where he can't sleep
 Mad Collager: He first suspected lead poisoning.
 Wooden Spoon: Particularly impressive because that is clearly a large rifle bullet, not just a wimpy hand gun bullet.
 Dr Awkward: Florida Man's greatest superpower is not dying when he really ought to
 VoR: He always was a heavy sleeper
Image 253902   06-23-18   Uploaded by    cybeq
 Robespierre: Mostly madrigals
Image 253901   06-23-18   Uploaded by    NFLitGirl
 Mr Bleak: Let the cat out of the bag ... oh, you did already?
 Jabberwikket: Just the essentials
Image 253900   06-23-18   Uploaded by    dingding
 White Rice: @AlexDeLarge well, that's what the clickbait sites kept trying to "report" for a while (and diamonds, styrofoam cups, and a bunch of other random things)
 AlexDeLarge: @White Rice the millennials killed Applebees? No! Now where will I go to eat microwaved food with too much cheese on it?
 Sadbot: @frenk I could have sworn I made that exact comment ages ago about this same picture
 tib gubb: millennials -- fact or fiction?
 Robespierre: "The Greatest Generation", which spawned my lot, promised us a better life than they had, and maybe 10% of us Boomers had just that - me, mainly because I learned by example that the "foreign service" was not a good career choice. But the gen that my gen in general spawned, the 'Xers, are, and will continue to morph into, a far worse gen than the Boomers ever were. Yes, we haven't been good stewards of the Earth, the economy, or anything else, but I feel sorry for the Millenials and those that follow for the Hell that's going to have to be paid once the 'Xers hit the top step of the podium en masse.
 White Rice: @Side Boob it's less wether the kids will be okay, but will the kids screw up the lot I (boomers) have made for myself in life. I mean, they've already "killed" Applebee's, who knows what they're capable of?
 Mr. Butt: Old Man Yells at Cloud
 Otterman: @Fiveninety It's way better than the Fox "News" mind control
 Dr Awkward: @Fiveninety That.... makes so much sense. [reconsiders everything I know about my father]
 VeeKay: The beardless youth does not foresee what is useful, squandering his money. Horace, 1st Century BC Young people are high-minded because they have not yet been humbled by life, nor have they experienced the force of circumstances. Rhetoric, Aristotle, 4th Century BC
 Fiveninety: @Dr Awkward it's because the Weather Channel emits mind control waves that soothe the brains of those over 60, sometimes 50.. it's actually why your dad has chilled out.. one day he was flipping through the channels and the mind control waves got to him and he stayed there.. over time it made him far more chill, with a side effect of being obsessed with the weather
 Side Boob: Ah, the cries of old people throughout human history: "These kids today!" Protip: The kids will be OK
 Dr Awkward: My dad has really chilled out in his 60s and 70s, and has gotten way more progressive, but goddamn it, STOP TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER. He will talk about any weather. Nice weather, rainy weather, New Jersey weather, Arizona weather. He even mentioned Katrina is his Christmas letter as recently as 2014. No more weather, old man.
 frenk: Photography: The best tablets to take pictures of tourist destinations with and their hangiest, floppin around everywhere cases.
 Fiasco: Also they have really annoying parents!
Image 253899   06-23-18   Uploaded by    hoobleton
No comments yet.
Image 253898   06-23-18   Uploaded by    ITS TAPE
 obama: lolol @Laree
 Christina: @mexican Too much bad attitudes on a single couple.
 Mr. Shine: Turk and JD WERE/ARE married, though.
 mexican: @Christina Why not both?
 Laree: @Christina They're the people that read this #253899
 Christina: Are his parents racist or homophobic?
Image 253897   06-23-18   Uploaded by    pusha p
 Joseph: I'm skipping this joke because I didn't see the movies.
 Dr Awkward: B-B-B-Benny and the Force
Image 253896   06-23-18   Uploaded by    parrotsnest
 Bohab: A good breakup should be as memorable as it is devestating
 BavidDowie: This is the opposite of firing someone on Friday
 Dr Awkward: @WTF I'm afraid there's nothing more I can do. Time of relationship death, 0814 PST.
 Robespierre: It's all in the timing. Sort of like comedy.
 WTF: Paging @Dr Awkward
Image 253895   06-23-18   Uploaded by    Frank herbert
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