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268215  Munkybut: @Alaskan there's a "white" noodle in there. It's racist

267978  ChubbyBuddy: wherein Tangible Harm to Human Beings Increases Quarterly Returns," but that probably wont fit on a onesie.

267978  ChubbyBuddy: the democratic party establishment and to the left of the Sanders wing. I call myself a communist or socialist sometimes because I'm outside of the mercifully expanding overton window and the terminology hasn't caught up. I don't want america to be the soviet union. i want america to be america, the best damn america possible and at some point we have to put our collective foot down and say "NO. No, you don't have an absolute right to make infinite profit from human and environmental exploitation." these are not forces interested in compromise. we must take what we are owed as the workforce that made these swine unimaginable wealthy while the rest of us struggle and die. let's put it this way, i would have preferred "Hippity Hoppity, Abolish Profit Incentives in Certain Industries wherei

267978  ChubbyBuddy: overthrew Moseddegh in iran and installed a theocracy because oil companies could make more money, because Moseddegh wanted to nationalize the petroleum industry, as communist a policy as can be imagined. he wanted his people to share in the prosperity borne of his nation's natural resources. and we killed him for it. I want the american fossil fuel companies to be nationalized so they can be disbanded so the planet doesn't cook. I want nationalizations as a bulwark against monopoly and an increase in efficiency. healthcare is cheaper without a rapacious profit margin. single payer is a good start, and i'll vote for candidates who advocate for it. but i want an UK-style NHS, which was the envy if the world until defunded by tory and blairite centrist admins. That puts me to the left of t

267978  ChubbyBuddy: @Side Boob you sidestepped my question again. answer it. dude this whole thing began with me making an substantive distinction between personal and private property. thats me trying to inform you and the broader AG readership of a common misconception about marxist thought. you respond by going "well AKKKKKKSHUALLLY ive read the books (no you havent) and i think marx is stinky poo poo pants for dumb dumbs." what specific criticism do you have about marx's ideas? "it doesn't work" ok, why? "it's been tried before and didn't work" what were the external and internal factors at play? did an imperial superpower swagger in and depose the government or engage in soft power moves like CIA coups, election rigging, and propaganda campaigns like in Nicaragua, Cuba, Russia, Vietnam, or Honduras? We o

268224  Seven Eight Nine: My favorite is the sun going down! That cracked me up!

268212  Nope: Ross was the worst friend

268213  Nope: ugh, that was some gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood tuna

268195  MrBoffo: Sorry, It's Katie Ann, but it's Skip's policy to leave the hosing to you and your ... uh, "friend."

268210  Zaxxoff: alt-right flanders trolling antifa homer

268210  MrBoffo: I'll take those eyes over easy for my breakfast tomorrow

268211  MrBoffo: Takes a licking and keeps on borkfing.

268189  Not A Bot: No way this is better than the original

268200  KingTrebek: This changed my mind about putting bumper stickers on my car.

268212  MrBoffo: ....annnnnnnnd ... we're back.

268166  White Rice: CO2 extinguishers, while good at cooling things, aren't the cheapest to buy/recharge, and there are multiple quick options to chill whatever it is you need to chill without disturbing everyone within a 150' radius.

268210  Shay: The glory of hand drawn animation vs. digital.

268203  Mad Collager: @Side Boob ...and wood-burning tools and chemistry sets.

268207  Mad Collager: Is this one of those newfangled dream-catchers with the invisible nets?

268170  Eleftheros: @a robot just when I thought this meme had nothing new to offer. Thanks :)

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267946 Felicity: I want to be 15 years old, watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, eating Pac Man cereal, with my hair big and spiky, and wearing that dress

268108 Felicity: The knight and the demon are impressed that the wizard conjured forth a maiden!

267949 WannaBee: It's the Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster! The head of the church has been dubbed the 'ministeroni'. They are legally recognized in New Zealand and can perform weddings.

267978 ChubbyBuddy: wherein Tangible Harm to Human Beings Increases Quarterly Returns," but that probably wont fit on a onesie.

267930 Theimposter: This is the future of retail if active cameoflage is ever issued to the military...

268056 Micro Jackson: Fresh charges

267916 Peter Pantsless: @Felicity that's perfect listening for space truckin' in Elite: Dangerous. I'll bet fellow CMDR @Spazstatic would agree

267988 Bluetocracy: What a RADiant city. All that old iron gives it so much character.

268110 apoxia: This is someone's fetish. Maybe Earnie's.

268039 Spazstatic: I've heard of being "all thumbs" but this is ridiculous!

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 drhilljack: Who is your daddy
 DrinkMixMan: Spoilers!
 raditzu: He was the Iron Man before he was popular.
 dangerkeith3000: I've never seen this movie. Is it any good. I know Conan used to make fun of it all the time 'Jingle all the vay!!!'
 chhumphrey: I gotta tell you, Santa, there's something about this place that doesn't seem quite... Kosher.
 Not A Bot: "Excuse me sir, are you aware that you're a crustacean?"
 bigjim: I couldn't decide between 'get to da choppa' and 'lift with me if you want to come', so I'll go with "If it giggles, it's fat." -Arnold Schwarzenegger.
 Mad Collager: Have you seen Sarah Conner?
 Mr. Butt: TurboRAD
Image 246602   05-09-18   Uploaded by    discodisco
 Warrax: Must be some of that space saving furniture from Japan.
 Joseph: I'm the chair.
 VeeKay: Early surrealism = good. Rad AF.
 Side Boob: Philadelphia Experiment
 barfolomew: I hope this clipping error doesn't interfere with the scripting.
 parrotsnest: You are driving me insane, can you close the drawer?
 Mad Collager: Measure twice, cut twice, glue twice.
Image 246601   05-09-18   Uploaded by    waynelord
 chhumphrey: Well now we know what kinds of shows this user watches
 Mr. Butt: Holy shit, I didn't realize that they'd made another Dragon Heart. That shit was my jam in elementary school.
 bug: IP Man does not approve.
 dragon horn: Nymphomaniac + Sausage Party = Supergirl
 Mad Collager: Yes! Yes! Yes! Let me be frank with you!
Image 246600   05-09-18   Uploaded by    sue
 Amiga 1000: lolol @Micro Jackson
 Micro Jackson: Assume it!
 dangerkeith3000: If you get a job at a Mission, is it a missionary position?
 chhumphrey: Measure twice cut onc
 Side Boob: Must be able to plan ahead
 mammal883: It would have fit if they just hit F7 to run spell-check.
 WTF: At least they didn't spell it 'seasanal'...
 Zarathustra: Seasonal prostitution?
 Chaplin: Heh, what a dumbass, there is no E in sasonal.
Image 246599   05-09-18   Uploaded by    Sauce Packets
 Micro Jackson: America's Least Wanted
 dangerkeith3000: From "The Gang Broke Dee". Man I watch too much IASIP.
 hajjpodge: @Yurishiro Bird watching, I think?
 stunt nuts: I don't get it.
Image 246598   05-09-18   Uploaded by    Cami
 raditzu: Paris by any chance?
 Mr. Shine: @fanny never saw it, just reverse Googled the image and ignored any reddit/Tumblr results.
 fanny: @Mr. Shine is it good? looks interesting...
 barfolomew: @Mr. Shine THANK YOU.
 VeeKay: Might be time to find out about Edith Margaret Garrud.
 Mr. Shine: @barfolomew it's from the set of a Russian film called "Metro."
 Zarathustra: Murdeeeer, all aboard the murden train.
 Greifer: midnight meat train has a new conductor it seems
 Mad Collager: Her composure is amazing. Maybe she really can kick ass.
 barfolomew: @Scoo is she a black belt in karate?
 Scoo: Her name is Yoshimi
 MikeWhiskey: @barfolomew aren't we all?
 Otterman: She seems nice
 barfolomew: Can someone explain what we're looking at? I don't understand and I'm scared.
 daisy picker: Subway sandwich
 sparename: "Riding On The Slugway"
Image 246597   05-09-18   Uploaded by    Peach Toddler
 petepuma: If the on/off switch were A/B buttons that would be off the hook
 WTF: Turn me on for Ice Hockey
 Mumbo Dingus: COOL
Image 246596   05-09-18   Uploaded by    Michael Tripe
 chhumphrey: We're all mad here
 Mad Collager: Nothing in this garage is worth dying for!
 Amy Housewine: He has the ability to disappear, leaving just his smile. But he never smiles.
 buds420: Beware of the dog!.. and the garage is shady af also
Image 246595   05-09-18   Uploaded by    TheFrogMan
 dangerkeith3000: If a condom doesn't work it's user error.
 chhumphrey: I remember an old middle school insult, "what's your birth certificate, an apology letter from Trojan?"
 bromide: for now
 Christina: Should ask for a refund, providing the baby.
Image 246594   05-09-18   Uploaded by    Vladimir Puta
 Not A Bot: I'm pretty sure that wasn't painted by a machine but rather a guy with a pop tart fetish who added sprinkles to hide his shame.
 chhumphrey: Hug it out
 Mad Collager: Hold your horses. Even horses need to be held sometimes.
 lolnotrly: She is extremely attractive. The other one with those red shorts isn't bad either.
 Mr. Shine: Awww
 barfolomew: Your girlfriend is very sympathetic.
Image 246593   05-09-18   Uploaded by    claphands
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