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272781  kshoxx: They're sharing borf heat

272707  Passive: "Not like me, ELMO-1000, advanced prototype. Made of muppettic puppetalloy."

272774  Sadbot: I know a few EMTs who get all pissed at FIght for 15 because they're paid less...and then get even more annoyed with me when I suggest that their wages might be higher if they unionized

272768  Amy Housewine: "Hurrumph!"

272772  Amy Housewine: It protects it with a cunning disguise.

272782  sylveon: *slow clap with tears in eyes*

272782  wootman: Anime was a mistake.

272771  Passive: Here an emperor penguin protects it's baby.

272781  JollyWell: They're sharing borf heat

272351  Mr Bleak: "... and welcome to the 2018 Cat Steeple Chase! And ... they're off! Fluffytakesanearlyleadbutlegselevenisctachingfastontheoutsidewhilefurballispushinguptheinside..."

272360  Mr Bleak: @mammal883 Nah - the one on the right has cold paws. The one one the left has cold ... other bits.

272366  Mr Bleak: Wash cycle complete. PLease move to the rear for the air drier cycle.

272658  DrinkMixMan: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head.

272771  Incubi: Amazbezos

272756  Eleftheros: @Knice I wanna be the guy who has to meticulously re-dust the carving for a rather steep fee

272764  Eleftheros: getting the Johnson & Johnson QC

272681  glowstick: @lecj07 agree

272661  DrinkMixMan: 207 Mosquitos is an interesting band name

272666  Amy Housewine: This one absolutely cracked me up when I first saw it. I laughed disproportionately.

272739  Yam: Dang Koopas!

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272681 glowstick: @lecj07 agree

272639 Sadbot: Throw a hardcover at somebody's head

272448 Eleftheros: As voiced by Ron Perlman

272540 Science: @a sedated moose: Yep. And apparently it's now all factory farming where the civets are horribly mistreated.

272621 lecj07: @Science imagine her as a take on chucky. This is how she lures you in.

272463 copunter: vvv (they're supposedly the red flowers, I guess)

272659 Greifer: Looks like roadkill

272423 Sadpygmy: What at pain in the ass

272425 Nope: @lecj07 thank you for your service

272539 Kaviri: Firepower.

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 glenalec: Just calling to say 'this is fine'
 chhumphrey: Snowmageddon
 Greifer: this is fine
 Mad Collager: Snowmelt: Level Master
 Scoo: Her name is Yoshimi
 obama: @barfolomew Ha :-)
 phailsauce: Hello? Yeah, it happened again
 barfolomew: "Hi, Mom, it happened again."
 Mr. Shine: Charlotte, NC, when there's two inches.
Image 246592   05-09-18   Uploaded by    togboat
 Christina: Best friends.
Image 246591   05-09-18   Uploaded by    cannabis
 Greifer: your plant needs watering
 addend: Wish I could help :(
 Christina: Dork friend.
 BabyVaccine: Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord Jephuph?
Image 246590   05-09-18   Uploaded by    celtic
 Micro Jackson: Fukushima sushi
 Teechur: Tiburon means "shark"; could be a Dodge Fintrepid.
 Zarathustra: What do you think happens to the cars that drown in rivers? They matw with fishes and here it is. Their offspring.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: catfimaro or camfish? ehhh bitchin camaro. now we know how they got....... to the bahamas!
 addend: The feelers let you know when you park close enough to the curb.
 The Man: Looks like the engine is flooded.
 aoaoaoao: Carfish
 violentwrath: Aston Marlin
Image 246589   05-09-18   Uploaded by    rustedpeace
 Warrax: Heard you was talkin shit.
 dangerkeith3000: "I guess you are all wondering why I've gathered you here today."
 petepuma: this is someone's fetish
 Mad Collager: Is this the Wii class?
 Otterman: My idea of hell
 funny in the wall: Oh, its one of those how to poop classes
 WTF: @Christina ...or fantasies.
 barfolomew: (golf claps)
 glenalec: That roll is awfully far from the bowl! Luckily there will be plenty of people to hand you sheets as needed!
 Christina: The stuff of nightmares.
 joxxuh: *tap tap tap* "Overture, 1812."
 Sadbot: Behold my works and tremble, you lesser beings
Image 246588   05-09-18   Uploaded by    madmax1
 Fiveninety: @dangerkeith3000 oh i'm pretending that isn't even there
 dangerkeith3000: @Fiveninety ladder
 Fiveninety: @dangerkeith3000 light
 dangerkeith3000: I spy with my little eye...something that starts with L!
 Side Boob: Nope.bmp
Image 246587   05-09-18   Uploaded by    McBomalds
 Winterneuro: If I fits, I sits
 ChubbyBuddy: @addend i plussed one only because i am a petty contrarian
 addend: @Zarathustra OCD: I had to "+" one of your comments, so both would have the same number of points.
 Zarathustra: Ocd cat is enjoying ocd.
 Zarathustra: Ocd cat is enjoying ocd.
 zoso: If you look carefully in most fine art, you can find the golden spiral.
 shadebane: If it fits... eh you know the rest of it.
 BabyVaccine: It wasn't me! I've been framed!
 eradicator: "Hee-hee, I'm an art!"
Image 246586   05-09-18   Uploaded by    flying sheep
 Side Boob: @Mr Bleak Helping out on the Spaceship! I actually didn't fully appreciate the movie fully until I watched it a second time. I am kinda slow though :P
 Mr Bleak: @dangerkeith3000 @Side Boob I haven't seen it, but after a quick Google I'll move it up my list. Thank you!
 dangerkeith3000: @Side Boob I love that movie.
 Side Boob: Sorry, I don't read Heptapod B
Image 246585   05-09-18   Uploaded by    RogueLeader
 zip file: That wasn't weed, maaan!
Image 246584   05-09-18   Uploaded by    SS Keith
 Science: Took a lot of Wine for Mac and Windows to interface like that
 Entertainmentalist: It's a family of robots, that's what this is.
 Micro Jackson: ABOMINATION!
 petepuma: oh my god who the hell cares
 WTF: One came out as Ubuntu and Daddy Mac never trusted Momma Windows ever again.
 grizzly: They don't have one of those trying too hard to be different Linux kids.
 addend: (crashes)
 Side Boob: ...or this could be a tech support van and you are making wild assumptions based on your feelings!
 Sadbot: @Christina Given the usual layout of these bumper stickers: the man is first/on the left, therefore Mac. Maybe I'm wrong, but "rejects traditional gender roles/is also super into corporate branding" is a rare combination
 Christina: @Sadbot If so, which gender is Windows and which is Mac?
 Sadbot: @Sadbot It just occurred to me that they may be assigning OSes to genders, which is way more fucked up than I'd originally presumed. I'm ashamed to share a state with what I assume is some balding, fat Colorado School of Mines graduate with outdated ideas about gender roles.
 Gallifrasian: They all use windows tho
 SpamSpamSpamSpam: @glenalec It's actually from Shenzhen in the Guangdong province.
 Sadbot: The real story behind this is that a Mac user had sex five times
 glenalec: vv Technically, the manufacturer is based in Taiwan, but these days the actual factories are in cheaper parts of SE Asia with laxer workers' rights.
Image 246583   05-09-18   Uploaded by    crunchymush
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