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271941  Mad Collager: But, but ... how can a worn glove be hands-free?!?

271950  Mad Collager: Draw me like one of your French bitches!

271952  Mad Collager: I actually know a grade-school kid named Parker. I think, when he grows up, he should start a sex-toy store. He can call it "Parker's Peters".

272344  The Man: i actually laughed

272400  xylophone: A wild shiny trashpanda appears

272368  Mad Collager: My hat is a giant, muddy doughnut. Your argument is invalid.

272361  Not A Bot: It's like an adorable totem pole.

272387  WTF: The Tender Vittles Bandit.

272377  tib gubb: wait another 10 years and it will be retro

272390  Nope: IRS still gonna get him

272382  SuedeOxford: @Nope Username/Comment combo again

272089  Mad Collager: @fanny A note about rolling the dough - a marble rolling pin is the easiest to use. Also, rolling it out on parchment paper is handy, because it doesn't stick as badly as wax paper, and you can pick up the rolled dough and flip it over right onto the pan.

272351  SuedeOxford: FOR FUCK SAKE CLAIRE

272387  ChubbyBuddy: dont dox me plz

272089  Mad Collager: @fanny Also, when I make apple pie, I get either really dark green Granny Smiths or, if you can get them, super tart Winesaps. I peel and slice them into quarters, then cut any core pieces off. Then cut those pieces into 1/4" thick wedges. If you use a pie bird, be sure and put it in right after you put the first crust in the pan. Otherwise, you'll forget (from experience). Arrange the wedges, one layer deep at a time, sprinkling cinnamon sugar over each until it's covered with a thin layer. After each layer is sprinkled, break little pieces of cold butter and put them on top, every inch or so. Keep on that way, one layer at a time, until you've filled the pan. Have a short, fat glass of water handy and run a wet finger around the rim of the bottom crust to give the top something to stick

272358  SuedeOxford: I would trade most of the people I know in real life to hang out with most of the WWE folks

272089  Mad Collager: @fanny to. The cinnamon sugar always gets on it. Roll out one more crust for the top, then drape it over the bottom, cut off excess using your finger like a knife. Dry your hands and dip your fingers in flour to keep from sticking to the dough when you pinch the edge closed. I just use my index fingers and march all the way around the pie. It never really comes out even, but the pinches smooth out in the baking anyway. If you're using a pie bird, your crust is ready to bake. If not, do the fork holes now. Get some 3" strips of heavy aluminum foil and shape them around the edge to keep it from getting too done. I bake apple pie at 450 degrees for 15 min., then open the oven and reduce heat to 350 degrees for an additional 45 min. You can do two pies at a time this way, on the same shelf.

272372  Minnesotan: @Teechur mind blown

272384  wolfpk: The harvest is humming along!

272330  a robot: @dangerkeith3000 Cause he's French

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272245 Side Boob: Time to go to the ER, I guess.

272089 Mad Collager: @fanny A note about rolling the dough - a marble rolling pin is the easiest to use. Also, rolling it out on parchment paper is handy, because it doesn't stick as badly as wax paper, and you can pick up the rolled dough and flip it over right onto the pan.

272159 SuedeOxford: @tib gubb Certainly, but I like my odds on this one.

272155 Science: @White Rice: Sadly, it appears she is a real Swiss-based doctor educating Arab women on sex.

272205 Science: Well, that explains the bruising on the legs.

272189 Warrax: This goddamned shit is motherfucking KEEN I tell you.

272261 Side Boob: I wasn't expecting The Mikado.

272195 Spazstatic: @Knice "Happy happy birthday, my song is really short!"

272135 Mr Bleak: Sorry, but that's animal cruelty, pure and simple.

272295 DrinkMixMan: Thanks, these injured animals really brightened my day!

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 poetrysucks: MY GERMS
 tib gubb: trump needs to learn to keep his hands to himself
Image 246473   05-08-18   Uploaded by    ironmaiden
 dangerkeith3000: Got Wood?
 grizzly: Everyone behind this truck is now dead.
 tess: Logging scum!
Image 246472   05-08-18   Uploaded by    Bad Dad
 2Berries: Seven reboot looking interesting
 dangerkeith3000: Rad for the windbreaker.
Image 246471   05-08-18   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Greifer: it's spelled fleshlight
 Dr Awkward: @Mad Collager interesting. Perhaps part of the reason why it's a torch in the UK, but a flashlight in the US?
 Mad Collager: @Dr Awkward It's an old-fashioned term for "flash photo".
 let it go: Aiming for Nora Dunn as Marlene Dietrich, got Dagwood Bumstead as Astro Boy
 TurkeyVulture: @Dr Awkward it means "nicking a torch."
 Shay: Puttin' on the Ritzzzzzz.
 grizzly: @Dr Awkward Someone stole that dude's flashlight.
 Dr Awkward: WTF does "when a flashlight is taken" mean?
 dangerkeith3000: So the choices are either Boy George or Curious George?
Image 246470   05-08-18   Uploaded by    beefbeef
 Telkwa: Condolences on your lost... Benni?
 Brain Thoughts: @Air Biscuit Time is but a window
 Air Biscuit: Death is only the beginning.
 Teechur: @Zarathustra You mean Benadryl Cumbersomesoulpatch?
 tea: "I'm sorry for your loss. Move on."
 Zarathustra: @Yam you mean the Sherlock actor?
 Yam: Her hands? I can't tell what that name is. I'm going with Meriadoc Brandybuck
 Yam: To be fair, someone probably said "HEY DID YOU SIGN THE CARD" and dumped it in his hands before explaining.
 Micro Jackson: Yeah Happy Burial Day!
 deathawaits: Hah there's always one!
Image 246469   05-08-18   Uploaded by    Murm Gungus
 Greifer: welcome everyone!
 Liar tuck: @Dresdenkeogh agreed
 Side Boob: @glenalec I put the previous one in 13 hours ago :P
 glenalec: @Side Boob - To be fair, 12 hours is short enough for it to have been put in the queue before the previous one hit the site.
 hapi papi: What s the Matter with Kansas
 Side Boob: Wow, it hasn't even been 12 hours since #246444
 DrNinjaman: This will go down in the anals of history.
 tib gubb: butt stuff capital of the world
 Micro Jackson: Kansas ain't picky
 HermwoodLitmajor: ...when in kansas
 Dresdenkeogh: Did you know? In Kansas the farts are very quiet?
 Shay: Insta-classic.
 Scoo: Amateurs...
Image 246468   05-08-18   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 glenalec: Tumbling down the Mountain.
 Starky15: Fuck you gravityyyyyyyyyy
 Mad Collager: Oof!
 imaginary gf: I wish they made white chocolate chip cookies without macadamia nuts
 Air Biscuit: "Watch me piss while doing a handstand!"
 Clim Tinties: Holy shit wgute chocolate and macadamia nuts?! Get me my drool bucket!
 Micro Jackson: Tastes like failure
 Shay: Look ma as I do this handstand on this mound of crap!
Image 246467   05-08-18   Uploaded by    franktank
 Teh Simpson: Table for one, please
 White Rice: "Gentlemen, I'm sure you're wondering why I called you here today"
 Mexico: Douche Brigade on the go! Douche Brigade on patrol!
Image 246466   05-08-18   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 glenalec: Now I am going to keep an eye out for a broken vending machine I can fix and turn into one of these for work.
 DJSnoopMike: I hope when you select them the datasheet pops up.
 Micro Jackson: Nerdvana
 Scoo: The local Makerspace in my city has one of these
 Otterman: Clever. I note C6 is in high demand.
 Sandor: Bingo
Image 246465   05-08-18   Uploaded by    Mark As Read
 glenalec: @Micro Jackson - To be fair, that would make little difference with musket accuracy of the time.
 Micro Jackson: Remember to be a good sport and stand out in the open wearing bright clothing
 Teechur: @Yurishiro Yes, from all the Siete de Mayo parties last night.
 Gluten Fee: 'invade'? 'again'?
Image 246464   05-08-18   Uploaded by    epitasis
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