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249773  kimjongun: Beauty of North Korea.

249729  Scoo: BITTER BEER FACE!!

249730  Scoo: I actually think I know this guy

249732  Scoo: I come in (pizza) pies!

249757  TurkeyVulture: Is this jack chick?

249767  OldKentuckyShark: Now you can sing poorly in the nude AND know all the words!

249771  OldKentuckyShark: No ass play (i thought that WAS DeVito)

249756  OldKentuckyShark: Yeah, but the fat content!

249757  OldKentuckyShark: Gross

249760  OldKentuckyShark: It's good to have faith in people... theyll also fuck you tho

249765  OldKentuckyShark: I just watched this. Might have to watch it again. Really good, tho hard to follow.

249753  a robot: Her torso is really weird looking

249754  Zaxxoff: Season yours however you like before serving

249667  some guy : Bunch of amateurs...

249758  Yam: God, I've wasted my life and this dog knows it.

249743  Spazstatic: Officer 1BDI Turanga Leela reporting.

249746  Air Biscuit: They cant all be named peter...

249707  White Rice: @Air Biscuit you mean those invincible, save for against 2 of the special weapon cars? I hated those purple cars!

249754  Mr. Shine: We now know that this is incorrect. Taste buds are distributed more evenly, with some of each in groups.

249743  Not A Bot: Damn, too late this year.

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1. tib gubb
2. Felicity
3. Air Biscuit
4. Yurishiro
5. WTF
6. jochenau
7. a robot
8. Not A Bot
9. Mad Collager
10. dangerkeith3000

The top ten most commented-on images today:

249591 hajjpodge: Start with Cleveland.

249509 Lunimeow: Be right back, gotta take a me.

249689 Side Boob: Same.

249477 El hefe: How i think it will go.....reality

249643 ChubbyBuddy: 5 easy pieces

249666 Mad Collager: @Air Biscuit Wow! Maybe the 4x4 was driven by @TurkeyVulture's dad!

249488 tib gubb: yall done fucked up!

249660 Side Boob: As someone that used to be an avid rock climber, I pooped a little when I saw this.

249696 Nothing: Amen, sister!

249635 Vinochet: no left turns in Albania

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Bro Bro uploaded 249511 (901 points)
digabigpig uploaded 249249 (876 points)
Jack Daniels uploaded 249328 (819 points)
obboma uploaded 249633 (805 points)
Aaron Spacemuseum uploaded 249502 (802 points)
eurotrash uploaded 249300 (791 points)
weirduncle uploaded 249318 (784 points)
catheter uploaded 249258 (777 points)
Vanna uploaded 249644 (770 points)
titular role uploaded 249600 (763 points)

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 1. Supermansbrother: 6540 points
 2. Side Boob: 5126 points
 3. fanny: 4366 points
 4. WannaBee: 3192 points
 5. barfolomew: 3153 points
 6. dangerkeith3000: 3087 points
 7. Not A Bot: 2718 points
 8. Vanna: 2700 points
 9. wordjones: 2217 points
10. a robot: 2198 points
11. Warrax: 1924 points
12. catheter: 1820 points
13. silver: 1773 points
14. Fuzzpot: 1646 points
15. Bad Dad: 1622 points
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 Mr Bleak: But what's his 0 to 60?
 glenalec: Does the adult version come with emission control?
 Fiveninety: can you shrink so you can do a Geo Metro?
 tib gubb: that doesn't seem appropriate for anyone
 Mad Collager: I understand his Tesla impression is electrifying.
 Ihminen: good news! he can even do the dacia sandero!
 jazzjunkie: User+upload combo!
 wolfpk: If you want to be taken seriously, you would be doing this on the freeway during rush hour.
 addend: So I have this car-wash fantasy...
 barfolomew: Who remembers "hot throte" by cactus?
 Teechur: Can you also do a Hyundai Sorento?
 Yurishiro: Do you also make honk noises?
Image 245605   05-03-18   Uploaded by    E. HONDA
Image 245604 is unbelievably bad (score -16) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Black Jesus. You have brought shame on us, Black Jesus.
Image 245603 is unbelievably bad (score -2) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by doggggggie. You have brought shame on us, doggggggie.
 Christina: Like real capybaras.
 Not A Bot: Sean Connery turned down the role of Morpheus in the Matrix.
 Dr Awkward: Excuse me waiter, there's a diorama in my soup
 Prostata: this is just amazing.
 Yurishiro: Soupybara
Image 245602   05-03-18   Uploaded by    Telkwa
 SpaceCow: Zoom out and you'll see a family of five trying to get past a plastic gator.
 dope: what the friend
 raditzu: @Yurishiro guess a woman wouldn't use word "HUGE" describing another woman.
 Mad Collager: @raditzu Especially if they are actually giants.
 UltraBeverly: Which one's the cake?
 Yurishiro: @raditzu How do you know I'm not a woman
 petepuma: that is a cool structure.
 raditzu: @Yurishiro saying that again around women will get you killed, man...
 Mr. Shine: Meet me at the old abandoned mini golf course.
 Yurishiro: That girl is HUGE!
Image 245601   05-03-18   Uploaded by    cran vodka
 tib gubb: just a friendly reminder to be decent to your back-of-house staff!
 antipatterns: Never forget Gary Busey in drag.
 Mr. Shine: And he never left the kitchen again.
 Yurishiro: Tom hanks made a chef movie?
Image 245600   05-03-18   Uploaded by    Mord Tingies
 BavidDowie: NO U
 lecj07: When she gives you that stare.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: cahh cawwww bitches it is i zombie nun of the sacred dirt and lightning!!! lightin yo ass up.
Image 245599   05-03-18   Uploaded by    foreversmug
 BavidDowie: @Dr Awkward Hasn't failed me yet
 Science: There's a difference between "skinny" and "malnourished."
 charlemagne: I swear the day after day bit was copied from a weather report
 DrNinjaman: If the paper turns clear, it's your window to weight-gain!
 Dr Awkward: Ask your doctor is if an entire package of Oreos is right for you.
 charlemagne: and you were married to that death row matey
 sparename: It's more effective and more fun to live on chip butties and beer
Image 245598   05-03-18   Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 Mad Collager: This reminds me of the elephant twins born eight months ago in Tanzania. The boy is named Elon Tusk.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: men wouldnt look at me until i turned fully into an elephant with this new easy method!
 thecraftywolf: @Yurishiro no definitely wrong
 Yurishiro: @thecraftywolf or right?
 thecraftywolf: @Yurishiro i unfortunately read that extremely wrong
 Yurishiro: Ready for eleprom.
Image 245597   05-03-18   Uploaded by    originaluser
 magicmormon: I like how it looks like he s coming through the paper
 WannaBee: @Shay 2 Stupid Dogs?
 Shay: Awww, isn't that sweet? BUT IT'S WRROOOOONNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!
 thecraftywolf: @thecraftywolf nevermind it resolved itself
 thecraftywolf: @thecraftywolf how do you summon the mods?
 thecraftywolf: hey aggro mods im having a bit of a problem could you help?
 sporky: uhhh... ok?
 Yurishiro: Good. Good.
Image 245596   05-03-18   Uploaded by    Phum Munts
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