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248539  charlemagne: is it okay to eat the sad bears in turkish zoos? they look like they lost the will to live

248541  WannaBee: I want to see him walk like that.

248532  charlemagne: if your taxi is bloody, throw the fair into the drivers face to distract him as you run off into the night

168402  Felicity: Should*ve gotten the girl in /Pretty in Pink/...kingdom will do as a consolation prize

248533  jochenau: The primal barbarian screaming in women's tennis frightens me.

248509  charlemagne: bottom right looks like obama if obama was completely white

248528  WannaBee: @funny in the wall it's Helga, Arnold and Gerald from Hey Arnold!

248528  charlemagne: @funny in the wall hey arthur, american cartoon about a boy with a severely deformed head

248541  grizzly: @tib gubb this is why I'll never get a leg transplant.

248520  grizzly: The floor is Hawaii.

248541  tib gubb: ask me about my freakishly long leg

248528  grizzly: @funny in the wall Hey! Arnold!

248535  tib gubb: single? here's a special tray to catch your tears

248535  charlemagne: no added salt. unless you count your tears

248533  Christina: @TurkeyVulture You test for midichlorians.

248538  Yurishiro: I do this when I'm bored at restaurants

248539  Yurishiro: But is she annoying? *WINK*

248536  WannaBee: I'll name him Sid.

248530  Side Boob: It's you! You're the good boy!

248449  glenalec: Luckily I wear daipers!

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248291 Kaviri: Eloise at the Plaza.

248339 Robespierre: Something something Jimmy Carter

248508 glenalec: Jerkin 9 to 5. What a way to make a living!

248385 nightmarez: You get em @Yam

248470 Greifer: i take eight!

248338 Robespierre: @Side Boob If there were a Confederate flag visible there would be even more whingeing in here.

248355 addend: (Puts it in reverse.)

248330 Kaviri: I call her my partner because love is nothing more than a business arrangement.

248458 Shay: Instructions not clear, so *HONK HONK*

248465 Side Boob: @Winterneuro they got bought and the new company changed the formula. Try this Earth Friendly Stain and Odor Remover Spray - 22 fl oz…

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 well duh: He would never have stopped studying the katana long enough to have sex. Must be an uncle.
 DrinkMixMan: This is going to be a heck of a circumcision
 Side Boob: While my wife was changing diapers, I studied the blade.
 Yam: -Teleports behind you-
 Knice: Dude: *somberly places right hand on sword-hilt* Baby: *slides off*
 Side Boob: Kid doesn't stand a chance.
Image 245161   04-30-18   Uploaded by    Malkchic
 Felicity: This is perfect. When my parents asked me to house-sit I couldn*t tell which plant was the orchid
 jochenau: The "thorny stick" is probably something like Euphorbia trigona, an African plant commonly mistaken for a cactus (cacti are only found natively in the Americas).
 Telkwa: Instructions overly clear.
 Yam: Tall leaf plant is just a jerk. You wouldn't believe what he said to my girlfriend
 Off Topic: *Flips page* Audrey 2, location: green house. Requires one person of it's choosing as often as needed.
Image 245160   04-30-18   Uploaded by    Chile Quornwrap
 Korrok: I am not impressed.
 Dreforian: @lecj07 Wouldn't that be redundant?
 Mad Collager: Geez! Aren't you high enough already?
 lecj07: @dangerkeith3000 Making an antigravity bong.
 dangerkeith3000: It's for a "scientific" "study".
 Knice: Astronugs
 antipatterns: NASA engineer 1 : Well we have one extra ounce of weight on this launch. NASA engineer 2: *Bob Marley "Ooh ye"*
 antipatterns: In space no one can hear you bake. Joke #2 : It was all fun and games until the Russians brought up Krokodil. Also, did you know that China is banned from ISS? C'mon now let them Chinese astronauts in there.
 Whoompf: "What's in YOUR 2-axis inclination sensor module?"
Image 245159   04-30-18   Uploaded by    winwolf
 glenalec: Modesty bubbles.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: (e) bag of space weed cleverly disguised as a frothy pile of....
 ThoughtlessGentleman: plot twist its a (a) fleshlight (b) grover cleveland (c) a common dandelion (d) ball of yarn
 VoR: Why so frothy?
 Knice: Scrub up in a 71-gallon tub o' dicks.
Image 245158   04-30-18   Uploaded by    namaste
 Scoo: She knows what's she doing. I hope.
 VoR: .. nailed it again
 TurkeyVulture: So, it's not a great move with a plastic-cased drill driver, but I'm pretty sure he's just tapping in a starting hole
 ping: When you've got a hammer, everything looks like a... erm... power drill.
Image 245157   04-30-18   Uploaded by    Cerberus
 Mad Collager: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet remake not so scary.
 Yam: He looks pretty scared
 Side Boob: Sky King to the rescue!
 lecj07: This is your captain speaking, today we will be cruising at an altitude of d'awww heading to snugglesville.
Image 245156   04-30-18   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Malkchic: The rumor come out. Does Drake is Josh?
 Yurishiro: Josh is drake! Drake is josh! Josh is a man! Oh my GOD! Josh is a man! *throws up*
 Whoompf: Quit'cher Joshin'
 barfolomew: I don't know art, but I know what I like, and it's not this.
Image 245155   04-30-18   Uploaded by    mission2mars
 WTF: Reliving the birthing process...
 Side Boob: @FabricMan This is super valuable when he starts bringing girls home
 lecj07: @FabricMan You need something to show the future romantic interest.
 FabricMan: I wouldn't consider this a "Kodak moment," personally, but you do you
 lecj07: The joys of motherhood.
 Scoo: When Potty Training becomes Swirlie Training
Image 245154   04-30-18   Uploaded by    thrilhouse
 Felicity: *Be* the goth girl you want to date
 jochenau: "sponsored by XBOX360Owner" eh?
 antipatterns: @antipatterns In case she reads this, you are my big tiddy goth gf babe. I love you.
 lecj07: @VeeKay *whistles tune*
 antipatterns: FUCK
 VeeKay: Some things in life are bad, They can really make you mad, Other things just make you swear and curse. When you're chewing on life's gristle, Don't grumble, give a whistle! And this'll help things turn out for the best... And...always look on the bright side of life... Always look on the light side of life...
Image 245153   04-30-18   Uploaded by    Malkchic
 glenalec: A good clean performance.
 Telkwa: SQUEAK!
 dangerkeith3000: America's Got Perverts
 White Rice: If this still had the original creators info on it, and not "ifunny" (phone wanted to autocorrect to "unfunny", just wanted to share that) then I could Rad. However, ifunny bar deliberately blocking the actual site/creator info.
Image 245152   04-30-18   Uploaded by    killme
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