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273569  Mentos Pormer: How...uh...whaa?

273590  burritos: Create a problem, sell the solution.

273590  Rent A Dog: Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot!

273589  boxboxbox: But yet both have always been a bathroom

273395  Mustyrats: @Spazstatic woooooo

273575  TrumpyTrump: Now that's what I call surf music


273501  Terrh:… - All hail The Oatmeal!

273587  kimjongun: Beauty of North Korea.

273585  a spider plan: Crumbs in your bed are usually the worst, but I wouldn't mind that one.

273551  miller: That's how Japan does, foo'!

273556  addend: Welcome to Kansas City.

273569  addend: "Pampers?" / "Depends."

273564  Whatever: Such a waste - like most of their products, their packaging is better than average

273568  Whatever: Mark Twain would have approved

273544  Amy Housewine: This was my favourite episode.

273569  Whatever: Its the circle of life...

273573  a robot: @Amy Housewine BOOP, boop

273570  a robot: If your name is Elizabeth, some dumb kid on the playground will inevitably start calling you "Lizard Breath." Source: sibling named Elizabeth

273573  Amy Housewine: This boop is a big job. Make sure you're well-prepared.

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10. Dr Awkward

The top ten most commented-on images today:

273505 Dr Awkward: @WannaBee Get an Italian espresso machine. That would stone cold baller.

273444 Micro Jackson: Burninate this

273224 Kikari: All of you are getting way more coherent sentences than I do when I try this. I get infinite predicate loops.

273365 Littlecraftywolf: @isosceleswaffle i am a furry i know that my point is going through security is the nightmare

273215 Sadbot: @Air Biscuit I've only had it by asking for it, it's never on the menu

273408 Dr Awkward: @DrNinjaman @Bob #201031 #262668 #180815 is a start. I actually mentioned goat yoga in one of those pictures. I need to post more goat pictures

273346 Christina: Thank you, captain obvious.

273474 trelyate: ojom rof

273265 DimwaldtThrockmorton: Beauty of Korth Norea

273441 Knice: @Annoying Vegan I am going to use this.

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 trucker: AKA butt-to-ground adapters
 drtofu: Bonus: Can also poop anywhere
 Astanapan: I see they found a way to market "pants that prevent crouching and squatting".
 Not A Bot: but don't you see, increasing the minimum wage will force wal-mart to go bankrupt!
 wolfpk: They look cumbersome to walk in.
 Teechur: I would totally wear these to skool. "Those look stupid," one of my stoodints would say. To which I would reply, "Maybe so, Tide Pod Boy. Why don't you go and snort another condom." And I would have Bionic Pants for when I'm standing in line at the unemployment office.
 Scoo: They're techno-trousers, ex-NASA, fantastic for walkies!
 Air Biscuit: Customers who purchased this also bought: standing desk
 sparename: At the steelyard I worked in as a (sort-of) youngster, I was known as "rubber-legs" or "lead-arse" 'cos I liked to sit down a lot, these would've been great..
 glenalec: Needed by #243839
Image 243870   04-22-18   Uploaded by    waaaaaat
Image 243869 is unbelievably bad (score 0) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by fidelcastro. Your image was bad, fidelcastro.
 WTF: (Yakety Sax Plays)
 sparename: Like a sped-up James Bond crashing his DB5 to avoid himself in the mirror
 Not A Bot: bumpy, for her pleasure
Image 243868   04-22-18   Uploaded by    avemaria
 booger: @dobbiesdoogs Even before I clicked, I knew it would be that ad :-)
 dangerkeith3000: I really want a root beer.
 WTF: @dobbiesdoogs I haven't seen that in long time.
 Warrax: Finally, a taco for me.
Image 243867   04-22-18   Uploaded by    magicmormon
 Vorm Gongo: It bothers me more than it should that when they show footage of the games, it s not footage of the games actually being played by the contestants; it s just whatever clips the manufacturer gave them
 dangerkeith3000: this pic is totally radical to the maxx.
Image 243866   04-22-18   Uploaded by    adeadcrab
 Science: No cheese, no bun, and green crap. Not my America!
 trumpet: I claim this burger in the name of Belgium
 wolfpk: Something was lost in translation. The bun for starters.
 Mad Collager: Now if you were a duck, see, you'd get bread for free.
 isosceleswaffle: Arugula? Them's socialist greens, boy! Get this mockery out of my sight!
 charlemagne: you wanted bread? go join the queue in communist russia, comrade
 piranharama: Gluten free-dom
 Mr. Shine: I can taste the freedom.
 Rachelina: @barfolomew no it's missing the cheese.
 barfolomew: @Warrax and the most American!
 Warrax: The freshest ketchup.
Image 243865   04-22-18   Uploaded by    nathan
 discodisco: Always check before you sit down. Never rely on others.
 ani625: @glenalec True. If I were the person who made the sign, I would settle for leaving a fresh roll of toilet paper sitting on top of the toilet tank. The main thing is that it s replaced
 dangerkeith3000: The (s) is incorrect. "whomever" is singular and plural. Never stop learning!
 Mad Collager: Could I interest you in a roll-playing game?
 Warrax: You're also terrible at parking. Probably.
 glenalec: While I have always been able to work it out for myself, some of those holders do have somewhat tricky mechanisms.
 Soaps Pierre: Asshole
Image 243864   04-22-18   Uploaded by    let it go
 glenalec: @Slerzy - Bulk pricing.
 Slerzy: They sold him cheap
 glenalec: At least he will get to see Mr Hooper again.
Image 243863   04-22-18   Uploaded by    parrotsnest
 jochenau: M. C. Escher's The Birds
Image 243862   04-22-18   Uploaded by    WannaBee
 bad tony: Took me a while to see that this was a person in a pink morph suit
 Mr. Shine: @WannaBee yeah, this guy is a Paralympic athlete who does crazy stuff every Halloween.
 queezy farm: Is he missing a leg?
 Side Boob: This porn is weird.
 Slerzy: Omg if I ever need crutches I hope I am as creative/funny as this person!
 glenalec: When she walks, she moves so fine, like a flamingo.
Image 243861   04-22-18   Uploaded by    zip file
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