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262557  BavidDowie: Heh heh, "pairing"

262561  BavidDowie: For me and my Slenderman arm

262549  jazzjunkie: #175350 sees nothing wrong with this.

262554  WTF: I see the Grinch retired to Florida.

262569  Air Biscuit: @Barm Plopert or make friends with them. Depends on the spaceship.

262570  Air Biscuit: @Frang Dampombies im gonna miss that person.

262571  Air Biscuit: Quitting captive turkey?

262569  WTF: What you feel like after a night of drinking a case of Zima.

262567  Hyphae: @Crongo Rempumple haha, ballroom

262557  Bluetocracy: Lame. Survival Knife, Pocket Knife, and Chef Knife are the most used blades. I'd put a Katana on there too, but we're talking about knives. come on. Wait, Steak and Paring. Those are legit. But you have to be a master to know a Soup Knife.

262556  WTF: It looks as if you've got water on the cat and new cats are going to start popping off.

262560  WTF: "I'll have what she's having!"

262565  WTF: History? Ah, I almost forgot reading in school about the great Franco-Prussian window washer uprising of 1765.

262558  Bluetocracy: YOLO

262560  Bluetocracy: I am always positive... Positive that if I stop taking these meds, I will become a supervillain. Wait, that doesn't sound like a bad idea, since there aren't any heroes these days.

262571  WTF: If her cooking is anything like my wife's I bet he prefers her keep it locked, amirightguys?

262581  NotHuman: Here in Texas you'd need a pickup truck full of these just for your weekly trip to the grocery store.

262570  Mr. Shine: Sold his stake in MySpace for $580 million. In other news, this Red-pocalypse joke is breaking the site for me. I guess I'll see you guys when it's repaired. Be good to each other.

262566  Bluetocracy: you are adorable, but mommy said, "fetch my beer"

262567  Bluetocracy: 'corporate events'

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262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262377 Staida: We get it, you vape

262343 DimeBoxSammie: Its only a flesh wound

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262440 Christina: @Rart Flumomple Those are not for ladies.

262425 Stumpwiz: One of those extremely rare left-handed flutes.

262461 Passive: please dont tell anyone how i live

262469 Spazstatic: Ajit has bandwidth if you have coin.

262318 Prefuse: I want to die........

262342 Ihminen: what is happening haha

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 Lalm Rempuble: # Black Jesus! #
 Voft Morpoble: Don't ever talk to me or my "son" again.
 Homp Morpungo: I thought Jesus was an Aleutian.
 Luwn Plemungus: My opinion is unwanted.
Image 243508   04-20-18   Uploaded by    Marbo Grunungus
 Lild Plopert: The meerkats have been giving her Renee Zellweger lessons
 Thaple Brongo: Four signs you've been sitting too long.
 Crorb Dampungus: The meer the merrier.
 Bople Morpuble: Tonight, on "Merely Meercats", ...
 Cruple Morpongo: Super RAD for an Irwin :)
 Dirbo Drumuble: Sufficient amount of meerkats.
Image 243507   04-20-18   Uploaded by    Hort Drumuble
 Thurb Grunongo: I m going to make my new catchphrase be: I wish I looked like her
 Thiple Morpungus: @Teechur Needs less clothing.
 Hongo Flopert: Van der Graaf hair day
 Hong Cremumple: Needs more meerkats.
Image 243506   04-20-18   Uploaded by    Gewn Rempupert
 Duwn Morpumbies: We were never allowed to go there because it was too freaking expensive! I miss Kay-Bee.
 Thort Flombies: Almost like PARTY CANNON
 Liple Albomple: Toy R Us fifteen years ago: Sell toys on the internet! Are you stupid!? The internet is just a fad!
 Flelm Horpungo: Hey! That's the one by my house! With the backwards R and the big empty parking lot and everything!
 Gumpo Plemopert: KoRn
 Vump Rempoble: Toys were USSR
 Therbo Broble: Grow up or not, you cant be a Toys R Us kid
 Gaple Broble: this is SAD
Image 243505   04-20-18   Uploaded by    Lemp Drumumple
 Geple Plongus: there's two kinds of churches - churches where they know what stuff like this actually means, and ones where they don't
 Treng Fluble: The Sun headline:- "My Messiah Made Me Moist!"
 Jampo Plemoble: #243508
 Flengo Dampomple: With his abs, its not hard
 Trirb Brumple: Oogling the Salvadorian pool boy, are we?
 Vimpo Dampomple: Methodists party
Image 243504   04-20-18   Uploaded by    Ging Dampopert
 Pongo Drumongus: @VoR I was gonna say that, but you said it much better!
 Thingo Albuble: indiana jones and the death star? i mean i get the george lucas theme, but it doesn't really make a lot of sense
 Morm Cremumbies: @Sadbot As long as he remembers to take new beers from alternate sides to maintain balance
 Piple Plemoble: they see me rollin'...
 Hang Cremoble: I'm just imagining his grumpy expression under there based on on his hands in his pockets.
 Fliple Dampopert: Room enough for snacks and a mini bar in there
 Pirm Albongo: He thought Dwayne Johnson
 Rong Drumongus: Finally a costume for my body type.
 Flold Grongus: She seems fun.
Image 243503   04-20-18   Uploaded by    Crorb Flongus
 Flarb Albupert: The red light did it!
 Bilm Plombies: this isn't catnip!
 Buft Brongus: Okay, that was a bit more than I intended to happen!
 Garb Albuble: Whoa ... THAT was loud.
 Mort Grunupert: " are here finally...the dog..the dog went crazy!!!Here I have a brief PowerPoint presentation about what he did that I didn't."
 Hurm Rempungus: Oh shit!
Image 243502   04-20-18   Uploaded by    Hift Drumomple
 Flaft Grunumple: Sad.
 Hulm Albumbies: the cake is a lie
 Lump Drumopert: @Zarathustra I noticed, but I found the combination of little girl apps and adult hookup app difficult to make a good comment about without venturing into unpleasant territory.
 Limp Flumongus: Single parent dot jpeg
 Crarm Horpopert: One of these things is not like the other...
 Rompo Rempongus: Nobody noticed tinder?
 Cruwn Dampupert: I have no idea how little girls could possibly become obsessed with beauty standards.
 Fremp Plungo: Psh. Back in my day, ambulance kid racing was real shit. Not a fucking game.
 Frurm Morpomple: The apps chuck norris installed will shock you
Image 243501   04-20-18   Uploaded by    Thengo Horpombies
 Baple Alboble: @VoR - Not to mention all the poor dead beneficial bacteria taken out by the indiscriminate friendly fire!
 Trerm Flungo: You want MSRA? Because this is how you get MSRA!
 Jong Grunomple: Yeah, that message is a mutation that resists disinfectants.
 Creple Grunombies: Poor strains of potentially fatal bacteria
 Trerbo Brombies: Poor germs :(
Image 243500   04-20-18   Uploaded by    Rople Flumple
 Murb Flumoble: I also carry the potential to become Metal Gear REX, guess which one I'm working towards
 Relm Brongo: I am being!
 Ging Dampoble: BUT THE potential IS SMALL
 Rold Drumopert: You carrey, jim.
 Flompo Plemoble: Thanks, Inspirobot!
 Rompo Flumopert: You also carry the potential to be a real asshat. Choose wisely.
Image 243499   04-20-18   Uploaded by    Thorbo Flumple
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