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262503  Zarathustra: Saving this meme and sending it to friends. Next level.

262493  dangerkeith3000: @Amy Housewine It has a 'CAN do' attitude!

262493  dangerkeith3000: I laughed super hard at this.

262494  dangerkeith3000: Fat or skinny...she gets laid a lot. You can tell by the JBF hair.

262496  dangerkeith3000: She can google me any time.

262497  dangerkeith3000: No one saw. You are cool bro.

262498  dangerkeith3000: Live. Laugh. Love.

262500  dangerkeith3000: Mike Ehrmentraut?

262459  Mr. Shine: Hay, gurl . . . . .

262502  dangerkeith3000: crazy fingers

262488  FabricMan: Wasn't this a Far Side gag?

262469  Mr. Shine: Bash 'em in with a bat.

262480  Mr. Shine: *whoosh*

262493  FabricMan: @Fleld Cremumple EVERYONE on AG is anonymous now! Anarchy!

262498  FabricMan: Tomate confites aux douze saveurs

262500  Mr. Shine: Are you threatening me?!

262494  Coolguy: Sleepee?

262501  Mr. Shine: I mean, maybe?

262509  sparename: You misunderstood "Beach Buggy", didn't you?

262496  Mr. Whiskers: Prehistoric may be a bit strong given the photographic evidence of movable type

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262416 VoR: emotional bond? HAH! that wont even adhere my father to me?

262343 Science: *blows repeatedly on lava*

262425 Stumpwiz: One of those extremely rare left-handed flutes.

262377 Side Boob: @Luft Cremombies I never said it wasn't necessary, now did I?

262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262235 dangerkeith3000: @Shay lolol

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262440 Christina: @Rart Flumomple Those are not for ladies.

262342 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name

262230 Side Boob: @Mr. Shine Post a pic of her from the yearbook :P

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 Mompo Flumoble: @Stumpwiz - Only because she looks about 12.
 Thuld Drumuble: Some of you are entirely too distracted by the firearm and its use.
 Voft Grongus: @PenguinBartender - I think she may be raising the gun, not ready to shoot yet.
 Morbo Rempuble: @Felicity - Yes it is.
 Jirbo Flumumple: Dang it, who signed the grass?! I can't read it and this is the 3rd time this month!
 Darm Brongus: @White Rice: I didnt know this was my fetish until now.
 Pirm Albongo: Cool car!
 Pold Flongo: @dangerkeith3000 she's aiming 'til the sweat drop down my balls!
 Frango Brumple: @Bluetocracy Have you heard of the movie "Fido" it is exactly this, with zombies.
 Creple Albuble: @PenguinBartender @Dr Awkward okay, "pointing in a general direction of, without actually putting forth any real effort to properly aim at it"
 Pimpo Bropert: @White Rice I thought about that too, but with the stock under her shoulder, the recoil is going to be an issue.
 Borbo Plemomple: Is she aiming at the window or the wall?
 Garb Horpongus: Pic from the next Fortnite upgrade released
 Thingo Horpoble: She can put my eye out any day!
 Frarm Cremumple: Should be the cover of an 'In case of zombie attack' book.
 Trongo Pluble: @White Rice "aiming"
 Rorbo Dampumple: @Side Boob it does look like she's aiming at something, so this could be one of the few times the finger being on the trigger is showing appropriate trigger discipline (but with the combination of what is & isn't present in this picture, I'm just going to assume it's all just somebody's fetish)
 Flempo Flumumbies: Awww skeet skeet mother fucker
 Jengo Morpupert: Booger-hook off the bang switch, lady!
Image 242009   04-11-18   Uploaded by    Bulm Drumomple
 Lampo Drumongus:…
 Thimp Grumple: "you think YOU have a shitty job?"
 Duld Horpopert: Bog Dog anticipates remuneration
 Bawn Brungo: @Not A Bot unlimited marshmallow
 Flerb Plemongo: And what would you like for your third wish?
 Jeng Morpumbies: My hero!
 Crelm Horpungus: Unlike the better known breed the St. Bernard, the St. Horace mostly resent their niche.
Image 242008   04-11-18   Uploaded by    Mift Plomple
 Tring Flumupert: @lazySolver yep.
 Buwn Drumumple: @Spazstatic you to, by that logic?
 Geng Bromple: Well, so are adolescents and... Humans are jerks.
 Dart Grungo: Kids are jerks.
 Frarb Drumongus: kid, you're a natural!
Image 242007   04-11-18   Uploaded by    Morbo Plomple
 Jilm Albopert: You wouldn't like her when she is angry...
 Veld Plemombies: Old memes
 Fruld Albumbies: "Hey yo Adrian!"-Rockette Balboa
 Guwn Plopert: @Mr. Shine *YES*
 Mimpo Cremongus: Those are some healthy antecubital veins.
 Mong Rempungo: Smexy
 Cremp Morpoble: how could anyone ever forget this?
 Mown Cremuble: Yes I remember, doing the time warp
 Gurt Plombies: *DERP*
 Gewn Dampombies: One of her backup dancers needs subtlebutt.
Image 242006   04-11-18   Uploaded by    Flawn Bropert
 Dimpo Plemumple: I worked out what is making me so farty this week. The supermarket was out of skim milk so I have been putting full-cream on my cereal all week!
 Liwn Grunuble: @fanny You think farts are funny? Your husband's a lucky guy!
 Crurt Plemupert: @jochenau Watching everyones reaction around you when you rip a load one.
 Flang Grongus: @jochenau What's that BAD part of the fart?
 Vimp Cremongus: @Mr. Butt could surely use this in his incognito situations.
 Mango Albungus: @jochenau the laughter they cause
 Pong Plemombies: @jochenau the intestinal relief feeling afterwards
 Melm Horpuble: So...what's the good part of the fart, exactly?
 Frart Plumple: I need a suit made of this
Image 242005   04-11-18   Uploaded by    Florb Rempumbies
 Riwn Rempongo: @Ulillillia Exactly what I was thinking :-)
 Crorb Grombies: daddy needs moar boar
 Thorb Plemombies: daddy would you like some sausage
Image 242004   04-11-18   Uploaded by    Darm Flumombies
 Flirbo Rempupert: Burt Reynolds?
 Rirt Rempungo: Robin Masters
 Flelm Cremuble: Not a very good Riddler costume. I don't think I've seen this Batman movie.
 Trorm Alboble: Magnum Why
 Geld Drumongus: David hasselhoff?
 Fremp Cremombies: Sell Tommic
 Vurm Horpongo: Tom Peckinpah
 Pift Brupert: If Mission Impossible movies have taught me anything, it's Tom Cruise in a mask.
 Fruft Cremungo: Michael knight
 Jorbo Plemomple: Moustache Jeff
 Hert Rempoble: Who's that Pokemon?!
 Merm Plemomple: Gosh I wonder
Image 242003   04-11-18   Uploaded by    Juwn Brupert
 Frirt Pluble: I think he's shaming the foil ball. "Why can't you be more like your brother?"
 Frirm Plungo: I feel like no matter how tightly you wrap the foil, melting should significantly reduce the volume.
 Balm Plemoble: And they say you cant put foil in the microwave
 Duft Drumumple: From the "How to make your own palantir" series of videos.
 Perm Plombies: @barfolomew which I suppose means it's a sex thing. Somehow.
 Vengo Cremopert: A certified Internet Thing.
 Rurbo Grumple: Foiled again!
Image 242002   04-11-18   Uploaded by    Leld Ploble
 Baft Floble: Why not both sexy?
 Flango Brungus: Damn it! I Radded before I saw those are African rhinos. Indian rhinos are the unicorns!
 Cring Horpungus: We sexed the unicorn out of existence, and now we are tragically sexing the rhino out of existence too :(
 Mump Dampuble: Big machine suction power. Without the cord.
 Frald Dampomple: And only one horn...
 Flompo Morpopert: In a few more years none will exist anyway, so you know, moot point kinda thang.
Image 242001   04-11-18   Uploaded by    Biwn Dampungo
 Dirt Rempumbies: This animorph isn't very impressive
 Goft Plemoble: I hate when character customization sliders have only five choices for facial hair.
 Helm Morpopert: @WTF peperony and chease
 Durb Dampomple: The last one should be a Tombstone
 Rorb Cremungo: Darling dont you go and cut your hair
 Horm Grunomple: The iron-filings are wearing out
 Buple Plombies: This isn't even my final form.
Image 242000   04-11-18   Uploaded by    Frirm Drumoble
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