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244313  WannaBee: @Yurishiro @Christina oh never mind, Im blue again.

244319  Side Boob: Dude, I am so high right now...

244325  Not A Bot: thats the second biggest butt plug ive ever seen.

244320  Shay: Fuck the police

244320  lecj07: @Otterman Well played.

244327  lecj07: Fail on the name. That name must always be shouted.

244325  Warrax: Good. I've got an itch and I don't want to be judged.

244328  Warrax: This was the wallpaper on all my devices for several months. My daughter thought it was weird, I told her not to talk that way about her sister.

244300  San DoDo: VLC really leaks into everyday life, doesn't it.

244302  DrinkMixMan: I don't get high, can I still use these?

244322  San DoDo: Compton: The Happy Years

244320  Otterman: @lecj07 Pfft, it's "Mister".

244328  barfolomew: I get it, because it's a pearl onion.

244305  lecj07: "I'm just saying, there's a table right here! Why do I have to hold the book on my head? And of course, you're ignoring me. Again."

244311  lecj07: Now do it on a unicycle!

244312  lecj07: Imagining triangular tunnels now.

244324  wolfpk: They finished it in five minutes.

244326  fanny: go home Bjork! you're drunk!

244314  lecj07: Boop!

244320  lecj07: It's funny, even as an adult there is no way I can call him by his first name.

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8. Shay
9. Felicity
10. VoR

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244141 glenalec: @Yurishiro - don't say any of these - ever - and you will be fine!

244222 White Rice: @wolfpk yeah he did try that (and if failed spectacularly, fortunately) but he still has way too many fans who think he didn't (and couldn't) do any wrong. That kind of stuff wasn't cool when "shock-jocks" were trying it on the radio, and surprisingly it still isn't cool (outside of 14 year old "edgy" boys).

244170 lecj07: @E. HONDA But take the socks off. Somehow, naked with socks is a real turn off for me.

244128 jazzjunkie: Why yes, I *do* have some Grey Poupon!

244105 square44: @Yurishiro fair enough

244104 Dr Awkward: @SpaceCow Would you rather your tax money go into the pockets of big Bench?

244227 bug: I guess shooting them in the barrel was still a little too difficult.

244150 Skaalar: Peter Gabriel is still looking for this woman.

244294 Joseph: Glitter-tering is what the Dutch call this. (Glitter tuberculosis)

244288 VoR: @Beeble plus-sed are the aggronauts

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 9. Scoo: 2463 points
10. a robot: 2420 points
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 piranharama: This fortune will be the centre of a cookie centipede
 Not A Bot: Not her real hair color
 dangerkeith3000: @Lantry Yeah being at the end it the worst one!
 Lantry: at least you'll get your ass eaten..?
Image 239161   03-25-18   Uploaded by    youshall
 Ulillillia: @dangerkeith3000 My favourite Poison song
 dangerkeith3000: Every cat gets it's mouse.
 Mr Bleak: Made of warm.
Image 239160   03-25-18   Uploaded by    eumoria
 Staida: @Ulillillia lol ty
 charlemagne: when shall we three meet again, in thunder, lighting or in rain
 Whatever: Obviously the mating ritual of a company of fire trucks
 hajjpodge: This is the weirdest gang.
 Ulillillia: @Staida Okay,…
 Amy Housewine: Ullaaaaaaaa
 Staida: Wiki Wiki Wild Wild West
 Felicity: High five!
Image 239159   03-25-18   Uploaded by    Never AFK
 tib gubb: coffee motherfucker
 carpwoman: oopsie doodles.
 Mr Bleak: Not the coffee machine? I'll pay, I'll pay...
 Sadbot: I'm in ur coffe, hax0ring ur dudes
Image 239158   03-25-18   Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Robespierre: Where will YOU be when...
Image 239157   03-25-18   Uploaded by    hosehorse
 GoGo Robotto: HELP US
 fanny: If you find the stuffed yeti at Trader Joe's you get a lollipop.
 addend: Looks like he's in pain. Maybe needs a dentist?
Image 239156   03-25-18   Uploaded by    franktank
 wolfpk: Diet honey?
 Ulillillia: Great in the rhetorical sense
 dangerkeith3000: Somebody needs to make this a 'before and after picture.' I'd do it but my shit never gets uploaded.
 mammal883: You nuked it too long, didn't you?
 some guy : Consumer woes
 VoR: Mmmm love those honies
Image 239155   03-25-18   Uploaded by    Cheesecake
 Bluetocracy: Yes, stare intently at the rad button, maybe they'll get the hint.
 lecj07: Doggo is sad about the lack of comments.
Image 239154   03-25-18   Uploaded by    bigbison
 Bluetocracy: doubles as a portable shower curtain.
 a robot: Stylish AND practical!
 raditzu: fashion sthop!
 Teechur: She's waiting for her Uber to show up in a cargo truck.
 Amy Housewine: "Moisturise me!"
 Hyphae: @glenalec 'Really Cheap and Nasty' is my artwork lighting dancing name
 Spazstatic: Unrealistic beauty standards.
 glenalec: Heh, those are the exact lights we have at work for lighting artworks. They are really cheap and nasty!
Image 239153   03-25-18   Uploaded by    barfolomew
 Mr Bleak: Obi-Wan Catnobi. Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time. A long time.
 Minnesotan: this cat has a quest for me I bet
 Hyphae: 49 times, we fought that beast- your old man and me/ it had a chicken head with ducks feet, with a woman's face, too/ -aw, that's rad!-/ It was waiting in the bushes for us/ then it ripped off your dad's face/ He was screaming something awful/ in fact there was this huge mess and I had to change floors/ -The floors?- / You see his blood had drained into the boards, and I had to change 'em / Cuz we all got a chicken-duck-woman thing waiting for us...
Image 239152   03-25-18   Uploaded by    KickassHellyeah
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