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267574  Mr Bleak: Excuse me miss, you dropped this "L".

267859  tib gubb: jorge lucazo

267930  BavidDowie: Where did you say this was cellared?

267938  BavidDowie: Brace of Coneys

267941  BavidDowie: I'm ashamed to see this blatant erotic display on the Spaceship

267892  VeeKay: Classic Bethesda

267894  VeeKay: May the ghost of Jeff Bezos haunt your Christmas.

267950  Not A Bot: netflix is for people who dont have a computer. *google*watch (insert show/movie here) online*enter*

267924  tib gubb: classy as heck

267961  BavidDowie: This deer is giving the Divine blessing of the God-Man

267938  tib gubb: delicious

267946  tib gubb: well i'm not going to criticize you for being half-assed about it

267974  BavidDowie: I assume it says, "Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish ..."

267952  Christina: *fuchsia.

267958  Gomi Day: @a robot yeah. i mean, this is obviously satire. but i've conversed with enough of these dippy wingnuts that i could absolutely see them nodding at this image and thinking what a great idea it is.

267963  FormerLurker: Its always unfortunate when a pet attacks a porcupine.

267963  Christina: Must be some Guinness record.

267966  FormerLurker: Its even uglier than the car Homer designed!

267968  Christina: Carcinogen.

267972  tib gubb: yeah, you and the horseless carriage you rode in on

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267773 Shay: Put your hands in the air like you just do care.

267648 Christina: By the way, if not for crazy women, some men would never get laid at all.

267597 BavidDowie: All your bass are belong to him

267839 mammal883: @ignatz AND, I don't like the way the stripes on his tie and shirt don't line up...

267859 tib gubb: jorge lucazo

267930 BavidDowie: Where did you say this was cellared?

267782 E. HONDA: I demand variety but also six sigma level consistency so let's get carry out from 12 chain restaurants

267813 MrBoffo: @Sadbot A Roman nose? Roman all over your face?

267580 VeeKay: Not shown = Young Ettiene, who lives in an asylum.

267620 Python77: Really, we are still trying the DuckFace thing?

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 raditzu: RIP Quorthon Seth
 dangerkeith3000: The Young Republicans meeting had a party crasher. Sadly, they later sacrificed him to FOXNews.
 kornisjon: I've never been this sure of who in a group I most want to hang out with.
 Not A Bot: Boop
 wolfpk: Now that's how you do non-conformist!
 Robespierre: This church choir is weird
 courtney: male. female. METAL!!!
 Kaviri: Same.
 Ihminen: lay down your soul to the gods rock n roll
 Amy Housewine: He actually looks like the least demonically possessed of all of them.
Image 237246   03-13-18   Uploaded by    Rhombo Dimple
 VeeKay: Cowboy et Indien Panique au Village is quite possibly one of the best movies ever made.
 itskando: Why not and? Poachers, watch out!
Image 237245   03-13-18   Uploaded by    wwwdotcom
 Brain Thoughts: I transport weird objects on the bus all the time. It doesn't actually mean anything except I work in an art school.
 Hyphae: @mexican ah, I see that now... please don't sue
 mexican: @Hyphae Hence the latter half of my post.
 Hyphae: @mexican I guess... You know, until someone who isn't facing her takes a step back and trips into her...
 drtofu: Low-poly commute
 mexican: @barfolomew Autistic or not it is a good way to not get 'accidentally' bumped into. It is also a lawsuit waiting to happen but the same could be said of literally anything at this point.
 barfolomew: I suspect she's autistic.
 why the long face: Eh, I just eat plenty of vegetables..
 Scoo: Way to block the door!
 sparename: Do people still use Myspace?
Image 237244   03-13-18   Uploaded by    Taters
 Shay: This will end well.
 Not A Bot: For my next trick I'll make this bagel disappear
 Hyphae: Hello, FDA? Yeah, I'd like to report a CVS... My name? My name is Wallgree- I mean, this is just an anonymous tipster
 hajjpodge: Attention law enforcement: stop brutalizing black people.
 tib gubb: startling effective, but not ultimately effective
Image 237243   03-13-18   Uploaded by    Sydney
 DrinkMixMan: Pairs well with the meat planet: grilledsloinwww.youtubeburgerwatch?v=ZP7K9SycELA
 Robespierre: SuperSpud rising
 wolfpupy: Youy might want to have that checked out..
 Scoo: Get your ass to Idaho!
 itskando: NSFW
 itskando: Pat Murphy.
 Volwen: Plutato
 tib gubb: potato potato?
 cishet: That's no moon!
Image 237242   03-13-18   Uploaded by    androbot
 VeeKay: I'm not even a model! My friends laughed so much at this! I didn't even know the photographer was even there!
 Robespierre: Howling at the Moon, or barking mad after seeing Pat Murphy's arse?
 Amy Housewine: Upseal. Soon to replace updog as the internet's best joke.
 sparename: Looks like he sat on a barnacle shaped like Lego
 VoR: Sorry I cannot accept this. The seal is broken
Image 237241   03-13-18   Uploaded by    stunt nuts
 kornisjon: Don't treat me like
 BavidDowie: That is some racist shit
 Annoying Vegan : Didnt we just see yer arse?
 Amy Housewine: More unrealistic body standards.
 VoR: Who ate all the tatties, who ate all the tatties...
 Dr Awkward: Eye know an Irishman when eye see one.
Image 237240   03-13-18   Uploaded by    Robespierre
 VeeKay: Timely.
 Shay: Little creepy bastard was asking for it.
 funny in the wall: not sure whether to rad because i hate christmas or to bad because i hate freedom
 Robespierre: Looks legit
Image 237239   03-13-18   Uploaded by    Chinese Buffet
 Robespierre: Pug pileup on US 2 just east of Iron River
 kornisjon: I've never seen this much calm.
 VeeKay: Pug snugs
 Amy Housewine: Fit together like a jigsaw pugzle.
 Dr Awkward: Pug stacking.
 Christina: Three is a crowd.
Image 237238   03-13-18   Uploaded by    Prefuse
 jochenau: Only this comic knows what it's about.
 VoR: ..doing me a tear
 Not A Bot: vvv now you're just playing with me :-(
Image 237237   03-13-18   Uploaded by    Robespierre
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