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248492  Warrax: They killed her.

248494  Warrax: Am I going anyplace specific? No, just roman.

248497  Warrax: Kit-Cat

248384  Amy Housewine: @sparename Gah!

248507  Amy Housewine: Excuse me, is this the queue for lettuce?

248394  Jabberwikket: Close some Windows to continue....

248395  Jabberwikket: Got your nose, inception level

248508  Amy Housewine: Shardelle is always running her mouth.

248502  Mr. Whiskers: Truly evil...

248496  Air Biscuit: He's dug up the infinity frisbee!! Quick! Assemble the dog avengers!

248498  Air Biscuit: He had to big for he got dang birb

248506  Air Biscuit: When the doctor tells you you have one year left to live...

248505  Air Biscuit: If more people carried flashlights on evening strolls, there would be less dog poop to step in.

248508  Air Biscuit: Gonna need some kind of wrist brace.

248499  Air Biscuit: And how you cleaned up your life.

248504  Air Biscuit: 4UW pup

248507  Air Biscuit: Leapfrog: not just for frogs anymore

248498  kazzy94: Fellas!

248501  Felicity: Sorry; hospital regulations

248389  Air Biscuit: @Mr. Shine "service" has a very broad definition.

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248355 addend: (Puts it in reverse.)

248291 Kaviri: Eloise at the Plaza.

248338 Robespierre: @Side Boob If there were a Confederate flag visible there would be even more whingeing in here.

248385 nightmarez: You get em @Yam

248458 VoR: Meh

248246 Side Boob: "How do we make Pepsi worse?"

248339 Robespierre: Something something Jimmy Carter

248396 Dreforian: Little in the middle but she got much back

248244 Kaviri: That's a real flaccid finger you got there, Sam-bot.

248249 Kaviri: What will the world look like, post-Minecraft?

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 Coolguy: @BavidDowie Velvita, my dude.
 Greifer: Looks like your dad hat a role to play too
 BavidDowie: So long as that's kraft singles and not marshmallow
 barfolomew: That's actually clever and inventive and only a little bit nauseating.
 Xeno: Orangies?
 tokyopig: wash it down with a vodka mountain dew with sour apple pucker and you're good to go.
 Warrax: I think I would actually skip this one for once.
 Coolguy: Your mom is awesome. Can I come over? I have N64...
 Robespierre: Your mom needs an intervention
Image 236257   03-07-18   Uploaded by    Not A Bot
Image 236256 is unbelievably bad (score -6) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Jolly Well. Boo, Jolly Well.
 Shay: I think your dog is looking to take a romantic shit.
Image 236255   03-07-18   Uploaded by    camellia
 Nothing: Unprotected belly! I'm going in!
 Annoying Vegan : Actual kitten, or needle felt?
 glenalec: Parent and child bonding over a mutually enjoyed activity (I'm sure I have used that comment before!)
 Robespierre: Imitation is the sincerest form of napping
Image 236254   03-07-18   Uploaded by    daisy picker
 Skinr: Please talk to me and my son again!
 Hyphae: Imitation is the sincerest form of beggery
Image 236253   03-07-18   Uploaded by    ironmaiden
 Yurishiro: I read 'Seattlers'
 Dresdenkeogh: I thought we built this city on rock and roll
 Scoo: It's always kind of weird for me (as a Colorado native) to see downtown Denver from the east
 Whatever: I thought it was founded by Coors
Image 236252   03-07-18   Uploaded by    MyPasswordAintPassword
Image 236251 is unbelievably bad (score -3) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by redpeepee. Your image was bad, redpeepee.
 Felicity: @funny in the wall Good point. I guess Tom is wearing lifts and Antonio and Brad are slouching
 funny in the wall: Are they all super short then? I thought Tom was like 4 ft tall
 Greifer: lol the 90ies
 jazzjunkie: That velvet suit!
 illBilliam: @Shay You forgot Ron Jeremy's mustache
 Shay: @Robespierre (L-R) Corey Feldman, Vince Neil, Goldie Hawn, Charlie Sheen, Kurt Cobain
 petepuma: Combined they're worth about $800m... of course Cruise and Pitt are like 85% of that, but still... too bad Interview with a Vampire sucked so bad!
 Robespierre: Okayyyy ... am I supposed to know who these people are?
Image 236250   03-07-18   Uploaded by    sandwiches
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Image 236249   03-07-18   Uploaded by    hexxx
 itskando: Best way to play battlestar galactica: dunno every time you say cylon
 Greifer: bored game
 Zukero: This guy authored A LOT of board/card games, many with licenses (Star wars, Battlestar galactica,, Gears of War, Starcraft, World of Warcraft...). I played a few, most were good.
 Darmstadtium: Game Board
 Warrax: Sold his mustache to fund it. That's dedication.
 Springbok: His hair and beard together look like Guy-Man's helmet from Daft Punk
 Sadbot: @VoR I only played it once as secret Cylon Col. Tigh, had my sabotage and plausible deniability all planned, and the fleet blew itself up with hardly any input from me. So....meh
 Robespierre: @Skinr Was it one of the Coreys from Non-Threatening Boys Magazine?
 Skinr: Fun fact: 2006 was the first time the Queen of England knighted a guy named Corey.
 Shay: Dogs? Playing poker?!? Uncanny!
 Robespierre: @Yurishiro That beard, tho...
 Dr Awkward: Curator: bad facial hair
 Yurishiro: @VoR not bad, but not amazing either.
 VoR: Is it a good game?
Image 236248   03-07-18   Uploaded by    zip file
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