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249362  Mr. Whiskers: Mew Mew Herman

249361  fanny: you're hired! and fired!

249365  Yurishiro: Dayum dat assgrabbin

248903  Mr Bleak: @a robot Really? "Fuck fucking fucked fucker fucking fuckups fuck fucking fucked fucking fuckup fucking fucker's fucking fuckup." --- Lewis Black. So we can ...

249347  raditzu: I know a few chicks with similar feature.

249350  raditzu: Baby on board!

249363  raditzu: Again...

249360  SuedeOxford: [scooby dooby doo]

249363  2Berries: I dig the caddy. Not a fan of the sedans but the tinted windows & wire wheels are gangster

249360  Yurishiro: [softly poo]

249362  Yurishiro: "Good morning."

249363  Yurishiro: Funky!

249316  Korrok: Korrok approves.

249362  Butcherboy: Top rack safe only

249357  Otterman: Hello, sailor!

249360  Shay: [mostly goo]

249361  Shay: @Minnesotan It's retail, what did you expect?

249361  Minnesotan: I've worked at a place that was closing and it's legit impossible to hire people and yet the people you have are constantly leaving for new jobs and/or don't give a shit or just stop showing up altogether.

249354  Shay: The treasury department got lazy in replacing Andrew Jackson's portrait with Harriet Tubman's, so they settled on this.

249336  Not A Bot: *sigh*

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6. Micro Jackson
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8. Scoo
9. Dr Awkward
10. itskando

The top ten most commented-on images today:

249243 Side Boob: Hey! It's that one guy from 'Bosom Buddies' on TV

249142 dangerkeith3000: @funny in the wall I order potatoes/hashbrowns for breakfast just to give me an excuse to eat ketchup.

249175 Otterman: @WTF (In Hans Moleman voice) Give me the biggest ice cream cone you have. No, that's too big.

249324 Micro Jackson: 6 days old, and already four feet!

249189 lebron: wow @jochenau!!!

249275 PenguinBartender: Undo the bottom button, damnit.

249148 Amy Housewine: Your halo is broken.

249218 Telkwa: Cristo Redentor

249106 Teechur: I agree with @Air Biscuit The lines are too straight. It's probably a handwriting typeface. That being said, I also agree with @Yurishiro

249187 Passive: Mrs. Jones, are you trying to seduce me?

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 6. Annoying Vegan : 3106 points
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 9. Not A Bot: 2459 points
10. ChubbyBuddy: 2393 points
11. dangerkeith3000: 2307 points
12. wordjones: 1999 points
13. PlzPlzMe: 1820 points
14. younglink: 1642 points
15. Bad Dad: 1622 points
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 Side Boob: Keep DASHAREZONE on Faceyspace so I don't have to see it
 Uncle Phil: If you're fucking the urinal, that might explain some of the problems.
 XLY: plz don't fuck the urinals, they are for peeing into!
 barfolomew: @Yurishiro proofreading da share z0ne is an uphill battle.
 Yurishiro: too* and weird*
 Not A Bot: Ironically, I wasn't hired for reading this :(
Image 235298   03-02-18   Uploaded by    NonRhetorical
 Felicity: What does that mean?
 Amy Housewine: "Penis on, Wayne!" "Penis on, Garth!"
 Science: @KnowLifer: If you don't want apps, buy a flip phone.
 jochenau: @KnowLifer They have TWO Pinterest apps!
 WTF: Should that be penised UP?
 Scoo: Is that even a phrase?
 KnowLifer: A phone overfilled with apps makes me sad :(
Image 235297   03-02-18   Uploaded by    originaluser
 UnknownSample: Instant cottonmouth
 Winterneuro: This means they dont understand, and are selling the wrong part!!!
 funny in the wall: ravioli crusts
 SuedeOxford: @karmakat O snap.
 karmakat: well, it should say 'pop FARTS' then.
Image 235296   03-02-18   Uploaded by    Warren G Hardon
 Felicity: Gary Busey crossed with Sting?
 Winterneuro: David lees Not looking so hot...
 barfolomew: The mirror-ball suit.
Image 235295   03-02-18   Uploaded by    humanfog
 Skaalar: It is time.
 Ulillillia: @barfolomew Worldwide!
 barfolomew: @Ulillillia wrong Dale! It's the OTHER Dale.
 Ulillillia: @barfolomew Pocket sand!
 barfolomew: Oh my God! Does Dale know?
Image 235294   03-02-18   Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Ulillillia: Chuck Norris wouldn't do that because he believes touching another man is sinful
 barfolomew: Time to face the from truths: Chuck Norris jokes were never funny.
 Yurishiro: He says "u can't touch 'this'(=this beat)" not him. Sorry olhuck.
 Mexico: I'm not interested in your slash fic.
Image 235293   03-02-18   Uploaded by    mickeyd
 LKoroton: Innsmouth boots
 itskando: What a boob
 Not A Bot: too long. Wasn't really funny anyways
 Robespierre: Let's dance the Funky Donald!
 Yurishiro: I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa (actual song lyrics)
Image 235292   03-02-18   Uploaded by    Sharkface
 Mad Collager: Let's put this image up for a votive confidence!
 Hokie333: my family is dying
 Robespierre: Looking at this warmed me up
 Teechur: And this is how I got my Snow Day today!
Image 235291   03-02-18   Uploaded by    cj22
 Felicity: New Subway slogans
 Christina: "Eat more" and "eat most" are the same amount.
 Dr Awkward: It's sad to me that someone would think toast made from shitty bread is that good.
 Yurishiro: My toast got perfectly browned! Thank you Toasterman!
 WTF: But is it gluten free?
 looch: Eat most? Eat toast!
Image 235290   03-02-18   Uploaded by    jonz
 Robespierre: Coming soon: *CHOMP*
 Otterman: Eat most
Image 235289   03-02-18   Uploaded by    Toasted Taco Brunchito
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