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254117  fanny: needs one of dem butt jewels

254008  Dreforian: Home to the original Bronto Burger

254014  Dreforian: Kid, be extra super thankful that door opens outward. I have the scar to prove what happens otherwise.

254072  WannaBee: @WTF My aunt would always tell me when I was little "Women don't fart, they toot" and "We don't sweat, we shimmer" it was funny back then, but now it's just stupid.

254113  Not A Bot: Only the great Fortune Feimster would take more than a whole fucking year to connect the two events.

254064  Dreforian: Guardian of the Master Sword in the next Zelda game...

254115  charlemagne: and they all stink of cheese, those dairy eating -expletive-

254117  charlemagne: pucker up

254115  Zochrot: I'll take racism fo 400 alex.

254058  raditzu: My kind of cake

254081  carpwoman: 'Shopped.

254115  Coolguy: Daaaaaaang.....

254100  WTF: @UnknownSample "If I can't see you, you can't see me."

254111  Sandor: What's a "cnadaian"?

254103  OldKentuckyShark: The same amount has now been all over that box of gloves. I suggest going back to touching the gas pump raw, skin on plastic action, aww yeah...

254114  WTF: These are the guys I work with... except it's every meal of the day.

254110  tib gubb: ship it

254111  tib gubb: @jochenau that and robust drug habits

254084  White Rice: Yup, he's still a worthy boy.

254113  SuedeOxford: Pen is broken, use finger.

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253826 AlexDeLarge: Longcat's owner

253899 White Rice: @AlexDeLarge well, that's what the clickbait sites kept trying to "report" for a while (and diamonds, styrofoam cups, and a bunch of other random things)

253776 trelyate: GOB is that you?

253831 Mad Collager: @a robot As others have said, protest. It may not seem like much, but it really can make a difference. Also, a fellow protestor told me to write letters to whatever shithead department is doing what angers you most. Not e-mails, but real, paper letters. She said they HAVE to respond to letters, and it slows them down, so they don't have as much time to do their shitty stuff.

253792 Dick Inspector: Thanks for the dream candy

253751 redmonkey3: @dangerkeith3000 @DrNinjaman - yes! befuddle much much better... natures own pedo snuff film; great

253821 Wooden Spoon: @Laree: of course its found in Australia.

254048 Teechur: @Mad Collager It's like trying to match paint on a fence or house after a few years.

253842 Spazstatic: @Mad Collager faker

253849 copunter: I thought this was the El Kabong version of the ole bucket over the door gag

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 Volwen: Carpet doesn't match the drapes? Get a rug!
 Prostata: it's called a Merkin
 DrNinjaman: Reusable?
 Butcherboy: The Is merken me horny
 tib gubb: i want off!
Image 234148   02-23-18   Uploaded by    lionstrong
 redmonkey3: @Mr Bleak - What did you do, Ray ?
 Mr Bleak: @piranharama I couldn't help it. It just popped in there.
Image 234147   02-23-18   Uploaded by    Robespierre
 Science: I'm Little Blaine, the one he doesn't see. The one he forgot. The one he thinks he left behind in the rooms of ruin and the halls of the dead.
 DrNinjaman: BATTRAIN!
 Peter Pantsless: New Metro game looking awesome (seriously though it does look fucking sweet)
Image 234146   02-23-18   Uploaded by    Robespierre
 redmonkey3: Does she have a brother ?
 drtofu: Yes yes yes yes yes yes
 grizzly: I feel like there may be a dead person in that costume.
 Teechur: Sandy Squirrel cosplay looking better than the Squidward one probably does.
 itskando: Seems harmless. Nothing to see here, except an unexplained mismatched glove. Moving on
 Mr. Shine: No no no no no no no
 DrNinjaman: Whatever you do don't feed it. Just back away and call animal control
 fanny: is this a m o l e w o m a n?
Image 234145   02-23-18   Uploaded by    m o l e m a n
 Teechur: "Caw! Stop throwing your trash on the ground! And stop buying it in the first place."
 Sage: It was shiny.
 fanny: aww, someone get that bird a decent beer please!
Image 234144   02-23-18   Uploaded by    Wolfy21
 Science: The SR-71 constantly leaks fuel on the ground. Its fuselage only seals at proper operating temperatures.
 grizzly: @fanny that was the key to the sr-71s success.
 ping: @DrNinjaman The refueling rig?
 Kaviri: *Poke*
 DrNinjaman: If that's an SR-71, what's the GoPro attached to?
 Peter Pantsless: @dobbiesdoogs Got a good chuckle out of that one. +1
 fanny: it took me a while to realize this is not a seal peeking out of the water
 dobbiesdoogs: i know what that blackbird is going to do to unwind after a long mission #234144
 Not A Bot: the one on missy's arm is having the most fun, it seems.
Image 234143   02-23-18   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 wolfpk: Feed me!
 Robespierre: "SURPRISE!!!"
 Teechur: Hey! Close the door! Parliament is in session.
 Kaviri: My god, it's full of mice!
 DrNinjaman: What a bunch of sluts. Look at all those sex bracelets.
 hajjpodge: How do you solve a problem like Maria?
 Butcherboy: Sorry I should have knocked first. My fault entirely
 Warrax: Why yes, we would love to join your dungeons and dragons game.
Image 234142   02-23-18   Uploaded by    Micro Jackson
 Science: "What do you mean Karl's 'Raise Dead' spell didn't work? I'm dead? I'M DEAD!?"
 Robespierre: Doggo bureaucracy moves at a puggish pace
 Warrax: Playing a kobold.
 dobbiesdoogs: i get a +5 saving throw versus vacuum cleaners
Image 234141   02-23-18   Uploaded by    Murm Gungus
 PushyWebsite: Looks like Mega Man from the original cartridge artwork, but sexier.
 Kaviri: That is a very small lightsaber you have there.
 DrNinjaman: And then we'll help you hide it from your wife!
Image 234140   02-23-18   Uploaded by    Robespierre
 redmonkey3: Dad looks hip, Son looks worriex, neither has thought of explains to Mom type
 Dank Means: Oh, and kudos for having the good sense not to try and pull it out himself!
 whaleshark: I'm sure I have seen this picture on here before, but with different people!
 Robespierre: Again? You let him shoot you AGAIN?
 Greifer: @ping he was aiming for it
 ping: At least it wasn't to the knee.
 Not A Bot: Fuck that ass.
 Kaviri: Son can't aim worth a shit, but dammit, I'm still proud uv'm.
 DrNinjaman: "Message for you, sir"
 AlexDeLarge: @dobbiesdoogs he used to be an adventurer like you...
 Peter Pantsless: "Well, he was shining an apple on his shirt and I just couldn't help myself."
 dobbiesdoogs: so what happened?
Image 234139   02-23-18   Uploaded by    hanky
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