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239033  Annoying Vegan : Construct a box.

239033  bug: Eat the most delicious strawberry you've ever tasted. ...then die.

239004  Otterman: But to be honest, I enjoy separating food as well.

239004  Otterman: Racist

239020  Bluetocracy: A face only an everyone could love

239030  barfolomew: @GoGo Robotto I would guess Planned Parenthood.

238999  Annoying Vegan : #146023 My boy! This was his teething phase. Frozen carrots kept him distracted.

239025  Bluetocracy: That's right, this is one super team you need to keep on a short leash.

239025  Annoying Vegan : YAAAAAAS

239027  Annoying Vegan : *fumbles through purse for five milkbones*

239012  Not A Bot: Chernobyl teens are so sarcastic

239030  GoGo Robotto: Can someone tell me from which company this is?

239024  whcvgre78: khajit has wares if you have the coin

238979  Greifer: over easy please...

238985  Spazstatic: @VoR :(

238995  Spazstatic: Username/upload synergy is pretty high. Fan of one team bashing the coach of another (had to look it up)

239002  tib gubb: that place seems fun

239032  sparename: On my behalf, God has killed many kittens

239017  tib gubb: on technical merit, sure.

239007  Spazstatic: Painting that kills you if you look at it: $53,000 - $80,000

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238911 Yurishiro: Can I bring my beautiful person

238813 well duh: @sparename back when I was a welder, I made the mistake of wearing frayed (near the crochital area, of course) jeans to work EXACTLY ONCE. Much for the same reason.

238943 Kaviri: In case you get lost.

238906 Stumpwiz: @VeeKay, I would say hydrocele. Don't ask me why.

238859 AlexDeLarge: It's like he's on the dashboard of the entire country.

238856 glenalec: Later... Oh, a penny. Oh, another penny, Oh, another....

238875 mwoody: Statutory Grape made my day and the day is only 45 minutes old.

238852 carpwoman: OFFS.

238752 Kaviri: Wanna grow, grow up to be, be a debaser.

239004 Otterman: But to be honest, I enjoy separating food as well.

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 Felicity: @barfolomew THE RIVER
 barfolomew: @FabricMan and also in my head. On repeat. Thanks for that.
 FabricMan: "Tom Sawyer" playing in background
Image 234037   02-23-18   Uploaded by    grimes
 glenalec: @El hefe - you should try stinging-tree leaves (Australia, of course). If you have heard of stinging nettles, same thing but leaves conveniently hand-sized and the sting lasts for weeks! (Not known from personal experience, thank FSM!)
 Slerzy: Something something meat curtains
 BavidDowie: I bet it smells great in there.
 Otterman: Filthy. But genuinely arousing.
 El hefe: Still less irritating than wiping with poison ivy
 dangerkeith3000: This is so gross. RAD!
 SpaceCow: Never go camping outside Silent Hill.
 Winterneuro: Instant lung cancer!
 barfolomew: Pair this up with the cone crust pizza, and you have a very Cronenberg porno.
 Mad Collager: Lady Gaga tries camping.
 Nope: Wow a metaphor for the over 35 dating scene.
Image 234036   02-23-18   Uploaded by    Robespierre
 Peter Pantsless: @Annoying Vegan You'd have to fight Tasha Yar, and good luck with that!
 Annoying Vegan : Data can compress himself against me anytime, if ya know what I mean
 bug: *Datum
 WTF: Double the pic size and it would be "Big Data"
 Yurishiro: You Excel at analyzing Data.
 Ihminen: the 5th one is missing data
Image 234035   02-23-18   Uploaded by    wooden boy
 Yurishiro: That's why I support Gokurians instead
Image 234034   02-23-18   Uploaded by    John Blender
 FabricMan: American? Is it American?
 Dr Awkward: Confirmation: EETADKC
Image 234033   02-23-18   Uploaded by    Jennysaurus
 glenalec: We all shower down here, Georgie.
 charlemagne: it puts the lotion back on the holder or it cleans the soap scum again
 Mad Collager: This shower is the gratest!
 Yurishiro: "Naked people turn me on." -shower.
Image 234032   02-23-18   Uploaded by    dragon horn
 SpaceCow: Ever since Lethal Weapon, Gary Busey does this unprovoked.
 Mr. Shine: That's hot.
Image 234031   02-23-18   Uploaded by    beefbeef
 Annoying Vegan : @Yurishiro False, I think I see jalapeos, eeeew
 Robespierre: Reminiscent of the packs of pre-chopped mirepoix at Trader Joe's - but taken to an illogical extreme
 Teechur: The Menchies by us has different toppings
 when so: *proceeds to touch all produce*
 Mad Collager: @Yurishiro Free the carrots!
 Yurishiro: @fanny "Not true don't listen to her! I tried them and they are all tasty and yummy!" -@Annoying Vegan
 fanny: these are the worst gummy bears ever
 Sadbot: For when you want to make stir-fry, but can't be arsed to spend 30 seconds chopping anything
Image 234030   02-23-18   Uploaded by    Horp Lello
 BavidDowie: Gratia Plena
 Christina: Programmers also like to end their sentences with semicolons;
 Yurishiro: Joke's on you my dog will warn me AGES before you approach the door
 Ihminen: I would actually like to see it and the reactions when someone would actually enter there slowly and sing ave maria perfectly
 Sadbot: This is more or less true for most, but some of us have stronger will. For me, please enter like a rockstar singing "Two Minutes to Midnight" by Iron Maiden. Thank you
Image 234029   02-23-18   Uploaded by    Alaskan
 dangerkeith3000: Trans(ition Metals) Friendly.
 Teechur: Bathrooms are more like Petri dishes than Erlenmeyer flasks
 sparename: Pee-reodic
 redmonkey3: Nice way to use up remaining tile colors!
Image 234028   02-23-18   Uploaded by    skittles
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