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262406  Scoo: How do I know he's not a lizard? His face opened up and he ate my cat!

262394  Teechur: @Rald Rempungo But every time we post, our names change again.....-Teechur

262398  AdaMan: Life finds a way

262402  fanny: this is something my mother in law would print out and put on her fridge

262407  Knice: That's the most mootal thing I've seen all week.

262404  Butcherboy: What kind of dog?

262397  Scoo: Ah, so that's what a 3-Way Lamp is

262403  Scoo: Your data *are* as worthless as you...

262300  Terrh: Frankly (My Dear) I don't give a damn...

262360  Korrok: I've seen worse.

262411  satoshi: The secret to eternal youth is clearly held by Monty!

262399  Spazstatic: Hmm, if they are male, I don't think that's actually milk...

262397  WTF: "What have I said about leaving the lamp turned on during the day!" (Funky Music Plays)

262381  Prostata: solid golden

262386  Not A Bot: So many wangs.

262399  WTF: "Shut up Wesley!" - Curly Willy

262370  Bohab: @Dang Cremumple same, or if I'm shopping at a store wearing something they sell or have something in my pocket I bought elsewhere that'll do it too

262402  Knice: Sounds like a keeper; move over, amateur.

262375  Spazstatic: The device draws what amps it needs, it's not forced. Should be fine unless that charging block puts out more than 5 volts. As far as destroying it, a hammer or a fire should work.

262292  SurfNTurf: uh huh @wolfpk

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262195 Felicity: 150 percent

262157 Felicity: @raditzu Well, she is an Amazon...

262230 Side Boob: @Mr. Shine Post a pic of her from the yearbook :P

262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262151 VeeKay: Husbands instagram just two pictures of his tractor

262235 Shay: When Predator takes a shit.

262176 Felicity: Even in the future nothin' works!

262342 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name

262343 ChubbyBuddy: i lava what you've done w the place

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

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 Berb Alboble: Even worse, the escalator isn't moving.
 Mirt Dampungus: I wish I could bad this a million times
 Girm Plemopert: @barfolomew @Yurishiro It's obviously meant as fat-shaming and making fun of or marginalizing any group solely based on appearance *should* always be taken seriously. I mean, a person could shrug off a 'coloreds only' water fountain to make their life a little easier to swallow, but that doesn't make it right or that they should.
 Tharb Dampongo: Then there's the douchey Type-A folks who sprint up or down the escalator
 Crurbo Grumple: @Barfolomew friendly advice here. You're right but if you take things like this seriously life is going to be 3x heavier
 Frampo Horpungus: I've seen this before and I honestly hate it. Maybe I'm returning from my physically exhausting job. Maybe I have limited mobility. Maybe I'm generally fit but just want to take the escalator. Don't make assumptions or judgements on my health.
 Deld Horpopert: Should be the opposite
Image 233710   02-21-18   Uploaded by    Mampo Plemumbies
 Flurt Horpoble: Your thought is missing a question mark.
 Meng Grunungus: Don't know...or care.
 Vung Plemuble: Say what you want about him, but he did know how to lounge by the pool. Sigh.
 Frarbo Cremopert: Get a dog. If the constant attention makes you no longer miss him, then that answers that.
 Thuft Rempumple: I believe what you miss is the IDEA of him.
Image 233709   02-21-18   Uploaded by    Crengo Plemongus
 Lorbo Plemumbies: Dr. Weird parked here
 Hert Rempomple: Dis me
 Crurbo Plemuble: *eye twitch* they didn't brush off
 Beng Drumuble: Nice minimalism.
 Gurt Dampumbies: That's why it's called a "Dr. Seuss feet" turn.
 Trald Grungo: Driver's ed poster.
 Lompo Cremombies: Cranes flying South for the Winter?
Image 233708   02-21-18   Uploaded by    Vuft Plumple
 Lampo Grunuble: @robford sign in the middle says "Flixbus". I was just speculating on what that would be.
 Gerbo Horpungo: @DrNinjaman What is that supposed to mean
 Birb Bruble: Front door it is.
 Truple Morpupert: @Yam Switzerland is to the right, just like their politics
 Mang Horpungo: Flixbus: Like Netflix, but only streams videos on a bus.
 Tholm Plemombies: So wait, if I go left does that mean Im entering Switzerland?
 Fleple Albungo: Swipe right.
Image 233707   02-21-18   Uploaded by    Dald Albumple
 Vomp Brongus: I am a cute cat. You will pet me immediately.
 Hurt Morpupert: Adorama looking good
Image 233706   02-21-18   Uploaded by    Thengo Plongus
 Creple Albopert: durrrrrrr
 Virb Rempumbies: that same dumb look on every character in all of their movies
 Vart Dampupert: Lincoln Park Pirates done gone A.I.
 Thumpo Albumbies: My spirit animal is a cartoon truck apparently
Image 233705   02-21-18   Uploaded by    Delm Plongo
 Left Grungo: First Watch, I see
Image 233704   02-21-18   Uploaded by    Trampo Plemuble
 Hong Grunopert: You are eternal. All this pain is an illusion.
 Hempo Dampombies: Maynard is not enjoying his transformation.
Image 233703   02-21-18   Uploaded by    Jarbo Flumongus
 Virb Grunungus: Those are some crazy neckbones
 Lompo Grombies: Dinosaur skeleton
 Derb Brombies: 12 Mind Blowing Gadgets That Have Aready Gove Viral in 2018 (#7 is Extremely Useful; this, however, is for entertainment purposes ONLY)
 Crort Flumomple: Dooty bird
Image 233702   02-21-18   Uploaded by    Dilm Rempomple
 Hulm Horpupert: @fanny Code red and cool ranch, to be precise, but yeah.
 Gurb Rempopert: @Dr Awkward i've heard that brony tears are 50 percent mountain dew 50 percent doritos... is this true?
 Fromp Plupert: The champagne that is about to be sabraged is just out of frame.
 Trompo Brumbies: @fanny Fine, laugh at my bitter Brony tears.
 Gang Gruble: There can be only one
 Deng Cremomple: @Dr Awkward thank you for making me laugh out loud :)
 Lirbo Flumumbies: is that a sword? try harder: #192467
 Frampo Morpungo: Just give it a good whack.
 Vurbo Brungo: @Dr Awkward wouldn't you call it something cool and dangerous?
 Lart Flumungus: Geeze, you want some coffee with your cream?
 Trump Morpuble: @fanny No we don't! I mean... "No THEY don't!" [Runs to Pony room and cries]
 Mango Plemopert: i bet they have a room full of My Little Ponies
 Gang Cremungo: "My name is Inigo Montoya. Diabetes killed my father. Prepare to die."
 Jiwn Grunongo: Hindsight is the only way to tell a really bad idea apart from a really good idea.
Image 233701   02-21-18   Uploaded by    Flirt Flumuble
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