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249105  Teechur: @Yurishiro It must be the adrenaline from when I thought that think on top of the cabinet was a gigantic spider.

249103  Yurishiro: We'll just draw here a little happy timber lake, and behind that a biiig timber mountain!

249105  Yurishiro: @Teechur How could I?! Even the 'Love you!' sticker on the door has googly eyes :(

249101  Teechur: Go ahead and paint your palette blue and grey.

249105  Teechur: @Yurishiro Just go into Predator mode. It makes mealtime more fun, especially if they try to run.

249106  Teechur: I agree with @Air Biscuit The lines are too straight. It's probably a handwriting typeface. That being said, I also agree with @Yurishiro

249109  Teechur: I went through the checkout with Puppy Chow and a gallon of milk. "It's not too bad, really" I said to the cashier.

249110  Teechur: That reminds me that I still have two full weeks of skool

249119  Teechur: Do talons have large chickens?

249122  Yurishiro: "SPANKO!" *flees*

249106  Yurishiro: @Air Biscuit Blatantly. Still bad.


249093  Jabberwikket: Actually, this picture & all the others are all slightly different from each other. Print them out & make a flip book to see the scene

248888  Dresdenkeogh: Read every word top to bottom to the tune of all star

249025  Passive: Haha what a silly app haha so where would someone go to find such an app, you know, for a prank lol

249035  Passive: When you're at a party and someone says they're the best at smash

249103  Air Biscuit: I would buy that shirt.

249106  Air Biscuit: They threw in an emoticon and everything. I'm pretty sure this is photoshopped.

249106  Sadbot: I think a lot of y'all are missing that it's an edit that's critical of "blue lives matter" nonsense

249100  Zukero: I just hope it isn't for mother's day...

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248966 raditzu: still better than tidepods

248937 Spazstatic: @Science @Side Boob thank you both.

248965 glenalec: I'm always understandably relieved when my pee is clear thru yellow because it's like fuck year my kidneys aren't bleeding today.

248999 Entertainmentalist: Stays mostly within the mammalian phylum!

248968 Christina: @raditzu rly!

249040 DrNinjaman: @savvoy I wouldn't mind being dropped on that bottom, if you know what I mean! Getting sucked away sounds pretty good too, in an ethnic sort of way.

248935 glenalec: @savvoy - Genuine LOL. Nice one!

249016 Ironass: I like someone with a little more enthusiasm than that.

249106 Teechur: I agree with @Air Biscuit The lines are too straight. It's probably a handwriting typeface. That being said, I also agree with @Yurishiro

248923 Robespierre: Heavy rotation

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 Amy Housewine: @Mr Bleak Ah, yes, it is my mis-spelling! Hopefuly now I should be able to type 'pomegranate' and it won't display 'cones hotline'.
 Mr Bleak: @Amy Housewine "Bruce Hornsby And The Range" so it does ... "pomegranate"
 Amy Housewine: Every time I type 'pomegranite' this website changes it to '"Bruce Hornsby And The Range', what is this shit.
 bug: Oooooooh, who lives in a banana under the sea?
 VeeKay: The don't even get minimum wage!
 Smorlacks: @fanny Nod, nod; wink, wink; knowwadImean, knowwadImean?
 fanny: @MeTooAlso bananas huh, very strange ;)
 jazzjunkie: #36671 finally found a pear of socks he likes!
 zrj235: @MeTooAlso @Ulillillia bee-a-en-a-en-a-es
 Ulillillia: @MeTooAlso Are you going bananas?
 duckfarts: itd be right if they just removed the B
 zrj235: @MeTooAlso long yellow fruit scarf
 MeTooAlso: I give up.
 MeTooAlso: I didn't write "apples"...why are they changing "a p p l e s"?
 MeTooAlso: If you like Pina apples and getting caught in the rain...
 Yurishiro: Internet 1 - me 0
Image 231542   02-09-18   Uploaded by    Colbo Mundus
 antipatterns: I AINT GOIN BACK
 jochenau: Another day working at the Cheetos factory.
 zrj235: that snow looks awfully orange. don't eat it.
 when so: typical day on daymar
 Scoo: I, too, live on Mars
Image 231541   02-09-18   Uploaded by    eevee
 Commodore 64: @Robespierre say it again!
 topcity: Party 'til the pugs come home.
Image 231540   02-09-18   Uploaded by    chemical
 VeeKay: Heroin was so fucked up when I was a kid but now it's an entry level drug.
 Callahan: Fans are in disbelief.
 fumbduck: :)
 Yurishiro: I guess you start many conversations with "Hey y'all I..."
Image 231539   02-09-18   Uploaded by    PygmyGremlin
 addend: Next scene: Easy Reader.
 jazzjunkie: @Prostata Your voice-to-text software is clearly better than mine! :-p
 jochenau: @when so @tokyopig doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot! TWELVE!!!
 duckfarts: hell of a loss edit
 zrj235: if i had a dollar for every time this happened...
 Prostata: one two three bong hit six seven eight bong hit eleven BONG
 Prostata: one two three blowjobs six seven eight handcuffs eleven whips!
 when so: one two three, four five six, seven eight nine ten, eleven twelve.
 tokyopig: one two three, four five six, seven eight nine ten, eleven twelve.
Image 231538   02-09-18   Uploaded by    Mr. Skeltal
 VeeKay: Hell of a drug
 zrj235: @duckfarts say hello to my little friend. he's under this couch here let me just scramble around for 2 hours trying to find him
 zrj235: @Not A Bot i do that too sometimes. when i'm not a cat.
 duckfarts: Tony Meowntana
 zrj235: me during the entire month of December and some of January. Yeah, I was a cat. And also some other things.
 Not A Bot: My new hobby would be loudly dragging my furniture
 Scoo: Do you know the street value of that mountain!?
 Kirtov: Mr. Whiskers had been drug-free for six weeks when he had his first relapse. It hit him harder than we could've imagined.
 Yurishiro: You have no idea man, it was so white man, I have seen things man...
 ignatz: No problem, I got it under control..
Image 231537   02-09-18   Uploaded by    Fast Sloth
 Felicity: If my old elementary school started morphing into a giant casaba
 Korrok: I'm okay with this...
 zrj235: for some reason, i taste mango-berry tea when i look at this picture. might be the synesthesia. might not be.
Image 231536   02-09-18   Uploaded by    xylophone
 Jabberwikket: One two three four five, six seven eight nine ten, eleven Twelve ! .... thirteen... fourteen
 zrj235: also, that face. the contentment of knowing you out-toe all of the other cats in the neighborhood. let em hate.
 jochenau: @zrj235 Polydactyly is actually pretty common in cats already...
 duckfarts: @KyleisBobDole you must have a lot on your mind
 zrj235: @Dr Awkward dude 7-8 toes goes beyond supernumerary and into hypernumerary. needs to breed with a true Hemingway cat.
 zrj235: shopped? if not, please tell me this cat is not fixed. these genetics MUST be passed on to future generations.
 Dr Awkward: This kitteh has supernumerary toes. RAD
 Yurishiro: #These beans go on when I close my eyes. Every second of the night I live another life. These beans that sleep when it's cold outside...#
 KyleisBobDole: i;m thinkin bout thos beans
Image 231535   02-09-18   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 Otterman: @Yurishiro Death will ease all of our suffering. At least, for certain belief systems.
 zrj235: oh shit
 Yurishiro: @FabricMan cheer up mate!! Soon we'll all be old and die!!
 FabricMan: Firestarter girl is all grown up now, and I'm almost 40. FML
 ignatz: I want to believe..
Image 231534   02-09-18   Uploaded by    The Turks
 Not A Bot: Possibly in Michigan
 zrj235: as soon as this dude finds out about the text on picture shit you did he is gonna fuck you up.
 WTF: I'm NOT mother f'ing Laurence Dogburne!
 Yurishiro: Say what again, I dare you.
Image 231533   02-09-18   Uploaded by    cthulhu
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