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262382  charlemagne: the meek have inherited the earth

262393  Not A Bot: I'm pretty curious what that handwritten sign in the window says...

262380  Fiveninety: doesn't have "should've," "should of" and "should'em"

262391  Shay: So one advantage of tripping on acid is it rejuvenates your hair?

262384  Fiveninety: @Herm Cremombies i can't -- we only have plus here

262387  Magdra: J:man you're so full of shit your eyes are brown. C: so are yours

262235  Shay: When Predator takes a shit.

262386  Robespierre: Image could use a red circle

262386  a sedated moose: Okay, why's everybody a random red name now?

262385  Robespierre: Needs a little adjustment in hue

262387  Robespierre: Dude's a reg'lar raconteur

262386  a sedated moose: Really?

262384  FabricMan: Whatever you do, don't send me large amounts of money!

262386  a sedated moose: eSam.

262385  FabricMan: After drinking blue Koolaid

262379  Robespierre: Install with the pointy end toward the front

262361  Robespierre: @Annoying Vegan Annoying yes, but I like it too.

262357  Robespierre: @Gold Morpumple Look to the left - Recent Comments - and our usernames appear there properly. Or at least as properly as our usernames can appear.

262385  WannaBee: All hail Hypnotoad.

262390  bigjim: Gotta love E! Youre the non-important minorities.

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9. Felicity
10. Air Biscuit

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262342 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name

262343 ChubbyBuddy: i lava what you've done w the place

262151 VeeKay: Husbands instagram just two pictures of his tractor

262230 Side Boob: @Mr. Shine Post a pic of her from the yearbook :P

262157 Felicity: @raditzu Well, she is an Amazon...

262176 Felicity: Even in the future nothin' works!

262195 Felicity: 150 percent

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262235 Shay: When Predator takes a shit.

262338 Shay: This is some Tower of Babel shit going on 'ere.

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14. Gringos: 1382 points
15. franktank: 1381 points
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 Deple Plopert: Like a heifer to the slaughter...
 Crorb Plemupert: Plot twist; incredible sequel
 Thamp Grupert: Plot twist; incredibles sequel
 Crort Brungus: @VeeKay… (NSFW)
 Birm Cremumbies: @ignatz Ja, maar wat is de vraag?
 Borb Flongo: Also, #50601
 Dold Brumbies: Whoops, fire. Better tell IRC
 Frempo Groble: This is fine.
 Mirb Albongus: (it goes without saying that I expect @ping to 'shop AG on that screen)
 Thump Horpungo: - someone call nine one one -
 Hing Horpuble: She's just a girl and she's on fire
 Rengo Grumple: Retribution for #231359
 Trungo Plungus: same
 Fluwn Plemupert: Oh damnit. That's going to singe the carpet!
 Jumpo Cremungo: Eraserhead sequel looks promising
 Flingo Flumongo: Shut up babby the spaceship needs me!
 Bilm Drumongo: Die Antwoord?
Image 231360   02-08-18   Uploaded by    Jarbo Plombies
 Loft Flongus: @funny in the wall meh, a little rubbing alcohol and a vasectomy could fix that pretty quick.
 Rungo Gropert: It's not really hurting anything...
 Floft Dampopert: this leads to the pic above. i know i could link it but i don't feel like it
 Vompo Drumupert: Thats a paddlin.
 Gewn Albomple: I, too, have children.
 Darbo Rempoble: Throw it away. Then clean your washing machine.
 Frort Drumongo: Could be worse. At least it's on the outside.
 Frimpo Grunongo: Who washes the washmen?
Image 231359   02-08-18   Uploaded by    Crald Flungus
 Reft Morpungus: Im uh off to go do some shopping
 Lild Morpongus: DAAAAAAANG!
 Valm Rempungus: Pocky is a pretty sweet Halloween treat though!
 Ruple Cremoble: Pocky... exploding with flavor!
 Theft Rempomple: tank you
Image 231358   02-08-18   Uploaded by    Barb Flongo
 Rirt Plemungo: Simple: don't use Paint. I used to love JASC PaintShop Pro, but then Corel bought it, and did their usual "add bugs and complicate" all over it ... :sigh:
 Rump Grunomple:
 Dawn Fluble: Shut up and EAT it, Purplehair.
 Diwn Plemungo: Yeah, is kinda big I guess.
 Gompo Flumuble: how do I giant toblerone
Image 231357   02-08-18   Uploaded by    Bople Albungus
 Lople Flumombies: Condom ad?
 Cromp Morpuble: Juggling is hard
 Hirbo Albuble: @Yurishiro once is ok. i don't want more though.
 Thelm Horpungus: Come To The Sunshine
 Lurb Plomple: Juggling family is hard enough without adding career
 Jung Flumbies: Children. Not even once.
Image 231356   02-08-18   Uploaded by    Meft Horpumbies
 Flengo Rempumbies: Loving this recent surge in @ping content. And now I'm going to make a *splat* noise whenever I badvote stuff
 Bolm Horpumple: Them turmaters dusn't luuk vury rottun tu me, I'll tell u hwut.
 Crart Rempongus: Tomacco
 Luld Flumombies: wow @ping tho, you work fast man!
 Damp Plemongus: @Yurishiro You should be nice tooyertoes
 Pamp Brongo: Those are Killer Tomatoes!
 Crulm Albumple: I'M BAD TOMATOES
Image 231355   02-08-18   Uploaded by    Lerb Cremumbies
 Veng Grungus: Close up of the little-known SAD button.
 Thomp Dampumple: I blue myself
 Mimp Bromple: Booberry
 Bald Cremungo: Rad Button magnified?
Image 231354   02-08-18   Uploaded by    Long Morpuble
 Hift Plemombies: Jokes that everyone gets, and everyone thinks they're special cause they get it and nobody gets insulted. That's not the spirit.
 Pirb Albongo: @tib gubb alas, I wish we still had xp
 Merbo Plumple: @Yurishiro @Peter Pantsless Microsoft, to me, has released some really great products. I don't really appreciate the OS (windows 7 was good...) The overall UI for things like windows and office is really frustrating for me. it's never been a technical issue, so much as a preference issue. I also notice that when I get down into some tweaking on my system, that a lot of stuff is leftover from XP. I don't know how much of that is high-level leftovers and sheer laziness, but 15 years is a fricking eternity here, and doesn't really do much to build my confidence in their consumer-grade product.
 Melm Rempupert: @Yurishiro I have a similar relationship with Windows. For all the crap they get, I've never had an issue with any Windows OS; any problem I've had has been my fault. Plus customer service at Microsoft is a bunch of pushovers and you can badger them into giving you free stuff without even raising your voice. Same with EA CS, actually. EA can still get bent, though
 Borm Horpupert: Get me outta dis wack ass crystal prison
 Murt Drumongo: @tib gubb ironically, I never had any issues with IE in my whole life
 Flompo Plombies: @Yurishiro sorry
 Borb Dampuble: I am a proud user of internet explorer, sometimes edge. *cowers*
 Virt Brumbies: Radded for accuracy
Image 231353   02-08-18   Uploaded by    Trown Morpopert
 Rirt Plopert: Korrok approves.
 Bimpo Drumungo: Thank you young Vin Diesel.
 Triple Horpomple: This makes as much sense as shitting in your hand and rubbing it in your hair, but thats what it makes me want to do.
Image 231352   02-08-18   Uploaded by    Lown Grumple
 Pild Plongus: @Felicity Wow. Walnut. blown.
 Ving Flumopert: @Teechur So the Mario universe was really about Princess Vagina of the Penis Kingdom
 Tharm Plongus: @Peach No offense!
 Fliwn Morpongo: I see brain.
 Varb Drumongo: @Teechur I don't like your tone.
 Mingo Plemuble: I am a kiwi and I approve this message.
 Pimp Morpungo: I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees.
 Hiwn Plemuble: I am an eggplant and I kind of like it!
 Pirm Grunuble: I am a peach and I'm not too happy with this game, either.
Image 231351   02-08-18   Uploaded by    Vingo Grongo
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