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233754  Munkybut: I have watched much porn this way

233795  itskando: Same

233788  Felicity: Surprisingly, Murakami Wolf and not Clasky Csupo

233789  Felicity: Im still not sure if its Robocop or RoboCop

233810  Dr Awkward: Ok, cool. Let me know when that happens

233809  Munkybut: I get it!

233798  Felicity: I am the arm

233799  Felicity: She reminds me of the good-looking Nosferatu in /Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines/

233798  Starky15: Wasnt as creepy on a Stranger Things.

233814  Not A Bot: i like their tanned hands

233799  Scoo: Strokemon

233775  Warrax: This dog is good with kids.

233808  Warrax: I can smell it from here, too.

233794  john dough: jazz is my life.

233807  glenalec: A spikey-kitten!

233804  Psymon: I know we said 'til death do us part, but, c'mon...

233770  Hokie333: It's our old friend the Russian Fishing Cat! #189056 #226300

233804  a robot: Noooooooooo

233805  BavidDowie: Just another lovely day in Fargo.

233806  Nope: Fuck yeah

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233742 Teechur: @Robespierre Or Sammy Davis Jr.!

233737 Wooden Spoon: Louis CK quote in a less repugnant package.

233552 Felicity: I remember this episode of /Transformers/

233730 White Rice: @barfolomew @jochenau happy to be of service (but not as happy as the creator has been...ugh, I made myself a little sick thinking about that :-P)

233686 Side Boob: This is what Bananarama actually believes

233701 Dr Awkward: @fanny Code red and cool ranch, to be precise, but yeah.

233578 Kaviri: Not pictured: all of the toppings get pulled off with the cheese.

233783 hajjpodge: This is too much for me.

233553 DrinkMixMan: Forks out for Harambe

233762 FireBreathingMarmot: From tan lines and leg development, I'm a guess cycling sprinters. Or if they are famous right now probably speed skaters who cycle in the summer for cross-training. I would not want to race either in a velodrome, even if cycling is just their hobby.

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 Felicity: Boxes of boxes of water. Metawater!
 White Rice: Ooh, I remember this stuff. Isnt it even more overpriced than Voss/Fiji water (which are both stupidly expensive as it is) with the added benefit of a container that doesnt come close to actually sealing when you close it after the initial opening?
 Mad Collager: ...if you catch my drip.
 Teechur: Siliconized cardboard is not recyclable in many areas. The water from your tap, however, is 100% recyclable. In most cases, it is also perfectly healthy. Send this to Capetown.
 Yurishiro: ...than nothing. I agree.
Image 230979   02-06-18   Uploaded by    nightmarez
 SpaceCow: Yes, I would like to hear your specials on elective surgery.
 dangerkeith3000: Screw that, Leeloo, I want a Multipass.
 LurkedMoar: Yay Mass General!
 El Barto: When your food is ready you will be tazed.
Image 230978   02-06-18   Uploaded by    entropy
 SpaceCow: The Brawny Man fights to regain his rightful throne.
 VeeKay: Doesn't come any radder!
 VeeKay: Doesn't come any radder!
 Supermansbrother: Can I get an amen?
 Yurishiro: @Felicity I remember this hipster war of the 1860
 Felicity: Hipster Civil War re-enactment?
Image 230977   02-06-18   Uploaded by    Mextreme Enchirito
 Bernie 2016: @Teechur i agree with this
 Teechur: Ah, the fabled Lock-king.
Image 230976   02-06-18   Uploaded by    Fantasy
 Felicity: Now I want cake. And I just got paid and am on my way to make a food run...
 wolfpk: *Again
 Mr. Whiskers: I once gave my friends mom a "Sorry I puked in your couch cake
 Spazstatic: Username upload synergy is strong with this one
 El Barto: No probs, my dude! Best night of my life!
 Teechur: Mr. Cosby's cake reads differently.
 fumbduck: I forgive you, Mr. Busey.
Image 230975   02-06-18   Uploaded by    lolnotrly
 Mad Collager: Toyota introduces the Pribus!
 glenalec: If this car's rockin', the nuclear accelerator is off-balance.
Image 230974   02-06-18   Uploaded by    sad face
Image 230973 is unbelievably bad (score -5) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Vivian. Boo, Vivian.
 Not A Bot: You're implying that people DON'T shriek when dropping bricks in the can?
 Yurishiro: you're lucky I love yaks
 ping: You cad.
Image 230972   02-06-18   Uploaded by    soccer
 Teechur: Erhmagerd! Furdget Spurners!
Image 230971   02-06-18   Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 tib gubb: "cigars"
 Skaalar: And yes, that means he had heat-vision.
 Skaalar: Little known fact, this was how Churchill saved London during the Blitz.
 dobbiesdoogs: i'm surprised they didn't just say, "fuck it, he's got smokescreen powers now" like they did all of his other powers
 Felicity: I miss when Superman looked 36 years old
 glenalec: And then get super-emphysema!
Image 230970   02-06-18   Uploaded by    demonius
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