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268611  Felicity: @fanny Definite bad vote from me, unless the uploader is also the person in the photo, having a laugh at their own expense

268597  tib gubb: the tiger can feast; on stupid zoo patrons

268620  Felicity: YouTube video OyAyPzWmjcc seems to apply

268622  Felicity: In the words of Dana Carvey, woke up with a case of the fuckits

268665  Sage: bobrossSq

268613  tib gubb: worth it

268649  ThoughtlessGentleman: assholes all the way up!!

268620  tib gubb: well, she's not exactly a glider

268625  tib gubb: that is highly unsafe

268633  tib gubb: stupid sexy velma

268634  tib gubb: oh jeez i need to watch that movie again (the three amigos)

268647  Spazstatic: Same.

268633  mwoody: The current DC comics Scooby Doo is actually pretty dark, and very much in this vein.

268641  Butcherboy: Ahhh! Very good. I was thinking about the inverse. As in why would the white freeze, paint etc@Yam

268660  Spazstatic: I mastered it then moved on. I haven't touched a piano since I was fifteen!

268653  ChubbyBuddy: @Mr. Whiskers Gay's Arsecade: Erected Eighteen Titty-Five

268651  AstoriaBum: Bele or Lokai?

268657  tib gubb: kid knows what's up

268661  Mr. Butt: Honey, you mean HUNK-ules!

268662  ignatz: What? It's all Marvel..

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268497 Scoo: murica.jpg

268265 barfolomew: @AlexDeLarge word of mouth, I suppose.

268539 Mr. Whiskers: Im going to stop beating jokes to death in online comments

268299 Side Boob: @sparenamelaptopdied Frasier has already left the building :P

268282 copunter: DDT is safe! Democracy works!

268386 Teechur: Maybe Saturn has gone vegan

268477 Felicity: I remember this level of Space Harrier

268323 alex: this made me vote rad @fanny

268405 Felicity: Beautiful dress. And with gloves! Rad

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 abrahamx: A Columbia/Tristar/Shell Beach Production
 carpwoman: Composite image.
 Wumph Morms: WGIYV
Image 229417   01-28-18   Uploaded by    topcity
 Mac: Calling Trump a piece of shit doesnt hurt my feelings. Its quite possibly true. Yet, I would categorize the characterization of the President of The United States as a pile of shit to be politically hostile. Just because you may agree doesnt give it a pass.
 redpeepee: Apologetic Chet from /Weird Science/
 Mad Collager: Trump just got religion. See? He's speaking liturdically!
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: @Robespierre that was gold
 EndlessVanity: @SimonSaysGarfunkel Check out Dowd on Melania in today's NYT.
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: The only hostile thing here is that this assumes even flies want to be around 45 which we all know is DEFINITELY fake news
 Mr. Shine: @Mac Oh my sweet summer child.
 trumpet: I'd say someone got their feelings hurt, but there's nothing hostile about the truth.
 DrinkMixMan: Subtle
 Ulillillia: Ronald Dump
 Mac: friendly spaceship is a socially-progressive site. We do not accept comments or images which are racist, sexist, or politically hostile. We're here to have fun, not to argue or antagonize.
 sparename: Not a Trump, so this must be Donald Follow-Through
Image 229416   01-28-18   Uploaded by    Robespierre
 VeeKay: U wot m8
 UltraBeverly: Best gay bathhouse in Hackberry!
 Shay: Bowels no move; tepee full of shit.
 genius: @SimonSaysGarfunkel It's the one spot on Earth where the three meet in reasonable harmony.
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: @Robespierre Im always freaked out and yet intrigued by Truth or Consequences. Cant ever tell if its a town for Matrix fans, desert hippies, or psychoactive cults.
 IM AN ASSHOLE: It's my second-favourite NM establishment name, second only to the late-but-great "Doofnac Xemi" in Tucumcari (Tonight).
 Dr Awkward: The Land of Enchantment!
Image 229415   01-28-18   Uploaded by    Robespierre
 VeeKay: Apparently this is from a Belgian fire service training video - a joke.
 tib gubb: today, on "spot the new guy"
 Dr Awkward: Ever see a locomotive do a bunny hop? Me neither
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: Driving that train, high on cocaine, Casey Jones is a loser cause hes going to jail.
 Ulillillia: This derails the train
Image 229414   01-28-18   Uploaded by    mickeyd
 VeeKay: Good old Mr Dead guy on the train.
 Frank herbert: @SimonSaysGarfunkel - Ironically, this guy is presently dreaming he is in public with all his clothes on.
 WTF: You had me with your underarm Zima.
 BaconCake: @fanny Oh, I realized that; hence the capitalization.
 fanny: @Robespierre lol yes, but i was talking about that dirtbag from Jersey Shore Situation
 Mr. Shine: I take it the date didn't go well.
 Sauce Packets: @fanny Some sorta Situation, anyway.
 fanny: is that The Situation?
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: Ive had this dream before.
 barfolomew: And they say romance is dead.
Image 229413   01-28-18   Uploaded by    Messed Up Dog
 tib gubb: that's what you call marriage material
 Vault Dweller: @Side Boob cuz bewbs
 140bpm: She looks like she might have pulled that sign out of some anime dimensional space pocket
 VeeKay: I wouldn't fight her.
 Korrok: I'm a rebel. That's why I give huge wads of my money to big faceless multicorps who - demonstrably - don't care if I die horribly!
 WTF: Cancer Collection Area
 Warrax: Checkmate, pigs.
 Side Boob: I find everything about this oddly exciting.
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: This I wholeheartedly endorse.
 barfolomew: Addiction is hilarious, especially when it interferes with daily life!
Image 229412   01-28-18   Uploaded by    fatman
 Yam: Cute furbies
Image 229411   01-28-18   Uploaded by    obboma
 Not A Bot: I will take one can from that last shelf now. and no cans from anywhere ever again!
 Scoo: Little full, lotta sap
Image 229410   01-28-18   Uploaded by    seahawks
 dorian: @Felicity - running in hard shoes I can at least work out, but WHAT THE HELL is that thing that drops? A marble? A glass eye? Something nothing like those that nevertheless sounds like them? Infuriating I tell you! Maddening!!
 whiplash: @glenalec And people running back and forth in wooden clogs
 Rocky XLVII: Every - and I do mean EVERY - non-top-floor apartment I have lived in has included the periodic sound of a glass marble falling on a hard surface.
 tib gubb: slam dunk contest in the living room!
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: @grizzly yeah. It turns out that was a very effective way to drain a can. Maybe not the cleanliest but who cares when youre 27 and broke.
 grizzly: @SimonSaysGarfunkel was there any tuna left in the can when you were done?
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: One time I wanted to open a can of tuna but I didnt have a can opener and money just wasnt there to go get a cheap can opener. Eventually settled on a hammer and a flat head screw driver. Took about 30 minutes but hopefully my neighbors downstairs knew how much the effort was worth. Nothing.
 barfolomew: True love right there.
 Spazstatic: Same thing we do every night: try to take over the world!
 Bagels: A good productive day
 Korrok: There's nothing about this I don't like.
Image 229409   01-28-18   Uploaded by    nclaw
 Ulillillia: electrhorn
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: Now thats being positi...wait...but that would....but that doesnt...
 Yam: So salty
 Mr. Whiskers: Typical Chlorine...just wishing it was Chloride and relying on Sodium to magically make it happen
 Peter Pantsless: Same
Image 229408   01-28-18   Uploaded by    InfiniteZero
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