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237935  WTF: Buttsniff and...?

237931  White Rice: @Himesama well, now you know what to do if you ever get in an argument worthy of petty annoyances & childish -revenge-

237928  Warrax: Pisa flavored ice cream? I dunno about that.

237921  Not A Bot: What can you do. Dare to be stupid.

237935  Warrax: Always am.

237936  White Rice: He just kept hearing things about hot flashes from his great-aunt, so he thought he was helping.

237874  drtofu: Behold, my cat-gun!

237876  drtofu: fucking duck

237936  Ulillillia: Good to know, I guess.

237934  mexican: Most obvious social engineering attempt I have ever seen.

237934  NashtasticVoyage: Wow, me too! I wonder if we've met. What's your mother's maiden name?

237934  Off Topic: A paved one.

237926  mrdiron: We've all been there

237941  Nope: Ha, pee stain

237942  Nope: Well its good she keeps them in a glass and not her vagina, might want to take it a bit easy on the blush though.

237914  Springbok: He's certainly not cowardly

237917  Springbok: Is that Satan in the bottom right shadows?

237932  charlemagne: the glass eyes make it look so lifelike

237907  charlemagne: that's it ruffles! keep it spinning

237879  Whatever: Uses natural gas I bet

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237697 trelyate: "shit, I left my weed in the glove department"

237699 some guy : Windowlicky

237873 Ulillillia: The Olympics only they give out laptops instead of medals

237763 some guy : What am I supposed to be seeing here? What should I notice about this?? I could really use a graphic aide.

237857 Mr. Shine: @glenalec classic Lassie.

237734 OldKentuckyShark: You're going to watch your favorite shows on the internet? You seem like a cheap ass...

237717 Wooden Spoon: @Dr Awkward: Starring Bennie Goodman

237737 Mr. Shine: @charlemagne I don't believe so. During Sealand's Civil War, the German government negotiated for the return of the only P.O.W., and paid a hefty fee for his release.

237727 glenalec: Well, if you can't control your vehicle properly....

237696 hajjpodge: Kim Jong Un's side business.

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 Mr Bleak: Is this a five minute argument, or the full half hour?
 jochenau: That's a lovely brick path with trees you're obstructing there, move out of the way D:
 Otterman: How's business? Terrible, that guy over there is giving it away for free.
 Robespierre: @Science "No, it isn't." "Yes, it is." "No, it isn't." "Yes, it is", ad nauseum (read as italics)...
 Science: Is this the right room for an argument?
 barfolomew: @Yurishiro so, he won't argue Britain under the Thatcherite Junta.
 tokyopig: The sign at my table says "I will troll other trolls for the luls"
 Yurishiro: Only anything free though.
 Side Boob: @barfolomew Attention?
 barfolomew: Why would anyone need this when the internet exists.
 WTF: I'd prefer "Getting hit on the head" lessons.
 ignatz: No you won't
Image 228856   01-25-18   Uploaded by    aoaoaoao
 Mr. Shine: Why does that chair have neon ground FX?
 El Barto: Taking "Therapy dog" to a whole new level!
 barfolomew: OFF! No dogs on the furniture! Get off!
Image 228855   01-25-18   Uploaded by    edvard
 WTF: (Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin plays)
 Yurishiro: @Urn BooUrn LOL that was my first thought!
 Urn BooUrn: Mondays...
Image 228854   01-25-18   Uploaded by    windows96
 glenalec: The medical version costs 200 times as much and is the same but a white paint job.
 El hefe: Tim the Tool Man Taylor MD
 VeeKay: I'd rather not, but thanks.
Image 228853   01-25-18   Uploaded by    Stephen Milkmus
 Shay: Repub: that's the word I use to go to another bar while pub crawling.
 Not A Bot: Recalculating route.
 Dr Awkward: Still not sure what this has tndonwth republicans
 GoGo Robotto: people will believe anything they're told
 tib gubb: more like a gummi SCARE
 WTF: I injected two gummi bear and thought I was Queen of the Mushroom Kingdom for a whole week!
 Yurishiro: This shit is powerful 50% chance to become death. (I have no idea where I got the '50%' but still!)
Image 228852   01-25-18   Uploaded by    imaginary gf
 Jack Daniels: @tokyopig rad for this...
 sparename: "I am the man with no name. Zapp Brannigan, at your service."
 Felicity: @a robot Youll notice they never let any of the *main* male characters wear the skant :-(
 Felicity: @dingding This was definitely better. At the time my favourite of her uniforms was the long blue dress from (IIRC) season three, although now I think I prefer this one
 a robot: I like the brief shots in season one of men wearing the skirt uniform. Sad they phased that out so quickly
 wolfpk: @tokyopig You are forgetting Voyager. Though the story line was much different, the fundamentals were the same.
 wolfpk: @tokyopig You are forgetting Voyager. Though the story line was much different, the fundamentals were the same.
 tokyopig: @barfolomew nope. Nominally explorers. If you're cynical they're aggressive diplomats ala missionaries, but that's the vision: that humanity is beyond war and economy and engaging in new problems. For a storyteller, it boils down to the genre of "space western," its a wagon trail story in space: the expedition is lead by ex military figures but it is in essence non military and has no military authority. DS9 was the first of the modern trek series to challenge that idea (and my favorite for a number of unrelated reasons, mostly because I love Ferengi and Klingons) Everything since DS9 has deconstructed the vision and it basically no longer exists in any currently produced show. STD started off with the main character starting a war... that's not trek, that's Star Wars, literally, no matter
 Greek Fire: I always preferred TOS.
 barfolomew: @tokyopig I'm not much of a Trekkie, despite having watched and enjoyed my fair share of TNG. I'm not clear on the terminology, but I thought that the Federation Navy, despite its fundamentally peaceful mission, was still considered a military, sort of akin to U.N. Peacekeepers.
 Side Boob: I think she looks better now :P
 Science: @barfolomew: In all fairness, the male crew had access to the miniskirt look as well. And this uniform looks much, much nicer than the jumpsuit she wore later.
 tokyopig: @barfolomew The federation isn't, or at least WASN'T a military, despite using military ranks and terminology. Also, Commander Troi was at several points in the series mentioned by other characters as being in some sort of less than formal attire (but it wasn't this outfit I'm referring to, it was this beige thing that showed far less leg but more neck if I remember correctly) She stopped wearing it for good after this asshole admiral complained about it in one episode.
 barfolomew: When designing a military uniform, it's vital that the wearer not be able to bend over or climb a ladder.
 tokyopig: Lwaxana approves of that uniform.
 Mr. Pepper: She was always a bit too judgmental and preachy to be sexy, give me Yeoman Tamura from "A Taste of Armageddon".
 dingding: Was this better or worse than the weird one-piece purple cleavage spacesuit?
 donhomero: Shorty gets custom uniforms. Cause she's empathic as fuck
Image 228851   01-25-18   Uploaded by    inthrees
 Felicity: Remember /No Holds Barred/ (1989)?
 Robespierre: Circles Uranus? Wipes off Klingons?
 fumbduck: Tell him instead of taking a picture, you goon.
 Yurishiro: Are they trying to make us believe this stuff happens in real life? Because I don't buy it.
Image 228850   01-25-18   Uploaded by    Sprinkles
 Felicity: Sometimes Superman and Batman dress up as each other to fool supervillains
 a robot: Right above this picture on my screen is an ad, it's a picture of tasty-looking grilled eggplant and bruschetta, but the text below says "blow up real adult dolls." Seems rather appropriate to go with this image
 Yurishiro: ain't here*
Image 228849   01-25-18   Uploaded by    Bitcoin Burglar
 Felicity: Scooby Dthlhu
Image 228848   01-25-18   Uploaded by    reply
 PenguinBartender: When you get demoted from blue to green after coming home from vacation.
 Robespierre: Ergonomic?
 Prostata: this is what happens when you just stuff it in your bag with all your other crap
 San DoDo: That is why we can't have nice things
 Derp Herpigan: Have you tried turning it off and back on again?
 Teechur: You should have taken that out of your pocket before you sat down.
 Kaviri: "Modern Art"
 Yurishiro: Salvador Dali you talented bastard
 tib gubb: "I'll be mentioning this on your performance review."
Image 228847   01-25-18   Uploaded by    Clim Tinties
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