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233184  Mr Bleak: Cows and swings. Not a good combination.

233203  Mr Bleak: Provided consent is involved, fine - I'm up for it. But a better chat up line might help your chances. And dinner. Just sayin'

234180  addend: "What? You don't wash your food clean?"

233218  Mr Bleak: Did you pack your bags yourself Mr White?

233222  Mr Bleak: @redmonkey3 Fine. But ... they don't disintegrate like TP is designed to do, so they clog your plumbing. And if you haven't had the job of fixing a ten foot deep manhole full of effluent you soon will! Took me three hot showers to get the smell out of my nose ...

234198  Amy Housewine: @ping Fairly good username/comment synergy.

234179  addend: @a robot (Takes tray into bathtub.)

233235  Mr Bleak: Slodging for nuns.

233237  Mr Bleak: So ... I stick my fingers down my throat 6 times over a tile floor, and I get a BJ? OK, I can do that.

234201  Amy Housewine: I sent my bofktler for tea.

234138  Volwen: So is a calzone a ravioli?

233242  Mr Bleak: Having killed the cameraman, the drop bears take over the documentary.

234186  addend: kimjongunicycles

234148  Volwen: Carpet doesn't match the drapes? Get a rug!

234152  Volwen: @Mr. Whiskers Technically could be both

234158  Volwen: Now you just need a tattoo of a shirt and there is nowhere you can't go.

234165  Volwen: Explain THIS flat earthers

234188  addend: (Steals sign. Returns it later on with a proper frame.)

234193  addend: Ugh, ketchup.

234194  addend: Bert & Ernie.

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233978 Austin: Austinnnnn

234036 Slerzy: Something something meat curtains

234070 Demon Universe: Eh, close enough. *starts to eat breakfast*

234010 Felicity: OYTO?

233960 Dr Awkward: Pizza hat

234026 FatTigerWoods: Bout to cure this autism right quick

234083 Robespierre: Don't have nuffin to do wif the weather, @Coolguy

234111 raditzu: this must smell awesome

234099 Prostata: really?

234065 Entertainmentalist: Odds are very good that each thing on the list is there because someone tried it.

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 Mr Bleak: @VeeKay Nope: the lever. Mole grips are all based on applications of a lever (and so is the wheel, in a way).
 Popsicle Dream: @VeeKay Uh huh
 VeeKay: Mole grips. Litererally and figuratively the most useful tool ever invented.
 Greifer: Multitool
 Aufziehvogel: When you have a nail, everything looks like a hammer
 Micro Jackson: What more do you need?
Image 226989   01-15-18   Uploaded by    psyops
 Dresdenkeogh: What do we want? Not to offend! When do we want it? Let me know when you're feeling up to it!
 Amy Housewine: "Careful Now"
Image 226988   01-15-18   Uploaded by    Sharkface
 Mad Collager: Virginia is for Letterspace Cadets.
 Ulillillia: @Side Boob Irnproper typing is bad
 dobbiesdoogs: virginia is for graphic designers
 Side Boob: @Ulillillia May all your type be set improperly! :P
 Ulillillia: @Side Boob Keming rules
 Teechur: @Side Boob Don't knock it until you've tried it. Personally, I've never kerned before.
 Spazstatic: Yeah, who likes Virginia?
 Side Boob: If this is something you care about, please sterilize yourself.
Image 226987   01-15-18   Uploaded by    Apple IIe
 VeeKay: Mi name is blu
 Christina: "Just sitting here with my hooman."
 Amy Housewine: Behold the proud Canintaur.
Image 226986   01-15-18   Uploaded by    RzK
 Nope: @dangerkeith3000 Get that kinky stuff out of here, there are kids around.
 dangerkeith3000: I am someone's human pet!
 Side Boob: *Sad Hulk walking away music*…
 a robot: *lowers shirt, walks away sadly*
Image 226985   01-15-18   Uploaded by    metallica
 Christina: Free belly rubs with exam!
Image 226984   01-15-18   Uploaded by    lionstrong
 Dreforian: GATTAI!
 Yurishiro: @Science ok but it's less funny now.
 Science: @Yurishiro: This is the smaller ship trying to cut across the path of the larger ship, because the captain is an idiot.
 DrinkMixMan: Sunday helmsman!!!!
 Aufziehvogel: Free belly rubs with exam!
 Teechur: The giant Surface Lamprey feeds.....
 Nope: You sunk my cargo ship
 Micro Jackson: No, YOU change course!
 Peach: Everyone is after that free belly rub.
 wolfpk: Who has right of way? Whoever is bigger!
 Amy Housewine: how is boatty formed
 tib gubb: our schwartz are tangled. i hate it when this happens.
 sparenamelaptopdied: "Dem lights woz green, I tell ya!"
 Side Boob: *boop*
 Minnesotan: how've ye done this
Image 226983   01-15-18   Uploaded by    karpeles
 Science: You play jazz flute?
 dangerkeith3000: That guy stole Picard's flute.
 Micro Jackson: Follow me all you hep cats!
 Side Boob: RAD for making me remember Pete Fountain
Image 226982   01-15-18   Uploaded by    Borp Mento
 square44: live jazz tonight
 Micro Jackson: Goat see you
 Amy Housewine: Goat will attend hardcore gigs, but remains metal at heart.
 antipatterns: I heard a story once about a Malaysian heavy metal band who were outlaws, and always playing shows in the jungle ruins to avoid detection. It must have been like this, except without all the pesky humans.
 sparenamelaptopdied: A change from the usual "first gig" in front of three guys and a dog
 nosferatudude: man i love that band
 ThoughtlessGentleman: has to be a good show i see the phobia shirt and theres a fuckin goat!!
 Yurishiro: I want to rescue that goat
 DarkTeddy: This is somewhere i would definetly not want to be
 tib gubb: "what u laughin' at, mate? let's butt heads."
Image 226981   01-15-18   Uploaded by    kswat
 Micro Jackson: Someones gonna get an eye put out
 Peach: He has the most god-awful hair, I hate it I hate it.
 VoR: Fist fest "kicks" off
 Yurishiro: @Derp Herpigan i know right? The backwards hat always tells it.
 Derp Herpigan: How to tell an important character in an anime.
Image 226980   01-15-18   Uploaded by    rip odb
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