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262536  Felicity: Dietary restrictions dictate you must eat six or more people? Add 20 percent

262538  Felicity: Ben Franklin's friendship bracelet

262581  Zarathustra: @Barm Albongo so that's why there's so many oversized pickups in Texas?

262549  AdaMan: I support this

262571  AdaMan: That wouldnt stop me

262525  jazzjunkie: I need dis

262577  Teechur: Captain Americorg

262578  tib gubb: nice kitty... look, i have salmon!

262539  jazzjunkie: Apparently it's a Swedish ad campaign for some amusement park, but man. This is some high-octane dream candy!

262558  tib gubb: it's actually because you're fat there, champ

262575  tib gubb: little hellraisers

262575  White Rice: So, my current game on here is "spot @Not a Bot" (which is only a game due to the shifting red names we all have currently). Anyway, Im officially guessing the first comment on this image (regarding hotdogs & being lady like) is Not a Bot.

262574  Sadbot: 4-door Jeeps are for people who think they're too cool for mini-vans. Spoiler: they are not.

262539  jazzjunkie: Download The Laughing app for your smartphone? This is some dark shit O.o

262493  Amy Housewine: @Beft Flumumple YES WE CAN

262550  lecj07: Don't think he can pull of pink Chanel though.

262560  lecj07: @Craple Dampungo Can confirm. I swing from "I CAN DO ALL THE THINGS!" To periods of relative normalcy to "getting out of bed is hard enough. Do I really need to shower/eat/go to work too?"

262589  A duck: Is it me, or the dog to the right looks mutated?

262561  lecj07: The cure for all of life's blues.

262506  Air Biscuit: Hard work pays other people.

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9. Not A Bot
10. Felicity

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262440 Christina: @Rart Flumomple Those are not for ladies.

262343 DimeBoxSammie: Its only a flesh wound

262425 Stumpwiz: One of those extremely rare left-handed flutes.

262469 Spazstatic: Ajit has bandwidth if you have coin.

262342 Ihminen: what is happening haha

262461 Passive: please dont tell anyone how i live

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262560 lecj07: @Craple Dampungo Can confirm. I swing from "I CAN DO ALL THE THINGS!" To periods of relative normalcy to "getting out of bed is hard enough. Do I really need to shower/eat/go to work too?"

262377 Staida: We get it, you vape

262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

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 6. Shay: 2030 points
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 8. shadebane: 1589 points
 9. pirate: 1536 points
10. confession: 1456 points
11. drhenry: 1412 points
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14. Pizza: 1360 points
15. ineedhepl: 1347 points
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 Buwn Pluble: At least we know where BILL DOOR is today.
 Hoft Cremongo: Gilliamesque
 Borbo Morpoble: Death, where is thy dignity?
 Dempo Plemoble: This "Aguirre, The Wrath Of God" remake is looking particularly bad.
 Jung Albumple: Looks like one of the creatures from farscape
 Geple Plemumbies: Fashion is a play field, don't Judge others Just because you lack the guts to mix it up!
 Bampo Plemungo: Death Takes a Holiday
 Birt Plumple: Behold a pink flamingo, and the man that sat upon him was death, and hell followed with him.
Image 226969   01-15-18   Uploaded by    Freng Morpuble
 Birm Flumumple: TuTu cute
Image 226968   01-15-18   Uploaded by    Crirb Flumongo
 Frewn Dampombies: Now I imagine the first time he said "there are no mistakes, only happy little accidents" was right after he drove into a lake drunk as fuck.
 Gomp Plungo: Scotch-y scotch scotch.
Image 226967   01-15-18   Uploaded by    Vengo Albumple
 Thomp Drumongo: Got any of that schwitty schwag comrade?
 Flurbo Gruble: This is the most useful information I have gotten from the internet
 Rown Drumomple: @sparenamelaptopdied oh, good point. I'm not that witty. Also, the only drug I've had that had an 'E' on it was Excedrin.
 Lurbo Horpomple: More like high-beria amiright folks
 Jiple Horpopert: @Spazstatic I know but on a drugs theme is it only in the UK where ecstasy (MDMA) is known as 'E'?
 Frelm Ploble: @sparenamelaptopdied eels, wasn't it?
 Trirbo Rempumple: My hovercraft is full of 'E's
 Trerb Morpopert: what, vodka's not good enough for you?
 Rurm Horpomple: when you finish your Russian language class, and finally take your trip, is getting stoned with the Ruskies a priority? "I took a semester of Russian but all i can say is, 'hello. where is the bathroom?' and 'do you know where I can score an eighth of dank?'."
Image 226966   01-15-18   Uploaded by    Crango Morpumbies
 Thuld Brumbies: This snow globe is complicated and very detailed.
Image 226965   01-15-18   Uploaded by    Hulm Flungus
 Dorbo Flungus: @square44 - I thought a meatspin would be more sinusoidal.
 Birb Horpombies: you've heard of square waves, sawtooth waves, and triangle waves, now here comes...
 Huft Plemomple: Oscilloscock
 Hampo Albupert: See, rocketship!
 Thung Dampongus: Oscilloscrote
 Ving Dampoble: @SpaceCow JOHNSON!!!
 Jorm Horpupert: "Colonel, you'd better take a look at this radar." "What is it son?" "I don't know but it looks like a huge..."
 Gart Plemoble: O silly scope
Image 226964   01-15-18   Uploaded by    Pirb Flopert
 Jimp Rempombies: Buck Futter!!
 Bulm Albumbies: trebek, ye brigand!
 Hango Horpungo: Unless you're selling penis mightyers. Then I'll take two.
 Lempo Cremungo: then the day is mine!
Image 226963   01-15-18   Uploaded by    Cringo Dampumple
 Vort Flumopert: @funny in the wall That's Drake
 Theld Flumple: Yeah it truly is poisonous. But some Instagram pages are inspiring and worth looking at. @Yurishiro
 Frold Drumoble: @DarkTeddy I never been into Instagram Facebook Twitter or anything else and I plan to STAY away for as long as I can
 Thawn Cremopert: Check 90% of instagram: meme pages. @Yurishiro
 Merm Bruble: @DarkTeddy I didn't get it
 Tralm Brungo: @funny in the wall That's Jimmy from Degrassi: the Next Generation.
 Crerm Plupert: @funny in the wall Aubrey Graham. He used to be a child actor in Canada or something.
 Deple Dampungo: Wow you couldbe a professional meme person @Yurishiro
 Jeng Horpombies: who is this sea lion of a man?
 Baft Cremumple: top pic is me seeing this, bottom pic is me scrolling down
Image 226962   01-15-18   Uploaded by    Freng Drumuble
 Jango Drumopert: I wish to stroke his long floppy ears and call him 'George' and love him and pet him.
 Humpo Grumbies: that's a good looking doggo
Image 226961   01-15-18   Uploaded by    Pirb Brungo
 Jerb Plemongus: Dollar-store Tribbles
 Mirb Flumple: RIP a bunch of green Yoshis
Image 226960   01-15-18   Uploaded by    Lown Rempomple
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