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244474  tib gubb: i've been drunk, but never "purchased a bouncy castle" drunk

244465  WTF: @Sandor The world as a whole...

244466  WTF: 6. The chest-covering flap vibrates.

244293  tib gubb: good old americananian ingenuity

244473  funny in the wall: fuck yeah, go sweden.

244471  WTF: Still not flat enough!

244466  VoR: 5. Hole in the floor

244467  VoR: Resting on birch face

244462  Sandor: Is the teacher Contact Commander's brother?

244465  Sandor: Would be better without Garfield

244467  tib gubb: resting birb face

244480  sparename: Single or double?

244408  PenguinBartender: @lecj07 Overall, they had to be realistic and acknowledge they'd lose fewer of their numbers to their own weapons if they just cut off their own ring fingers.

244462  VeeKay: Unrealistic standard of NASCAR drivers ed.

244469  funny in the wall: are we saying that tide is the tortured artist and not a soulless evil corporation?

244440  PenguinBartender: Foiled!

244443  PenguinBartender: FIGHT!

244468  VeeKay: Truly a turd among images that don't actually show a turd.

244467  FabricMan: Say the secret bird, win a hundred dollars!

244463  PenguinBartender: *slowly looks down at finger on mousewheel*

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244292 FireBreathingMarmot: Banksy goes conceptual.

244294 FireBreathingMarmot: "Where did I go wrong - eating a bowl of glitter, or thinking I could hold back that sneeze..."

244288 prius: going to need my glasses for this

244359 FireBreathingMarmot: Finally!

244300 Yurishiro: The skeleton that sdoot

244419 jazzjunkie: Scientists used to think that long flowing dresses dragged on the ground like a T-Rex tail. The modern assumption is that long flowing dresses (much like a T-Rex tail) are held aloft, aiding with balance and maneuverability at high speeds.

244301 piranharama: Paranoia in a space station tho...

244440 PenguinBartender: Foiled!

244199 lecj07: I want to see her pick up loose change.

244406 Side Boob: Same.

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 falling: Terror On the Third Step - opens everywhere Friday.
 Derp Herpigan: Mfw it's not just a fart.
 Mr. Shine: Time to switch to decaf?!
 Shay: Nope, he just made a typo.
 jazzjunkie: Am I an asshole? Oh fuck! I am!
Image 213790   11-06-17   Uploaded by    1979
 BavidDowie: When pulling that "Lady and the Tramp" trick gets you both salmonella.
 Dick Inspector: The candelabra makes for an extra-romantic atmosphere.
 WTF: The Love Toilet
 Cami: Families that poop together stay together.
 Knice: Shitposting back and forth forever.
Image 213789   11-06-17   Uploaded by    oregon man
 addend: (Checks out early.)
 Not A Bot: REDEMPTION OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. 2009, Iron Sculpture.
 Dr. Bathroom: Can I take drugs OR go whoring?
 Mr. Shine: @fanny maybe their objection is against taking drugs and GOING whoring. Perhaps if one took drugs and just whored IN, it would be more acceptable.
 fanny: @Urn BooUrn horray! drugging tonight whoring tomorrow!
 tib gubb: wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more...
 Urn BooUrn: @fanny Correct. Enjoy yourself, but have some restraint.
 fanny: and implies that i could pick one of the two though, right?
 Mr. Shine: So much for room service, geez!
 Hosebag: So what the hell am I supposed to do then?
Image 213788   11-06-17   Uploaded by    Grandmaster Fat
 tib gubb: truly inspiring
 zrj235: I SAID FUCK IT
 Dr Awkward: The reflection of cash raining down in his shades is a solid detail.
Image 213787   11-06-17   Uploaded by    inthrees
 Science: @BaconCake: He stopped the torrent before it was fully seeded
 glenalec: @jazzjunkie - F you, MPAA! I would if I could!
 Shay: Dead Servers Tell No Tales
 Mr. Shine: Just for fun I stole - I mean "shared"- this car.
 jazzjunkie: You wouldn't download a car
Image 213786   11-06-17   Uploaded by    Commodore 64
 Queen K: I find this delightful
 sparenamelaptopdied: Cookie Doughn't
 tib gubb: super chip boy
Image 213785   11-06-17   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 SomeCanadian: *Franco Drug Administration. @McMuff
Image 213784   11-06-17   Uploaded by    Mr. Lizard
 jazzjunkie: Damn it, you Loch Ness monster! I haven't got three dollars and fifty cents!
 sparenamelaptopdied: Loch Niss?
Image 213783   11-06-17   Uploaded by    Nymphomania
 BavidDowie: I see white chocolate and dark chocolate, but no milk or mocha? :(
 jazzjunkie: I would not be embarrassed to gobble these in polite company.
Image 213782   11-06-17   Uploaded by    badger
 Science: @Dr Awkward: "Titter"
 glenalec: @VoR - shark on the right has actually tasted human flesh and is being polite (Sharks are not keen on the stuff, but they keep mistaking us for malformed seals which they do like the taste of!)
 Dr Awkward: @knice knis?
 VoR: Shark on the right looks like it's a vegetarian that's too polite.
Image 213781   11-06-17   Uploaded by    yawgmoth
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