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248929  Dr Awkward: There's something to be said about the comfort of being united against the bad guy. Honestly, who the fuck knows who that really is anymore.

248869  Telkwa: Ya but he got yellow carded for tearing open his chest and revealing his heart.

248905  raditzu: ...or, more probable, in the ER.

248907  raditzu: bluebird of happiness! well, masked one, but still!

248913  raditzu: real men eat tidepods and drink bleach

248923  WannaBee: @raditzu it seems like a lot more than that.

248932  WannaBee: This is why Helen left him.

248923  raditzu: @WannaBee 3rd time in 2 weeks or so

248873  Telkwa: It's fun to watch when dog's raised around lakes meet the ocean for the first time.

248855  addend: @VoR "Purple members", he-heh.

248879  Telkwa: Diggin' that sweet car ride AC.

248893  Annoying Vegan : I knew a girl in school who used a ketchup bottle this way.

248938  kimjongun: Beauty of North Korea.

248923  Whatever: Really? You call that a noose?

248861  Joseph: Your note is blocking my wheelchair thing.

248925  Annoying Vegan : This breaks the derpometer.

248935  glenalec: Do not give the bison psychoactive substances

248935  glenalec: Stairs lead to a big shed.

248888  Telkwa: He was picking up the gun/ with his finger and his thumb/ in the shape of an L on his forehead.

248928  glenalec: It has a dolly.

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248684 Springbok: Seems familiar

248680 bug: pornhub

248843 tib gubb: that's the temporal paradox episode

248691 Air Biscuit: What medusa calls "collateral damage"

248685 Felicity: Wasn*t that what Wreck-Gar said?

248853 Jaunty Shrimp: @Robespierre If you judge a book by the cover, then you judge the look by lover heh

248870 Jaunty Shrimp: Dont make me won't like me when I'm kermy

248841 Korrok: Korrok approves.

248670 Mr. Shine: @charlemagne genius comment, I loved it!

248734 glenalec: Get rid of post-baby belly with this one weird trick.

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 SpaceCow: That's using the old noodle.
 Jabberwikket: Justin Timber lake cosplay on point Doggo !
 Mad Collager: Wait! I thought spaghetti monsters were supposed to be able to fly!
 Niels Bohr: Vicious bowl terrier
 WTF: If the pasta sticks to the dog's head that means it's done.
 Knice: y u do dis
 tib gubb: ramen isn't a choice, it's a bork.
 sparenamelaptopdied: Labranoodle
Image 213010   11-02-17   Uploaded by    Fuzzpot
 piranharama: Bernie Sanders doesnt know anything about economics Debra!
 VeeKay: Bacterian bactrian.
 Skaalar: Careful. They spit... Also bite. They do a lot of gross stuff actually.
 The Turks: Time to take out that restraining order, Petunia.
 VoR: @flommmm yeah took me a moment too...
 Christina: Run!
Image 213009   11-02-17   Uploaded by    wooden boy
 Prostata: instructions unclear, torched rectum
 Hosebag: I was looking at this for 5 minutes trying to figure out if I'm supposed to swallow that green thing, or what. I'd rather keep the worms thanks.
 WTF: Burn them with fire!
 Dr Awkward: In the US, using a "torch" for such an application would be... unwise.
 Knice: You shine the light up your ass; and when the worms come out to see what's going on you can grab them.
Image 213008   11-02-17   Uploaded by    obboma
 Hosebag: I'm going to shove my boot straight up Santa's chimney!
 Mad Collager: And now, Uncle Harry will thing a Chrithmath thong.
 Dr Awkward: Banged in the Ass by Santa's Sack of Toys
 Christina: Gross!
 sparenamelaptopdied: Santkini
 Knice: God bless whoever sewed those straps together; for surely they have done the Lord's work.
Image 213007   11-02-17   Uploaded by    younglink
Image 213006 is unbelievably bad (score -14) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by CrookedCop. Boo, CrookedCop.
 tib gubb: that's my rapper name. (i drool a lot)
 petepuma: that's what they call me down at the urology clinic
Image 213005   11-02-17   Uploaded by    glowstick
 piranharama: Dafuq u jus say???
 jazzjunkie: You've been holding out on me, Dave.
 PenguinBartender: "Must go faster."
 Felicity: Why is Hunter S. Thompson in my trunk?
 San DoDo: Sir, do you have a moment to talk..
 tib gubb: you came to the wrong neighborhood...
 Warrax: Have you heard the word?
 ThoughtlessGentleman: watch your eyes.
 sparenamelaptopdied: "FOUND, one giraffe-cat, seems friendly..."
Image 213004   11-02-17   Uploaded by    nuke em
 Christina: Cool pinata.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: soooooooo many eyes!!!!
Image 213003   11-02-17   Uploaded by    elahabdh
 glenalec: Slimemould conversations
 VeeKay: "Bury the elf bastard head down".
 Mad Collager: @Catcat Smurf came.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: that is most definitely something that will end up in your eye
 fanny: they look delicious. probably poisonous, but delicious.
 Catcat: Earth came.
Image 213002   11-02-17   Uploaded by    dragon horn
 Mr Bleak: He followed us home mom - can we keep him?
 glenalec: Are you my mother?
 2Berries: One of the best guardian forces from ff8! Only casts demi, but better than wasting the draws
 PenguinBartender: Diablo never could fit in at Mephisto's classy home, always praying Baal would get their first to avoid uncomfortable silences at holidays.
 wolfpk: Vs #212994
 Christina: Someone really wants to win best costume prize.
 Yam: When Dibablo III came out, I kinda disliked the character model for Dibablo, but Ive recently been playing Dibablo II and kinda realizing the old red-hulk sorta look was a bit trite.
 Knice: Cue: Urgent need to shit.
Image 213001   11-02-17   Uploaded by    Father Goose
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