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244490  Dr Awkward: @dangerkeith3000 I can see it!

244488  Skinr: Noooooooooow here's a little story I gots to tell, about three bad brothers ya know so well

244491  Dr Awkward: Haha, there is a whole set of pictures of dudes with beards looking straight up. It is straight up disturbing.

244486  Shay: What a waste of graph paper.

244489  Shay: Prince Alarming is on his way.

244493  Warrax: Weirdest 3 year old birthday party I've ever been to. Cake was good though.

244493  Dr Awkward: Happy Wienerversary!

244491  Sadbot: Toothpaste for Dinner 3D

244431  2Berries: @WannaBee i'll take the smell of wine & cheap perfume please

244483  sparename: MOST cat milk does not come from cats...

244491  Mr. Butt: I just watched Eraserhead for the first time last night. Shit's crazy.

244355  kornisjon: Ugh. Social media edgelords.

244492  Side Boob: Shaka. When the walls fell. :P

244473  kazzy94: I don't know if this right wing propaganda or not...

244485  Teechur: Waiting for Oscar to come home.

244489  jazzjunkie: Accidental Snow White

244483  Side Boob: The 303rd "Bell and Fuzzy Ball" division is being dispatched to lure the giant cat away.

244484  Side Boob: "Tie rod and CV joint is shot. Tell our driver this is going to be expensive"

244488  Side Boob: The Beastie Boys still fighting for the right to party

244487  Sadbot: The sticker alone might be kind of cute, but getting a vanity plate about being single is a heretofore unknown level of warning sign

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244301 piranharama: Paranoia in a space station tho...

244406 Side Boob: Same.

244466 barfolomew: 9. It actually looks pretty comfy.

244288 prius: going to need my glasses for this

244294 FireBreathingMarmot: "Where did I go wrong - eating a bowl of glitter, or thinking I could hold back that sneeze..."

244280 jazzjunkie: Classic Max

244300 Yurishiro: The skeleton that sdoot

244292 FireBreathingMarmot: Banksy goes conceptual.

244419 jazzjunkie: Scientists used to think that long flowing dresses dragged on the ground like a T-Rex tail. The modern assumption is that long flowing dresses (much like a T-Rex tail) are held aloft, aiding with balance and maneuverability at high speeds.

244440 PenguinBartender: Foiled!

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 Mr Bleak: One of them is going to wish they hadn't started this. Possibly both.
 Prostata: I see what you did there
 piranharama: Ket don't make me good at u
 Mr. Whiskers: Boop
 ThoughtlessGentleman: one part will poison you first thing i the morning for not waking up on time and the other part will eat your eyeballs when youre dead.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: who the hell has a pet cobra?! nevermind yeah breed those together cat cobra hybrid.
 OldKentuckyShark: and so a forbidden love was began
 Ulillillia: Now hiss.
Image 207878   10-06-17   Uploaded by    gorilla
 Austin: 2winnit
 VoR: Aight
 Felicity: Isnt it
 DarkTeddy: Front page
 DarkTeddy: Is this
 DarkTeddy: How the heck
 OldKentuckyShark: get innit
 Ulillillia: Respek
 WaffleIron: Much more successful than their competitior outit
Image 207877   10-06-17   Uploaded by    superfudge
 Air Biscuit: @The Man shake it and see if it sounds like lego.
 Yurishiro: I hope It's made of White chocolate
 Dr Awkward: If this is another bible, I'm gonna be pissed
 OldKentuckyShark: based on the way its wrapped I'd say he got a deformed puppy for his birthday
Image 207876   10-06-17   Uploaded by    rachel
 Mr. Shine: "I couldn't quite read my wristwatch."
 Yurishiro: It was already like this I swear
 Felicity: I barely touched it
 OldKentuckyShark: that kid is strong as hell to be goin around bendin light posts
 WaffleIron: Some of those are 575 volt, so be careful around them.
Image 207875   10-06-17   Uploaded by    Lumb Blombus
 kornisjon: For once, I'm with The Daily Mail.
 Mr. Shine: Ricky Gervais is overrated. Also, not a very nice person.
 raditzu: The Daily Mail is not amused.
 Air Biscuit: The invention of lying was a pretty decent movie, otherwise i dont care for him.
 OldKentuckyShark: Ricky Gervais killed Jerry Seinfeld
 Sadbot: Strong words from the Infowars of the UK, Daily Mail
Image 207874   10-06-17   Uploaded by    androbot
 ThoughtlessGentleman: this is how codex gigas really got written.
Image 207873   10-06-17   Uploaded by    HairyNips
 Felicity: Here at TinaCo, we make butts
 Ulillillia: @a robot NotABot's alt account
 a robot: @Disclosure ........what?
 Ulillillia: Cathy Headquarters
 Warrax: Same.
Image 207872   10-06-17   Uploaded by    macrocosm
 El hefe: Looks like someone down there is gettin' jiggy wit it
 Felicity: Cause if it be illegal you to be dat fine, I be MacGruff mama, takin a bite out of crime!
 Ulillillia: His son's album is "Are Feet Shoes"
 gary: Big willy style
 Warrax: Na na na na na na na nana
 WaffleIron: Bring it!
Image 207871   10-06-17   Uploaded by    flatluigi
 Felicity: Im not sure Im comfortable with a store using Mitch Hedbergs material like this. Also, hyphens are not em-dashes
 OldKentuckyShark: ALWAYS rad for Mr Hedberg
 Warrax: @White Rice I promise I won't eat you.
 White Rice: @Warrax but I like you :-(
 Warrax: I don't like rice.
Image 207870   10-06-17   Uploaded by    catheter
 White Rice: Are hands gloves?
 Felicity: Chocolate ice cream goes in the freezer!
 OldKentuckyShark: no. going barefoot is not shoes. now those thin weird shoes with individual toes are the best of both worlds
 Dr Awkward: Are heads hats?
 Mexico: They're flesh shoes!
Image 207869   10-06-17   Uploaded by    RzK
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