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243904  a sedated moose: HACKERMAN

243944  ChubbyBuddy: @sparename next stop, everywhere

243912  a sedated moose: I think I came to the right neighborhood!

243946  ChubbyBuddy: @Butcherboy which hole?

243946  Side Boob: Let me out, or I will sing the song of my people.

243946  Butcherboy: Put in your 3-D glasses now

243934  itskando: @Sadbot That's why they don't have a mom!

243892  Side Boob: What have you done, Jerry?!

243899  Side Boob: You're eggs!

243902  Side Boob: I've never seen the end of Titanic. I assume they all live happy and productive lives.

243930  Demon Universe: Puppies are only cute because they help us forget that life is a series of electrical stimuli that gives us the false impression of existing.

243907  Side Boob: Why do bad things happen to dumb people?

243944  sparename: Come on, Cactus is our friend, He'll point out the way

243916  Side Boob: @dangerkeith3000 It doesn't say how many calories he consumed :P

243917  Side Boob: I think this kitten wants to box

243936  Demon Universe: @john dough Id wear less masks.

243920  Side Boob: Kylo Ren's lightsaber training took a turn for the weird.

243937  sparename: Going by the 3rd finger being longer that the 1st, (and maybe the 'dark' upper lip) I sort of assume this is a guy in a dress - no problem atall with that but I would need to check for straight/curved calf bone to be slighlty more sure... Anyway barefoot in public toilet? Eeeuuugh!

243927  Side Boob: Cockpit held together!

243940  Demon Universe: Id rather hunt and forage than eat their poisoned flesh.

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243841 White Rice: @fanny heh, I guess I was seeing it more as an arrival than a departure (also, someone mentioned it was the curved/angled apostrophes/quotation marks that stopped working, and that purely verticle ones work fine (which I found on my phone when holding over the regular ones, then selecting " ' " instead of the standard ones)). Note sure how to specify quotation mark/apostrophe types on a desktop, but at least I've got my mobile ones down.

243786 Christina: For that, he needs cream:….

243886 apoxia: @Coolguy My only advice is don't do a PhD. That is legit crazy.

243797 glenalec: They lead to a big shed.

243847 some guy : That's nutty!

243805 Kaviri: And that was a short play by the cast members of the friendly spaceship. I hope you all have enjoyed tonight's entertainment and have a safe journey home. Goodnight!

243778 Kaviri: CtllHAVlX is opening for Amon Amarth this weekend. I'm painting my face early so it will look extra distressed for the concert!

243787 VeeKay: Fingerbanged in the ass by my own finger

243783 BavidDowie: Avogodno

243792 BavidDowie: I know where this is

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 Zampano: oh, Celsius. I'm gonna take a wild guess at this question and say that if your temperature is 209 degrees Fahrenheit, you dead as a motherfucker...
Image 205084   09-22-17   Uploaded by    duckybox
 Mad Collager: @Prostata @Peter Pantsless Well, I know of at least one other who would agree.
 Prostata: Same with Aggro-gator
 Prostata: it's actually better without pants
 Felicity: I can wear dresses instead
 Mexico: That's a relief. I thought I was the only one.
Image 205083   09-22-17   Uploaded by    logan
Image 205082 is unbelievably bad (score -6) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Baby Jesus. We'll pray for you, Baby Jesus.
 Haute and sweaty: Don't cry, you have nice forearms and granite counter tops. Consider buying better alcohol than seagrams and drinking less.
 grizzly: Been there.
 Ihminen: all around me are familiar darkness my old friend youknowthedrill
 Mr. Shine: This is SAD
Image 205081   09-22-17   Uploaded by    agentpaint
 VeeKay: Just voted to have less masculinity and competition in sport and more of this stuff.
 kazzy94: JUUUUST a little on the outside!
 savvoy: That shiko will shake the stadium
 Cami: Aaaaand the wind up...
 Zampano: we need more Japanese women baseball players
 wolfpk: She's gatting rather aggressive with the Ump. She must really disagree with his call.
 Mr. Shine: Wowsers!
 White Rice: @Side Boob it'll be at least .9c...there will be no survivors.
 Side Boob: I hope she can throw a 90+ MPH fastball after going through all that
Image 205080   09-22-17   Uploaded by    obboma
 PenguinBartender: Well shit, how am I supposed to leave a passive-aggressive note on THIS?
 Ihminen: rip bumblebee
Image 205079   09-22-17   Uploaded by    athiest
 Shay: @Gomi Day That is correct sir. I remember in an interview with Dan Castanella, Homer's voice was suppose to sound like Walter Matthau in the shorts, but once The Simpsons became its own series, it morphed into the Homer we know today.
 Gomi Day: that looks like bart from when the simpsons were a short on the tracey ullman show! i used to watch that, all the time. also, i am old.
 Greifer: hey bort wassup
 eider: Just like Bart!
Image 205078   09-22-17   Uploaded by    Shay
 Mr Bleak: @VeeKay Thanks for the warning! I googled for "bald beautiful people" instead and ... oh dear ...
 VeeKay: Don't google Sphynx Cat with safe search off. Just saying.
 Not A Bot: poop on it
 sparename: "Shhh, I'm sphinking.."
Image 205077   09-22-17   Uploaded by    god666
 Dresdenkeogh: Sauron's summer property
Image 205076   09-22-17   Uploaded by    jem
 Donut: You sure the demon isn't German and he's just denying its existence?
 Mad Collager: @dangerkeith3000 He's probably the random color generator.
 Zampano: oh man, don't tell me about random. once lost $200 playing roulette because, "what are the odds it could come up red a fifth time in a row"
 jazzjunkie: According to a friend of mine who designs RNGs, there's at least one Intel chip with a test mode that outputs all nines.
 ASTER: @dangerkeith3000 Scott Adams is a dipshit.
 pleasing: Why'd he change color in the last panel?
Image 205075   09-22-17   Uploaded by    gorilla
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