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258679  Robespierre: This charcuterie is enormous

258373  Science: "Hey - I'm so white that I don't understand this phrase!"

258684  Robespierre: Out hiking at Redstone Saturday when an thorm outflow band started blasting us with sand - felt like this looks, although the fennec is better prepared than we were

258692  Robespierre: "You're not terrierizing hard enough, son ... MORE MADNESS!"

258695  Robespierre: Keep calm and pangolin on

258424  Science: Glad to see Dangle got a job after the Reno incident

258706  Robespierre: Take my money, Todd Lawson! TAKE IT!!!

258713  Robespierre: State-dictated haircuts of North Korea

258708  Teechur: Which one for people who are married to their careers? How about one for people who habitually make bad decisions?

258474  Science: Slapping me gently with his song...

258719  Robespierre: Time to call a Death Cab for Cutie

258722  Robespierre: Flooshy floosher

258713  Teechur: A Barefoot Hokey Runt

258735  artfulcodger: Sorry, I only wear Dvorak much better for your insoles.

258735  twisty: Standard issue for CONTROL agents. Sorry about that, chief.

258735  Bernie 2016: This explains many of Trumps twitter posts.

258735  Vault Dweller: Later the letters will be rearranged to spell "KANYE" across one of the rows and the shoe will sell for $2200

258627  Robespierre: Hey - @dangerkeith3000 is really Bob Barker! Who'da thunk it?

258520  Science: Holy hell, I just realized that these are Inferno shells from Necromunda...

258725  charlemagne: this is a satire about the lack of affordable healthcare. you can tell it is a satire because it has animals in it

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258337 Hokie333: I knew it, I'm surrounded by-- oh wait wrong movie

258524 Shay: Is this the elusive turducken people talk about?

258441 addend: (Finishes. Hibernates.)

258546 Mr. Butt: @Passive Fucking racist.

258450 Bohab: @Scoo oh man, I wish

258590 Science: @Sadbot: Well, considering the gunman is often killed, motivations remain a mystery. Also, the news media doesn't make headlines out of motivations because they usually aren't exciting and take time away from more sensational news items.

258520 Science: Holy hell, I just realized that these are Inferno shells from Necromunda...

258696 Mr. Butt: Okay.

258618 a robot: @VeeKay Nah that was my first thought too, like "back in the day when teen idols were in their 30s," but I realized that trend has never really gone away. Like the grown-ass adults on 90210 and in boy bands and stuff.

258402 Amy Housewine: I resent that: I might be a witless bum magician but I'm not 'just' a witless bum magician.

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 DrinkMixMan: I hear those girls are fungis
Image 204730   09-21-17   Uploaded by    hosehorse
 petepuma: Auto-rad for beating the Nazis with a bicycle kick
 WTF: He doesn't look anything like the block from "Pele's Soccer" for the Atari 2600.
 ignatz: Rad for the volcano
Image 204729   09-21-17   Uploaded by    entropy
 El Barto: #204735
 charlemagne: while the oven warms up, I'll show you how to separate the meat
 Catcat: The cat is absorbing her.
 aoaoaoao: Caterpillow!
 a robot: SO FLUFFY
 ignatz: What luck- a fiesta cat!
Image 204728   09-21-17   Uploaded by    james
 Mad Collager: Of course I can act! Look, this is my pugnacious expression.
Image 204727   09-21-17   Uploaded by    shipotle
 usernamee: Is this the Frat House from Hell? Actually, EVERY frat house is the Frat House from Hell.
 Mad Collager: @a robot Your stock with me just went up!
 Noremak: @WTF For the taste.
 Borkf: @tib gubb The kind of girls who yearn for these types of guy are probably not girls you want to be associated with.
 WTF: @Noremak Do you lick envelopes to seal and mail them or are already sealed and delivered envelopes fair game?
 Catcat: @Noremak Oooh, a tough one. You just go to seediest porn threater, then, or try Craigslist personals.
 Noremak: @Catcat My hobbies are licking envelopes and watching congressional talks on CNN. I'll try to open with that at the next goth bar I visit.
 jazzjunkie: "spiked", or...
 AFanOfSprite: Green pants? Seriously?
 tib gubb: @a robot I speak from personal observation - certainly I did not mean to say that all girls desire to be with this kind of person.
 a robot: @tib gubb I hope you are being sarcastic, because as a girl I would be very happy to kick every one of these dudes in the balls
 tib gubb: yet girls yearn for them... life is truly unfair and cruel.
 WTF: The constant stream of "Bro" and "Dude" is deafening even through the screen.
Image 204726   09-21-17   Uploaded by    funy speling
 falling: I loved Larry's beers when I lived where I could purchase them - a pint of Two-Hearted, please.
 kornisjon: @tib gubb But he tooketh away
 Catcat: Also, does beer switcherinoing remove stuff that liver would have to remove without it?
 Catcat: @tib gubb Well, if God didn't want us to die from cirrhosis...
 tib gubb: actually, god gave us eden.
Image 204725   09-21-17   Uploaded by    Fullhouse
 Science: My ankle got snapped just by looking at this picture
 CrookedCop: Trip-trip-trippity Dem ol' Trippin' Balls...
 LurkedMoar: Trippy
Image 204724   09-21-17   Uploaded by    amputator
 White Rice: @Catcat maybe? It could be there's a fresh batch of BS happening, and that's why it's gotten my attention again. I just know there didn't used to be ads the way there are now, and that various users have been pointing out that certain videos of theirs are flagged as "unadvertiseable" while having an advertisement play on it. Just google doing google, I guess.
 Mad Collager: The source of all those bottles floating in our waterways is revealed.
 Catcat: @White Rice And by "recently" you mean "most of its existence?"
 White Rice: @Yurishiro nah, it would have been flagged "not appropriate for all advertisers" and he wouldn't get any of that ad revenue, regardless of all the ads on page & that would play before the video (seriously, YouTube had been screwing over a bunch of regular content creators recently, it's kinda bullshit)
 Peach Toddler: He should have done a YouTube video, now he would be rich
Image 204723   09-21-17   Uploaded by    karpeles
 Zampano: Okay so fale automatically "corrects" to "not good my friend"?
 Mr. Shine: Decisions, decisions.
 Zampano: Juxtaposition not good my friend.
Image 204722   09-21-17   Uploaded by    chunk norris
 jadensmith: @tib gubb I was just thinking that (in a nice way of course)
 Alaskan: I wonder what kind of computer that is
 tib gubb: roger ebert - a huge nerd
Image 204721   09-21-17   Uploaded by    nathan
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