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238129  Mr. Whiskers: Im from Maryland, btw, I just remember singing "the despot's heel is on thy shore" as a kid without realizing the "despot" was the US government

238129  Mr. Whiskers: I was about to start writing the Maryland state anthem before I remembered it's a confederate battle hymn

238120  Ulillillia: Ha ha cute, so no point wasting my time coming here

238129  Teechur: A posse of lads in plaid!

238124  Mr. Whiskers: Since the signature says its "Imanas Hoal", Im going with fake

238114  Not A Bot: Oh snap, now I need one of these.

238132  Mexico: I'll do it, but because I want to be the end boss of the cemetery I'm buried in.

238133  glenalec: Nope, they generally just bump the crappy bits forward to compensate.

238136  glenalec: The guys on production line 18 have been doing that for years!

237992  Snow Plow: @Robespierre Looool

238125  itskando
238125  itskando: In the third panel, he's balls and naked. The dog remains the same

238112  wolfpk: Yahoo is the only one of those that is still seriously active. (I don't count AOL as seriously active)

238123  Ulillillia: @WTF "Grab them by the..."

238115  wolfpk: What Chewy should have done.

238123  WTF: Either those are tiny hands or that's a huge...

238124  charlemagne: is normandale a college for opticians

238124  WTF: What kind of two bit CC starts with 18pt font and gradually decreases to 10pt font? What, are they trying to save paper or something?

238124  itskando: I didn't realize they were giving out awards for this kind of stuff now.

238124  Mr. Shine: @deeeeeeeez Did the check bounce?

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237968 fanny: @Annoying Vegan i just scrolled the link you sent, absolutely stunning cakes! The Breaking Bad ones are incredible!!

237950 Sadbot: @grizzly No bravery, I was around for the heyday of and stileproject. I fight for the living, as I'm already dead.

238048 Christina: A side quest awaits you.

237928 funny in the wall: gelato is the only food in italy worth eating, i'd eat that tower

238022 Kaviri: Some men are dogs, but not all dogs are men.

238075 antipatterns: Lol the dude who invented the Cherokee language basically did it alone in his house and everyone in the village thought he was crazy. Took him years and multiple attempts with ideograms and others to devise the modern 86 character Cherokee language. Wild story.

238029 Side Boob: They increased the horsepower by removing the turn signals.

238024 well duh: Unfortunately, this happens regularly with large horned or antlered animals; reindeer are especially susceptible.

238015 BavidDowie: Norte Dame: Home of the Figthing Irish

237987 Ulillillia: 1997...yeah, I would been all right with technology stopping there. Though dealing with only physical media was a pain.

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 Felicity: The explanation I dont have a penis, its a she-wee doesnt sound much better
 Side Boob: WFBS;VR (Was funny but small; voted rad)
 Knice: NG;VB
 kornisjon: @kornisjon Alright, I really need to remember to take out the h t t p when I link to things.
 kornisjon: For anyone who would like to read this without squinting:
 Jabberwikket: The ants find this hilarious.... but not for the story, just from cultural misunderstanding
 a robot: ts;dr
Image 204316   09-18-17   Uploaded by    artfulcodger
 Austin: Austin, the aggronaut
 Mr Bleak: Yep, Bill the golfer and the fisherman - I'm not paying.
 Robespierre: Shock, the Monkey.
 Skinr: @Zampano I still haven't seen them, but I did get to see Duo de Twang's last show a few years ago.
 Whatever: Yeah, I label all my shirts so not only do I know they're mine, I know what to do when I'm wearing them...
 Zampano: @ThoughtlessGentleman i missed my Iowa show. Being broke sucks. Oh well, i have seen them live once shortly after green naugahyde was released.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: @Zampano and they're touring with CLUTCH?!
 Zampano: @Skinr excellent dude. Did you know PRIMUS has a new album due out Sept 29th? I for one cannot wait!
 Zampano: Mark: The 300lb pizza addicted Netflix binger
 Skinr: When I grow up, I want to be / One of the harvesters of the sea / I think before my days are done / I want to be a fisherman
 Ulillillia: Donald the Golfer
Image 204315   09-18-17   Uploaded by    Rembo Rompus
 Yurishiro: @Ulillillia this.
 Amy Housewine: He wanted to go on Bullseye and win the boat.
 DrinkMixMan: I mean, he obviously can walk, so it's not like a treadmill is completely useless
 DrinkMixMan: Pretty sure he can still use those things
 Ulillillia: He can still exercise his left leg! Though I think most people just take the cash value of the prizes.
Image 204314   09-18-17   Uploaded by    caitelyn
 Bob: Put that finger-gun away, please. You're scaring the children.
 Yurishiro: Fingernails! How satirical!
Image 204313   09-18-17   Uploaded by    Slug Wind
 El Barto: @Science Ditto.
 Science: I have none of these.
 kornisjon: I don't have kids but somehow that doesn't make this any easier.
 t48: D. None of the above.
 Yurishiro: It's a trap!
 E. HONDA: more like pick one imo
 Peter Pantsless: SE and N FTW
Image 204312   09-18-17   Uploaded by    god666
 El Barto: That's some fucking sick air, Pops.
 Robespierre: Hover Honkey board looks promising.
 Science: Side note: I was going down a ski hill on a tube when I was a kid, and hit a mogul, then popped off the tube. I hit the ground, flat on my back, and it knocked the wind out of me. Years later, a chiropractor was looking at my xrays and asked if I had ever broken my back, because there were signs of it happening. I very much believe that I did some serious damage to my back that fateful day of sledding...
 Science: Shattered vertebrae in 3... 2... 1...
 Side Boob: "Flying through the air. That's a paddlin"
 deeeeeeeez: cereal varnish...
 Yurishiro: Aladdin is getting old and the rug...what happend??
 Whatever: That hover board is taking off
 Psymon: Grandpa's Meditation and Levitation training finally paid dividends on the slopes.
 Scoo: Yee. Haw.
Image 204311   09-18-17   Uploaded by    pewdiepie
 dobbiesdoogs: look at that subtle off-white coloring. the tasteful thickness of it. oh my god, it even has a watermark
Image 204310   09-18-17   Uploaded by    Rent A Dog
 Jabberwikket: Cat VR tends to lean heavily on emotional storytelling
 Yurishiro: Awwww
 BavidDowie: It's a trap!
 Skinr: Full of grace.
 El Barto: If you're going to cry, do it with Kleenex.
 Felicity: xonooPl
 Scoo: He cat even
Image 204309   09-18-17   Uploaded by    parrotsnest
 Robespierre: 16. Shock the monkey.
 kornisjon: I'll do 7.
 Jabberwikket: 15. Comedically misinterpret anything strangers present you with (radded at 3)
 Yurishiro: 14. Burp really loud in an underground parking lot.
 Whatever: 13. Pass gas to accelerate climate change
 Ulillillia: 12. Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
 Spazstatic: 11. Visit the friendliest of spaceships daily. Also donate.
Image 204308   09-18-17   Uploaded by    Wort Mumpus
 El Barto: If you're going to cry, do it with Kleenex. Not tempered glass.
 Dr Awkward: Watch your temper, lady
Image 204307   09-18-17   Uploaded by    neutron
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