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210482  WaffleIron: Optiquest! Fuck yeah! If you guys have broken ones I know how to fix them with just a few new capacitors. I have 3 now on my computer, net cost was 20$

210462  berlin: It was a million to one shot doc!

210488  WaffleIron: LEB, light emitting bread.

210465  Bagels: That's not even close to legible

210490  a sedated moose: Who're you callin' a mook?

210462  Unstableton: Oh my god Becky look at Herr Assmann...

210485  Bagels: I can hardly read this

210488  Bagels: Techno bread

210459  Yurishiro: Let's go find your fucking parents Jess.

210468  saluted: I dont get it, someone please help me

210468  Murm Gungus: Jumps aboard the hype train. Pre-orders. Eagerly waits. Picks it up. Definitely not the golden Ferrari the reviews made it out to be. Hates car.

210497  Amiga 1000: Imagine that Nigeria is playing against Germany :

210487  Yurishiro: The ceiling is astonished!

210460  Teechur: Whoops. Looks like our home security camera started posting pics without our knowledge again.

210497  Fuzzpot: OP, pls. Like you haven't already seen the other posts.

210461  Teechur: Strabismus means never being able to do a Magic Eye. Speaking of Magic Eyes, I took a long look at Uranus last night.

210464  Teechur: You also need indefinite article.

210473  Teechur: After the parasite is separated from the host, it will continue to sap resources from the host for an additional 18-26 years. Perhaps more.

210474  Teechur: Gross. I hate dooty dishes.

210475  Teechur: Well, at least he stuck the landing.

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210337 apoxia: @UltraBeverly I had a general anesthetic recently here in New Zealand and the price was just over $300. I thought that was pretty cheap.

210316 zrj235: The lion was dead when i got there. i was just about to return his large-calibre rifle that i borrowed a week ago.

210334 Hosebag: @Side Boob Don't run! We are your friends!

210313 zrj235: Reboot of Demolition Man is looking really weird

210451 a robot: I prefer #194205

210304 kazzy94: They saw the opportunity and took it. THIS is journalism.

210258 Nope: @when so heat up crock pot, put butter in, wait till it melts, put lots of sliced onions in, cook for 6 hours. Stir every 2

210320 Spazstatic: @funny in the wall I was given a book, forget what or was called exactly, something like the father's handbook. One of the important skills it mentioned was being able to fix a VCR. I got the book, new, about this time last year.

210366 a robot: @MabelSyrup Best not to call random women "bitches" aboard the Spaceship

210288 zrj235: CHAPTER 3: Robot gets a cup of coffee. *MASSIVE EXPLOSION IN BACKGROUND* Robot puts fuckin sunglasses on, and slowly walks away. *FIN*

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 annterland: Good thing I have my phone with me...*drops phone*
 Yurishiro: You can see this ladder is bolted to the silo, no worries!
 White Rice: It won't be the easiest landing, but 13 rungs (including the bottom one) shouldn't be much more than 10 feet (maybe a full 13, but I'm leaning closer to 10). If they aren't carrying anything fragile/dangerous to drop, they could climb down as far as they can, then carefully hang down, and once they're hanging from the last rung, drop, and only have about 5-7 foot drop (depending on their height & how far it actually is). This is all assuming the drop is only as far as the visible ground ladder is tall...if there's more ladder out of frame then they're boned.
 Lantry: Ruh roh
 Peter Pantsless: Those silos are filled with NOPE
Image 203726   09-15-17   Uploaded by    entropy
 WaffleIron: Ruh Roh!
Image 203725   09-15-17   Uploaded by    Cyka
Image 203724 is unbelievably bad (score -26) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by saluted. Your image was bad, saluted.
 sparename: Sheep exhaust
 Starky15: In Old McDonalds Matrix, little Neo dreamed of better things.
 drtofu: Look up "vivre"
 drtofu: Look up "vivre"
 ChubbyBuddy: seems like a lot of work just to make jerky
 Felicity: @Fauxbot @drtofu I thought it was sous-vide (but I only know that because I saw it written in an Epic Rap Battles of History rap subtitle)
 Fauxbot: Yeah that's what I meant, I've only heard the term on Masterchef not seen it written... @drtofu
 drtofu: Sous vivre
 Mr. Shine: "Kiilllll meeeee!"
 Fauxbot: Craving suvee lamb steaks now
 Not A Bot: Coldplay usually makes sense. Knob
Image 203723   09-15-17   Uploaded by    fakeplastic
Image 203722 is unbelievably bad (score -9) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by sundragon. Boo, sundragon.
 Sadbot: Bottom, you ass
 Himesama: Why not? I already read Yaoi/Yuri
Image 203721   09-15-17   Uploaded by    Dominus Umbrae
 Knice: @Niels Bohr There's not much out there; I'm on IceNetwork a couple times, but that's a subscription thing. (Skating nerds :-) Here's me bein silly:…
 Niels Bohr: Radical! @Knice can we find you skating on the inerwebs?
 Ulillillia: Corgilicious
 Dr Awkward: @Knice Kick some ice-skatin' ass! Also, hopefully you won't be hungover when you read this!
 Knice: @Fauxbot I wish; It's where my talent lies. Instead, I'm skating
 Knice: @Himesama Thank you! :-D
 Knice: @Mr. Shine Not much glam, but a lot of fun. :-D
 Fauxbot: Hang on, is the competition a drinking one? @Knice
 Himesama: @Knice You can do it! I believe in you buddy.
 Mr. Shine: @Knice Sometimes I think you must lead a glamorous life, my friend.
 Knice: Side note: I've been drinking like I'm paid for it. I have a competition next week and today's program run-through was a hot, steamy heap. I'm off for two days, back at it next week. Here's hoping...
 Knice: So much so I'm radvoting inspite of the text.
Image 203720   09-15-17   Uploaded by    tane
 Dr Awkward: I'm pretty damn extroverted, but I still need to utilize all of these from time to time.
 Peter Pantsless: Get out of my apartment
 tib gubb: @addend except then technically you did attend the party
 addend: @tib gubb Almost as good as not attending.
 tib gubb: leaving is always an option
 a robot: Simple solution: you can't cross your arms if you're drinking with one hand and alternately eating snacks/petting cat with the other hand *rollsafe.gif*
 WaffleIron: With the right lubrication in the cup any introvert will become extroverted.
Image 203719   09-15-17   Uploaded by    elahabdh
 Wet farts: @DrinkMixMan I was actually gonna upload that but then I stopped lol
 Whatever: Do you want to dig a grave?
 tib gubb: *dejected sigh*
 Himesama: I saw this report on one of my horrible and sad news binges. Hug your kids everyone.
 Mr. Shine: Jeezus.
 addend: *sniffle* He's in a better place... He's in heaven's basement now.
 DrinkMixMan: Hey, Mom. Tuck me into THIS!
 a robot: what the fuck
 Sadbot: Press X to pay respects
 WaffleIron: ...
Image 203718   09-15-17   Uploaded by    cthulhu
 Ulillillia: That don't impress me much
 Greifer: Hoooyaaargh?! wtf
 Lantry: Satan ain't got no dick
 PenguinBartender: This kills the devil.
 Mr. Shine: I demand more grain! And pixels! Looooots of pixels!
 Knice: @a robot *high five* You saved me the search. *heart-eyes*
 a robot: @WaffleIron *high five* #185288
 WaffleIron: I've seen a better version of this.
Image 203717   09-15-17   Uploaded by    1979
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