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244141  fanny: sooo... can we call moonmoon mother onion mother onion from now on?

244128  funny in the wall: @dangerkeith3000 really? that's awesome!

244119  lecj07: Cattywampus eyes

244121  lecj07: Have to rad it, even mascot approves.

244138  WannaBee: What's wrong with cock rings?

242239  Mr Bleak: "If you go down to the shops today ... "

244133  Dr Awkward: @SpaceCow Appendix to chapter 7: Exceptions. 1) S'mores 2) Lucky Charms (only applies to children) 3) Peeps, for one day of the year.

244139  barfolomew: This t-shirt design has never been worn un-ironically

244142  sparename: REPTAR!!

244145  sparename: Makka-Pakka's on holiday

242244  Mr Bleak: I'm going to tell you a tale about a cat, a mouse, and a bird. The other two are in your shoes.

242246  Mr Bleak: I only wanted a drink

244137  a sedated moose: I always chuckle when I see the name @Aaron Spacemuseum.

242248  Mr Bleak: Hitch a lift game on Poirot?

244104  Dr Awkward: @SpaceCow Would you rather your tax money go into the pockets of big Bench?

244138  lecj07: A bit awkward, but it could be far worse.

244139  lecj07: Just shave it all.

244137  sparename: This one couldn't get over the White Cliffs of Dover

244139  Yam: It's a melanoma farm

243856  SpaceCow: "I have to go now, the mole people need me."

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244005 savvoy: Suddenly, Mummenschanz

243912 a sedated moose: I think I came to the right neighborhood!

243901 Bohab: There's not a professional anymore, now he just does it for fun

244105 WannaBee: @Demon Universe I can see that. Can't wait for it to come out!

243983 KingTrebek: What is a boody and?

244104 Dr Awkward: @SpaceCow Would you rather your tax money go into the pockets of big Bench?

243955 Yurishiro: @fanny yay! May the gross be with you!

244030 mrwiffler: The height at which I hold onto hand rails in trams has been permanently raised.

244008 kornisjon: @Springbok Haha :D Don't worry too much about it. The two languages are really similar in writing.

244054 Dreforian: Beeee excellent to each other!

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 Donut: "With this, I can actually SMELL Nickelback."
 savvoy: Cylon CPAP
 Skinr: "You can call me... Commander."
 Cami: Bane has a better back story.
 Sadbot: When you need to nap during the day because you're up all night worrying about how you're not living life efficiently enough...and also want to charge your phone.
 Lantry: Now you can charge your phone directly from your own life force! The perfect gift for the person who would rather die than let their phone run out of battery.
Image 199108   08-23-17   Uploaded by    bigjim
 Shay: In Soviet Russia, pig blows house down.
 funny in the wall: Your wolf is sick
Image 199107   08-23-17   Uploaded by    waynelord
 Mad Collager: Resist Global Warming! Ohmmmmmmmmmmmm...
 Warrax: I thought the ears were the eyes at first.
 Borkf: He's peeing.
 Knice: Awe yiss
Image 199106   08-23-17   Uploaded by    elmosco
 Mr Bleak: @Zampano I'm not surprised - that was a really crap movie that only did well because he tried to stop it.
 a robot: I am super ashamed to admit that I recognize that that is "Degrassi" on the tv. God damn.
 Donut: "Nope, going way too slow and I don't like the look of the girls. NEXT FILM! NOW!"
 Prostata: he likes big butts and he cannot lie
 Side Boob: I can't believe nobody has made it so he's watching the mascot yet. Shameful.
 LancesLeftNut: He is thinking "tits, or GTFO." But in Korean.
 El hefe: @Zampano he doesn't know what a toilet is, since he has no use for them
 grizzly: Let's see where this is going...
 Zampano: I did hear Kim Jong likes American movies. He can't nuke us. Well, at least not LA. Then his favorite past time will go down the toilet. Remember when he got all butt hurt about "The Interview"?
Image 199105   08-23-17   Uploaded by    my wheelhouse
 hajjpodge: Doom lies in wait at the end of the tunnel.
 Dreforian: *view suddenly falters and fades to red*
 Mad Collager: This Ring remake is creepy.
 Dan Tagonistic: Mooncat!
 Side Boob: Eclipse cat is watching you!
 Not A Bot: I prefer the 1st edition. Number 2 isn't as good.
Image 199104   08-23-17   Uploaded by    sorghum
 savvoy: OMG! Cutest. Caecilian. Evar!
 Mad Collager: This creature emerged from a Pepto-bisvolcano.
 Zampano: Pink salamander is my dancing name
 Teechur: Lieutenant Snek! You got legs!
Image 199103   08-23-17   Uploaded by    Borkf
 arcticfox12x: Mumflr Fumprdink
Image 199102   08-23-17   Uploaded by    Jason Steak
 piranharama: This is exactly my fetish
 Kim: Hermit-snail
 Mad Collager: I think she's a stalker.
Image 199101   08-23-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Science: @Borkf: Minuet-a-trois
 Butcherboy: It cant be unseen@a robot
 a robot: @Butcherboy OH MY GOD
 Dreforian: "What's a post like you doing in a computer-generated space-joint like this?"
 Borkf: What kind of a name is "Minuet" anyway?
 blablabla: "So Captain ... when is this 'toga party' everyone's been talking about?"
 Butcherboy: @funny in the wall @tib gubb…
 funny in the wall: @tib gubb i don't remember a joint riker-picard sexual fantasy, maybe i should watch tng again
 tib gubb: i'm pretty sure worf is the only one on the crew that didn't use the holodeck for sexual fantasy
 Rev80: A failed attempt at a Law & Order and Star Trek crossover
 Sadbot: Riker was a cool dude who could grow a beard without making a big deal about it
Image 199100   08-23-17   Uploaded by    NFLitGirl
 funny in the wall: these are not good space suits
Image 199099   08-23-17   Uploaded by    Warrax
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