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258533  sparename: "Something you pay good money for later in life" EP

258546  sparename: "Eh, mate, can I bum one?"

257225  Mr Bleak: I think theft is an in as well.

257230  Mr Bleak: You can't leave him hangin'!

257234  Mr Bleak: @Solemn I'd be happy if it did!

257241  Mr Bleak: @Shay Remember the "pineapple bush" that turned into a rocket monster in Serious Sam?

257247  Mr Bleak: It's just you.

257255  Mr Bleak: (Very small print) "* Not suitable for BMWs"

258535  charlemagne: this is how we found them sir, locked in a death grip

257272  Mr Bleak: Probably better than the stuff used in school when I was a kid.

258536  addend: "Flying", literally.

258546  addend: Guess I picked the wrong week to give up smoking.

258450  Bohab: @Scoo oh man, I wish

258548  Amy Housewine: Penguin is demonstrating that us that he saw some boobys. I MEAN THE SEABIRD.

258554  Amy Housewine: She cat even

258538  Amy Housewine: so smol, y

258545  Amy Housewine: I phoned in advance to check if the restaurant was dog friendly, but I really didn't expect this.

258464  KickassHellyeah: me too @Mr. Shine

258533  WannaBee: Another World News Daily Report fake story.

257293  Mr Bleak: Disguise: #257292

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258441 addend: (Finishes. Hibernates.)

258299 Bohab: I dunno,.maybe with some kind of belt or sash it might work

258270 berlin: me too

258248 Mr. Shine: @Side Boob Looking forward to it. Cheers!

258383 Ironass: This genetic splicing has got to stop! Now they've crossed a woman with an owl!

258329 Felicity: The part of the Bob's Burgers episode where Bob pretends things are talking to him and he does their voices

258297 isosceleswaffle: Gradually becomes a disaster.

258368 Felicity: I'm thinking eighties drug lord glass bricks, chrome coffee tables, black leather couches, ferns

258337 Felicity: I happen to like nice men

258378 VeeKay: I'll get youse mutha duckas

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 dangerous dave: @Theimposter I actually never did.
 Theimposter: I never worked again
 annterland: Was worth the wait
 Science: Went back to sleep
 apoxia: Trump family in jail
 Mexico: @a robot You can ultimately escape.
 a robot: @Mexico My ultimate dream
 DrinkMixMan: It's the 90s again
 LKoroton: Finished Winds of Winter
 dangerous dave: I won't marry you.
 Butcherboy: @tib gubb that is exactly what i did today! it was banana cream pie btw
 Warrax: I figuratively can't even.
 Teechur: All debts are forgiven.
 trelyate: you're not the father!
 Rev80: Wake up still married
 Mexico: Quit retail, not returning.
 SunWukong: Rescued by The Culture.
 Air Biscuit: Left work, won lottery.
 Spazstatic: It's not a tumah!
 wolfpk: Death to all assholes
 piranharama: Got a huge wang
 Donut: I babysit the puppy
 DangitBobby: @Side Boob didn't see your name. Pictured a happy woman exitedly hopping around waving a large check.
 Himesama: I made chocolate cookies.
 DangitBobby: Martin Shkreli imprisoned permanently.
 ignatz: I love you mom
 FabricMan: She said yes, bro!
 toaster: Bang-shang-a-lang.
 Side Boob: Powerball winner side boob
 SharkysMachine: Too long, didn't read
 Wet farts: I win the lottery
 Mr. Shine: No more protest violence
 fanny: I am not Trump
 WaffleIron: Leaving New Jersey soon.
 SpaceCow: I pet that dog.
 Amy Housewine: I have some pizza.
 hajjpodge: Major parties are disbanded
 ChubbyBuddy: prez resigns in disgrace
 VoR: Four for fore quad
 fakeusername: smoke weed every day
 Scoo: Friendly Spaceship All Day
 Sadbot: scotch in outer space
 Ulillillia: Voted this is rad.
 tib gubb: woke up had pie
Image 197912   08-17-17   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 Spazstatic: Picture the the happiest cat you can using only for segments.
 flushpuppy: @Scoo That's rust - cat's radiator must need a flush.
 funny in the wall: your fluff snake is leaking
 Scoo: I think your cat is leaking
 karmakat: cat on a grill? MAYBE he is trying to work on his knots.
 tib gubb: that snake is really fluffy
 violentwrath: FLOOFY FLOOFER, or something along those lines.
Image 197911   08-17-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
Tell us what you thought of this.
Image 197910   08-17-17   Uploaded by    sunset blues
 DangitBobby: @Air Biscuit "What's the DC for successfully flipping this table?!"
 Air Biscuit: @DangitBobby "stop trying to look behind my tiny paper divider "
 DangitBobby: Instructions unclear; Larped the fuck out of the Dungeon Master.
 fakeusername: rude! and terrible Latin!
Image 197909   08-17-17   Uploaded by    watwatwat
 Hosebag: He's thinking about those beans.
Image 197908   08-17-17   Uploaded by    robocop
 SharkysMachine: My heart skipped a beat
 2Berries: Recycled air is the first song my daughter sang along with, so in my heart it stays
 Scoo: So I just discovered that Give Up has a special anniversary release with a bunch of bonus tracks. I've been listening to "Turn Around" almost obsessively lately.
 Sadbot: Oh, the 00s
Image 197907   08-17-17   Uploaded by    zip file
 thebiglutovsky: Welcome to Heck? DOPE!
 thebiglutovsky: Welcome to Heck? DOPE!
 a robot: "We object to the term 'urine-soaked hellhole' when you could have said 'peepee-soaked heckhole.'"
 HairyNips: @Not A Bot Figure? Signature?
 Not A Bot: Computer-composited image. Look at the figure above the signature, and the one to the left and down a little bit. Same.
 2Berries: That sign is hecka-dope.
 Mr. Shine: Darn it! Watch your frick-fracking language!
 Scoo: I particularly enjoy the swapped/inverted W and M
 karmakat: and people went 'we fucked.'
 thebiglutovsky: Welcome to Heck? DOPE!
 Minnesotan: dang!
 WaffleIron: Dope.
Image 197906   08-17-17   Uploaded by    Backhand
 BavidDowie: How similar is a swaddle to a toga?
 petepuma: That's a typo
 Wet farts: @Mr. Shine no you brought the right thing just to the wrong party is all.
 Amy Housewine: Welcome to heck.
 Mr. Shine: "I brought the wrong thing."
 karmakat: interesting way to get people to church...
Image 197905   08-17-17   Uploaded by    sergeant
 Rev80: This building meets all standards in accommodating wage slavery
 Air Biscuit: @tib gubb thats waysub of you.
 Uncle Phil: There's not room enough for the both of us in this strip mall. (Theme from The Good, The Bad, The Ugly plays)
 SpaceCow: @tib gubb Tech Lobster, the almost hit of the B-51s.
 Mr. Shine: WaySub, Fresh Eat!
 Jonananathan: Welcome to ... ANT MALL
 tib gubb: does that say tech lobster? because i would shop at tech lobster.
Image 197904   08-17-17   Uploaded by    nathan
 Rev80: He "chalked" the rake with WD-40
 waxymom: I once had a ball positioned near the hole and I knew if I tried to hit the cue ball with the pointy end of the cue there was a 50% chance Id hit the cue-ball off-centre and miss, so I turned the cue around and was about to hit the cue-ball with the blunt end of the cue. But my friend said I wasnt allowed to do that. :-(
 ignatz: @Robespierre Nah, I got it beat: went for a lunchtime game at a grim local pub, old fella swaying next to the table says I have to beat him before I can play with my friend. Ok, rack em up, he wants to break, but while trying to focus on the break he vomits six pints of heavy right onto the table and falls on the floor. Barmaid saunters over, says 'no problem lads' and cool as a cucumber proceeds to squeegee-broom the sick down the middle pocket with a practiced flourish, and then poured the old fella another!
 RainbowTornado: The struggle is real
 elahabdh: Worst. Pool. Table. EVER.
 karmakat: WHO SAID racks can't be used as queues?
 ignatz: Rake 'em up..
Image 197903   08-17-17   Uploaded by    Rembo Rompus
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